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  1. Sir Forscale (or whoever) is in the building, I repeat, Sir Forscale is IN the building...
  2. Count me in. Where you live: Seattle, Washington If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive): If needed If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest): prefer not to
  3. Mine has now been processing for 17 minutes. :( Same thing for me about selecting Wave 1 and now there not being any more of those left. Not sure if that means it isn't going to work or what. Makes me sad that I may be pushed much further down the line by the time it actually processes.
  4. Love, Love, Love this! Wish I could attend just for this!
  5. Sorry, its been a super crazy week or so and I haven't been following the thread. Here is a poor picture of the lewtz I took. 1 Baby Lillian Angel from DarkSword 3 Bones Kobolds 1 plastic tombstone 1 Goblin Minion 4 cork bases 3 black plastic bases http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a603/vkadeg/photo%202_zpsucudnpwn.jpg
  6. The Marvin box has been officially posted and is on its way to Ironhammer.
  7. He became a bit more challenging than I expected him to be. Then I realized as I was trying to do touch ups on him, that I was messing things up more than I was fixing them. :/ He was fun to paint and I'm glad I bought a few copies of him when I did so I can try him again later.
  8. Box received from Arc 724 yesterday - should be able to send out back out this weekend.
  9. Siri, I'm the one who sent you the goods. :) Thanks for being patient with me!
  10. I'm a bit slow to report that I received my minis from my exchange partner, EbonStorms. The Peryton is great! Love the coloring on it! I had a challenge trying to get a good picture of the kobolds, not sure if my lighting wasn't correct or what. I was experimenting with my new light box and lighting. Regardless. The kobolds are great and will be put to use! Thanks so much!
  11. Where you live: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. If you'd be willing to ship internationally: If needed If you want to be a box starter: Would rather not but could if needed.
  12. So, to explain the chocolate... Theo Chocolate is made here in Seattle. They make some really unique flavors so I tried to include a variety of them. There MAY be one less than was intended as the Coconut Mint one ended up in my belly instead of in the package. They are really great chocolates. The figure is Arriana, the Fairy Princess. I wanted to do a pretty girl and dress combo so I got her and left off the wings and puttied her back to smooth it out. The lighter colored dress was an issue for me as somehow it got chipped after I had started painting so i had to completely reprime it and do it a different color than originally planned on. And when I went to seal the mini it came out much more glossy and shiney than it was originally and I'm not sure why. I thought it looked better without all the shine on it, but it was way too late to start over lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and find a use for it all!
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