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  1. I can only wish to do skin tones and hair that well by the end of the year. Beautiful work.
  2. Here he is last night, base coated and washed. Goldar, Male Barbarian (77047) - 0001.jpg And finished and based, with some Testors Dullcote: Goldar, Male Barbarian (77047) - 0005.jpg Goldar, Male Barbarian (77047) - 0006.jpg If I was to critique myself, I would say that it's time to try a bit more blending on my next one, with an intermediate highlight, and maybe some small extreme hightlights. My highlights were too light, so I had to go back with a flesh wash and blue wash to bring them down a bit. I will also remember to paint the eyes early. I am getting the hang of dilution, but probably need to be less afraid of wasting paint, since the little dabs I work with tend to not be fully mixed, so are weak and chalky. I'll start working with more figures at once so I can use the excess paint next time.
  3. I had taken a bit of time off, and the results show.. but, not too bad. It was a bit chalky, so I did a few green ink washes to even it out and bring out the green more..
  4. OK, so where can one get L2PK2? Not in stock on Reaper, and I just completed the first kit.
  5. The kit has been out of stock here for a bit, otherwise I would be doing it this week. I tried sourcing it elsewhere, but am not sure from product photos if it;s the updated kit with the full sized bottles.
  6. OK.. so, finally done with the two figures in the Learn to Paint Kit. It was a bit frustrating holding back and using their primer, their brushes, and then following their directions, bit in the end the result is not bad. The biggest issue I had was the brush on primer. On the Man at Arms, it barely held, so I got bad paint coverage. Also, their brushes are crap, and clog up with paint that is not thinned a lot, so I was having problems with paint control and had to keep going back over mistakes constantly. With the next kit, I will use my Army Painter primer and my sable brushes. Man at Arms.. notice the blotchiness and chalky finish.. The finished pair..
  7. This time I blocked off each major color at once, and then came back and picked out the smaller details. So the pants were done at once, and then the straps were done over the blue. The chain was all done in silver, and then the belts done over that. It was much faster and allowed me to ignore small errors in staying in the lines. since I would be going back with each color to clean up borders. Then a heavy black-brown wash was done over the entire figure at once. I did a try at the eyes, but the one is so recessed, it's giving me issues. I'll worry about it in the morning,m before coming back to dry brush and highlight.
  8. Barrow Rat is done. I am not a fan of the instructions, as it results in a lot of otherwise unnecessary cleanup and paint waste, but it's a good intro. OK.. The man in maile gets started tomorrow..
  9. The instructions seem to be off a bit. Washing the boils with red just makes the paint run off them. I had to clean it up and use multiple layers of a slightly thicker mix. I also don't understand the point of painting the ears separately, if they are the a same colors as the rest of the fur. As some painters said earlier in the thread, the instructionsa re not very efficient.
  10. When using plain water, the paint dried too quickly, and the pigment sort of fell out of suspension. It's been working well, so I'll stick with it for now, and then maybe experiment a bit with some of it later, Maybe I'll split the batch in two, add a bit more retarder to the half, and then add more matte medium and water. Next step... washed with Walnut Brown thinned with the stuff above, and then dry brushed with Tanned Skin. I also touched up the lip, since dry brushing did not get all of it.
  11. And later it is. I washed up both minis after cleaning them up a bit. I then mixed a thinning medium for the primer and paints (40% water, 40% Flow Aid, 10% Drying Retarder, 10% Matte Medium). to help me with issues I have had so far, which include paint control, and the paint drying on the detail brush before I use it. I mixed enough to fill a 2 oz bottle, so that should last me a while. So.. without further ado.. Primed Anhurian: Primed rat: Base coated the fur and skin of the rat since they both get the same wash I noticed a few bare spots, so I touched them up after taking the photo. The thinning medium worked great, and let me get a lot of control around the eyes and lower lip, where fine painting was needed. The viscosity was also just about spot on when mixed with the paint 1:1,
  12. Just got the kit today. I was muddling along with just Internet tutorials, but decided a guided series of figures would help with the fundamentals. That, and the kits are a great deal. I am looking forward to posting later.
  13. Thanks. I ordered a finer brush and some drying retarder and flow aid to help with smaller details like that, and some micron pens for the even more control on the small stuff. I also got a bunch of colored India inks for diluting and using for deepening and evening color. So, more experimentation coming.
  14. Did a bit more. Touched up the teeth. Did a bit on the eyes. Added a bit deeper shadow to the recesses, and did a little on the spear, which did not come out as well. I cleaned up the base. Just filing the issues with it for later minis..
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