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  1. Nothing much interests me yet beyond the core set. I'm hoping for some nice creatures coming up in the stretch goals. I need something to wow me like the BFG, Mashaaf, or Nethermaul did in the last few. I'm guessing there will be something because there's a lot of time left.
  2. I have both of those but I want bigger ones to work with games like Starfinder, Coriolis, and Mindjammer
  3. I need sci fi tanks and vehicles please =P
  4. Noooo my shipping tracker just updated it won't be here to tuesday now.
  5. Mine shows it's in Pre Transit but says it will be delivered Friday here's to hoping.
  6. Ok here are some closer up pictures of them
  7. Finished up all the bones 2 Mouslings. Can't wait for the Bones 3 space marine ones.
  8. Lot of good stuff in there. Real impressive.
  9. Thanks everyone for your words. Not sure what I'm going to do next. I could go back to warmachine, but I also got Cthulhu and Dragons don't share 2 laying around also.
  10. Ok this took me a very long time to do. I hope you enjoy but some background first. Mashaaf is one of my favorite miniatures from bones 2 and I was eager to paint her up. I couldn't settle on a color for the skin and nothing looked right. I ended up repainting her 4 times and figured I'd go down with the ship this time and this is how she turned out. Not to bad if I do say so myself.
  11. I think I'm going to have to buy into this one, that is unless Bones IV is around the same time.
  12. Other then my earlier post of Scifi Tanks and vehicles I think we could use some Kung Fu guys, monks and the like.
  13. Thanks for the words and likes people. I finished up some of his buds today but don't want to make a new thread for them so here they are..
  14. My Nightmare from privateer press Hope you like it. I got a lot more Warmachine and Hordes minis to do. Maybe I show some more off in the future when I finish them up.
  15. More Scifi stuff like tanks, aliens and soldiers. Those space marine guys from bones 3 I loved. Other then that more Cthulhu monsters, the creepier dark sun monsters like the silt horror, Flesh constructs like the Phyrexians from magic the gathering.
  16. Better then my first miniature at age 14 Always good to show the younger generation these things.
  17. Ok after the suggestions in my orc thread I changed my photo techniques. With out further wait the pictures!!! I'm trying to get a lot done because my miniature back up is getting pretty large.. With Bones 1, Bones 2, CAV 1, some Warmachine and Hordes.
  18. Thanks for all the kind comments. Well my painting frenzy has come to an end, as I rush around cleaning up an entire bottle of Agrax Earthshade that spilled. I got to finish cleaning this up and then maybe next weekend I'll have some more minis to show off.
  19. Actually the flash made it look like there isn't much lighting. I don't have any special lighting other then the big ceiling light above them. I could try taking one with out the flash on I guess. Hope this helps.
  20. Painting up my Reaper Bones Orc's Hope you like them..
  21. Ugh. That don't sound to promising. Maybe I should just take a day out and prime as many as I can with Gesso.
  22. I paint very slowly so I never had a problem with priming. I use gesso from Liquitex and was happy. Now thanks to CAV, Bones I, II, and III I have a massive backlog of stuff to paint. Sure Gesso is great for painting a few miniatures here and there but no good when it comes to bulk priming (it's just too slow.). I don't have a airbrush but I do have access to lots of hardware spray paints (which I use on my Gundam and military models). Is there any that works on Bones without becoming sticky or eating away the plastic.
  23. I got mine yesterday. I didn't realize I ordered that much.
  24. Real nice work. I really love the banner. One thing I could never get right was painting space marine I know people say they're easy but not for me. You did an excellent job on those.
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