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  1. You can get some nice stuff very cheaply! Our cake topper was a cheap 'novelty' one from a party supply place (the bride is trying to run away and the groom is standing on her dress) - I think I paid around $10 for it, and I repainted it to look more like us. Here it is in it's original state, and here is my paintjob. Our dollar store centrepieces were square green glass plates with a red pillar candle surrounded by pink and clear glass 'gems' - $2.50 per and we made 12 of them, so $30 total. We still have the plates.
  2. I live in Vancouver and I've ordered direct from Reaper several times - Shipping up here is very hit or miss ... I've had some things take 1 week and others take 3. My last order took just over 2 weeks. Don't worry - I'm sure you'll get it soon :)
  3. I really don't understand it myself - one of my co-workers was maid of honour at an extremely expensive wedding, and she was saying the bride had maxed out all of her credit cards, her cable and phone were cut off, because she hadn't been paying the bills. My husband had a couple of co-workers who got married around the same time as us, and one of the girls had documented EVERYTHING leading up to the wedding in great detail so she would have 'memories'. Once it was all over, she actually had to take stress leave from work due to depression. She had let it consume her life leading up to the wedding, and after the big day, she felt she had nothing left to focus on and realized that it wasn't the most important day of her life. When I got married, people kept trying to tell me it was my day, so I should do whatever I want. I kept pointing out that HE was getting married too, and I wanted him to enjoy himself. Some people actually laughed at that. We planned almost everything together and paid for everything in cash or by cheque - yes, he left most of the smaller creative details up to me, but everything that had a significant price-tag attached was handled together. My dress was purchased at a little hole in the wall place that sold mostly consignments - I ended up buying a sample dress that had been marked down a few times - I was apparently the first person to ever try it on and I only tried it on because my mom convinced me to (I am glad she did, it looked awful on the hanger). We did a lot of stuff for ourselves - the centrepieces were made with stuff purchased at the dollar store, the favors were jelly beans in little sachets, which the mothers, sisters and myself put together one evening. My bouquet was hand picked and hand made by myself. The decorations were second-hand from my sister-in-law's friend - who had her wedding in the same hall. The cheapest thing for us was actually the music. We had asked the guests to write down two songs on their RSVPs, so we could pick the music, and ensure that everyone had at least one song they wanted to hear - we ended up making 2 or 3 CDs and just had them in a CD player - no need for a DJ! We had no expectations for the day, other than getting married and having fun. I honestly think that because those were our only expectations, that's why our day went so well. The best man lives out of town, so he had to pick up his tux there before coming down. He called us a few days before to say that they gave him a white tux instead of a black one (trying to make us freak out). My 'maid of honour' was a guy, so we told him that it was okay, and that he could stand next to me, and my 'dude of honour' could stand next to the groom - that way everyone matched. He actually got a little mad that we weren't concerned at all (he had been quite nervous about his own wedding). I don't think I will ever understand big, expensive weddings. You spend all that money and, in the end, have almost nothing to show for it.
  4. The little triangles on the side of the photo indicate how tall the mini is - they are at 0.5" and 1" (how high are the triangles?) Just from eyeballing it, they should probably fit on a 1x1, maybe with a little bit hanging over the edges.
  5. yay! the guy at my store confirmed he should be picking Echidnox up from the distributor this week ... I shall have him soon! He is fully aware that they will be getting the rest in for me too
  6. My store is Hourglass Comics in Port Moody, BC ... I'm pretty sure they, and the other local store that carries Reaper (Imperial Hobbies in Richmond, BC) use the same distributor in Surrey, BC (don't know the name) - I don't know if Imperial has their orders yet, I was there running a Paint & Take on Oct 17th, but they didn't have Echidnox then. My husband just told me that the distributor was sold a while back, and the new owners have been trying to reorganize from the last guy, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is just some issue with the distributor (they are getting other Reaper minis no problem) I'll get him one way or another :)
  7. I can't wait for all of them! I really love that these support The Child's Play Charity. I'm a little concerned - I ordered Echidnox from my local store when he first came out, but the distributor keeps saying they're having trouble getting him in (the other local store doesn't have any of their Echidnox orders yet either) I guess if I don't have him in my hands by the last day he is available, I'll order direct, just in case the distributor messed up somehow. (since it's for charity, I won't mind if I end up with two)
  8. I too have been in search of a mini that could work as a Genasi - though I need a male one. I did start painting 03266: Lodoni, Female rogue as a Stormsoul Genasi, she's turning out pretty well.
  9. I have to stock up on the bright greens. As soon as I found and used them, I vowed to use them in some way on each mini I paint - they're just so horribly bright, I couldn't resist. One of my friends has only just discovered how useful the cloud pink is for painting his Cthuhlu miniatures.
  10. I kind of agree with everyone else here. I bought my W&N Brushes on sale, and I think I paid about $30 for 3 brushes with shipping to Canada. I am hard on my brushes, I do rinse them regularly, and don't use them for (much) mixing or (any) drybrushing, but I have never used a brush cleaner/conditioner and I've even let other people use them on the odd occasion. My W&N brushes are still going strong after over a year - (my previous ones I had for about 3 years (with worse treatment - yes I mixed and drybrushed with them) before retiring them - I still use them with good results, they're just a little ratty looking) I also have GW brushes that have lasted for at least 6 months (still useable for all but fine detail work, which they were never great at to begin with ... I just don't like the feel of them)
  11. As Anne suggests above, Fire Red works really well with the Coral. I had basecoated a mini in Fire Red, without any plans on which direction to go, and my husband suggested Bright Coral to highlight, so I tried it out. I had initially planned to go with Fire Orange to bring it up further (basically substituting Bright Coral for the Phoenix Red in the triad), but when I tried mixing it in for the next layer, I lost too much of the pinkish edge for what I wanted, so I went with linen white instead. I'm not finished, and this was just a quick photo (the highlights are much brighter in person), but here's an example of the colours working together:
  12. I will check my FLGS this Wednesday, they have just a few of the Exalted figures left on blowout. I don't recall seeing that one, but I haven't looked at them in a while.
  13. I think the two that cutebutpsycho couldn't find right away are: http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02434 (hard to see in the box cover he has horns) http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02600 (recognized it as a Garrity and narrowed down the search using that)
  14. The number one reason: great customer service. High quality product, low price. They have the best sculptors, and they create great imaginative miniatures that are fun to paint. Their paint lines are well thought out and easy to use. There's just always something I want to buy from them.
  15. I've always wanted to complete my collection of Dragonlance figures. (I've got 3 or 4, and I'm really torn about whether or not to strip my Laurana mini to repaint her, as she was one of the first minis I painted) I'm sure I can get them on ebay, but I'm always so hesitant to buy stuff there.
  16. I love those books - I've only made recipes from the first one, but all the other ones sound pretty good too. I regularly make Otik's spiced fried potatoes and serve them for dinner (when I'm in a rush, I cheat and use bagged frozen hashbrowns, serve in a big batch by themselves, or as a side with sausages of your liking) Several years back when our gaming group did a Dragonlance campaign, I made up a batch of each of the 'festival of the moon cookies' for the first session - everyone loved it because not only were the cookies yummy, it just seemed to get everyone more into the world. The elven fruit salad was simple and quite good (the dressing is made with cream cheese and lemon juice, sounded weird to me, but it worked) I've always wanted to make Fizban's fireball chili and Tasslehoff's punch.
  17. First off, Congratulations on getting married! This is just too awesome, and when I was the WIP thread a few weeks ago, it left me kicking myself that I hadn't thought of something like it for my own cake topper (my hubby was a student of Ninjutsu, and I'm a bit pirate-obsessed) You put so much work into it, I'm glad the finished product went over well - I love highly personalized things like this.. The colours you chose work great on both minis, and your paint job is nice and clean. I love the hat on the monkey.
  18. Cool, thanks guys. I'll try to get them darker and post again once I've worked on it some more.
  19. Hi all, Haven't been here in a while ... So, my first attempt at NMM was on a cutlass - it was the only "metal" on the mini. I've been wanting to try it again to see if the technique has clicked at all, and I chose a slightly more challenging mini to try it out on. critiques are very welcome ... so far I've "completed" her thigh and knee on one leg, her lower leg is still unfinished. I'd really like to get better at this and I haven't had much luck finding decent tutorials (and I've lost my learn to paint NMM kit instructions ), so I've been working off of pictures that I've found. I'm also currently experimenting with colour for her sleeves - I think I'm going to stick with the aged bone as the base coat.
  20. Congrats to your brother! heh, simple is the best way to do it - I just got married over the summer and our wedding came in at around $6,000 Canadian, but it was still fun and memorable. (and yes, that was for everything, even the dress and rings) I couldn't imagine paying the amounts that are expected for weddings. Have you seen wedding magazines? they expect you to budget somewhere around $3,000 for a non-alcoholic punch!, 10 - 15,000 for food ... eech!
  21. So, yeah, my Deep Ocean paint appears to be grainy. I bought this one several months ago, but just tried using it for the first time the other day - and I'm not sure how long it was at the store for - so it might just be old. (I checked the official list, and it's not mentioned there.) So I was wondering if anyone has any solutions for grainy paint? Here's what I've observed / done so far: When used mostly undiluted, it goes on rather nicely - It comes out a little gooey looking (it doesn't come out in 'drops'), but when I stir it with a wet brush, it smooths out. It's a little thicker than normal, but it takes about 2 coats to make a nice even basecoat. When I thinned it for layering or washing, it starts to go grainy. For layering, the particles are visible immediately when the paint leaves the brush, when I thin it further for a wash, the particles mainly settle into the recesses. I tried thinning it with filtered water, and tried again with a gunk mix (recipe from a casketworks article on the MSP additives) - I tested the same water (I had it in a dropper bottle) and gunk mix in other paints, and they came out fine. I tried shaking it for several minutes (2 mins, then tested, 5 more mins, then tested, shook it like crazy until my fiancee gave me a funny look, then tested) I even tried mixing it with another shade, just to see if that would make a difference. (I don't know why it would, but I figured it couldn't hurt) I cleaned out the bottle tip as well, just in case it was some dried paint in the nozzle. I also cleaned my pallette completely when the problem first appeared, just to ensure that I wasn't getting any dried paint from that. Thanks in advance!
  22. For a Native American skintone - I've had some success mixing tanned skin with rosy skin and a touch of chestnut. I can't remember the ratios - I basically put down 1 drop of each then slowly added the rosy and chestnut to the tan by brush until it looked right. I'd show a photo, but I got the skin all done, then had some grainy paint problems on the rest of the mini, so it had to take a bath. And a very big YAY! on the olive skin triad coming
  23. Okay, so we're a few seesions into the Keep on the Shadowfell module, and so far, I'm enjoying myself. I am a very casual gamer - I game so I can hang out with my friends, not so I can pretend to be an elf or a wizard (that's just a bonus). It takes me a while to learn the rules, and I tend to forget the things my characters can do (i.e. as a fighter in 3.5, I forgot about 'power attack' for the first few levels, then I forgot about leap attack once I got that feat ... ). I like to be able to just sit down and play, and joke around and have fun. Anyways, we've only got 3 players in our game, and that's really not enough to run the module as-is, so we looked at it, and some of us decided to take on a second character to even things out a little. When we started, I grabbed the pre-gen wizard, because I had never played a wizard before, and it was simple enough. When I decided to take on the second character, I chose a cleric - which one of the other players made for me, as I don't have any of the books yet - and again, it was really quite easy to slip into it, and run both during an encounter. I don't think I would have ever considered taking a second character while playing 3.5. As for the role playing aspect that so many people have been commenting on, in our last session, my fiancee had to miss it for work, so it was just myself and the other guy. The first 2 hours of the session was nothing but role-playing, and we had to make a decent number of skill checks to get the information we wanted out of the people we were talking to. (specifically bluff, diplomacy, insight, and streetwise. We also had to roll history and arcana at least once each, to make sense of the information we were getting) It was actually the first GOOD role-playing I've had in a while - but a lot of that came down to the two of us players and the GM being surprisingly good at giving NPCs personality, and reacting to what we were trying to do. So, there is room to role play, and there are the skill checks in place, so long as the DM chooses to use them. The fights also seem a lot more dynamic than in the past. There's just a lot more movement across the table due to the different abilities. I went into 4th wanting it to fail and be the dumbest thing ever, only because I have a spiteful streak in me, and everyone at my FLGS was so hyped and sure it would be the best thing ever. (I thought it would be really funny if they all recieved their pre-ordered books and absolutely hated it though, some of them were just being plain silly: "we'll never have rules arguments again, because 4e is just so awesome!") I've only been in a few sessions so far, but I picked it up much more quickly than 3.5, and I'm having more fun than in the last few games of 3.5 I've been in. (and, there haven't been any rules arguments yet ... ) So, it's good for me.
  24. I was just looking at the "Keep on the Shadowfell" pre-gen characters - The picture they have for their Dragonborn Paladin reminds me of Khong-To (same weapon, similar look, armour is different, remove the tail and the items on his back) So, some of the Reptus will be a pretty viable option if you're stuck for a mini.
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