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  1. CashWiley's right, you're being too hard on yourself. He's coming along fine! And it sounds like you know just where you want to go, and how to get there. I see why Reaper Cyan is your favorite blue. Thanks! Hmmm . . . And, um, buying colours and "just" to see what how they work and what they look like is NOT a "stupid" habit. It's what figure painters do!!!
  2. Big Thanks to Anne, this is a Great thread! and I am learning a lot from you and from other forum members. I really appreciate that. But I want to take a second and echo paintminion. Seriously, whether you're new or have been painting for decades, please take some time and really think about all of your handling, cleaning, priming, painting and sealing methods and habits. Before Bones my first Love was Lead I started buying and collecting Lead figures in the 70's and I've got a lot of Lead. Now that I'm a bit >ahem< older it's gloves on for every step until they're sealed with pr
  3. That's not "just a rat" OneBoot . . . That's a Cute & Adorable Deadly Rat! Good job and serious congratulations. He really looks Good!
  4. How do you clean them up before re-spraying CashWiley?
  5. Thanks ObsidianCrane, I'll gite that a try when I have a chance to paint again (which might be in a couple of days now)! Much appreciated.
  6. Mine came in late yesterday afternoon after a very long day ~ so the timing was about perfect! After just, frankly, handling and looking at every single one of them for awhile I did get them inventoried. Thanks so much to Jasper_the_2nds Great spreadsheet! All of mine look great, no casting problems visible yet. Only mistake I found was one extra zombie! Amazing. Thank you Reaper!!!
  7. So, I managed to get some time in painting late on Thursday, the 4th. First I went back to the under robes peaking out with Folk Art 424 Light Gray, then with DA02 White Wash. Followed with a touch up of DA36 True Blue where needed. Then I did a quick diluted True Blue in the shadow areas. The quilted armour was edged with DA168 then I used DA010 Cadmium Yellow over most of those areas. I finished the night with DA58 in the exposed areas of their quivers and their bows. And a group shot, with one of the pikemen I'd almost finished earlier since I want to get close to their colors.
  8. I've got a veritable ton of advice type questions I want to ask you all after Thursday night's painting session and I've got photos to share/illustrate 'em . . . But instead of working on working on work and then getting to paint and play I've spent the day dealing with, well, stuff . . . So, I'm not going to post photos or ask questions or advice yet because 6.6 POUNDS of Incredibly Beautiful Bones Goodness was put into my sweaty hands this evening. Um. Is it Okay to go, "SQEEEEEE!!! ", in my own WIP thread??? <Seriously!?> I've spent an actually relaxing evening Inventorying AL
  9. I keep repeating this adage to myself everytime I look at my unpainted minis. Keep up the great work. All I can say is if it's true old painters won't die until their last miniature has been painted, I WILL LIVE FOREVER.... They way I heard it, I think only Lead counts! If so, I should be safe for a few centuries yet!!!
  10. Thanks so much OneBoot! (Just discovering the same thing myself!) It definitely was ~ despite our deadlines I got to spend the day pushing my artistic boundaries a little further back. And that's GOTTA be a Good Thing! <Especially when it works !!! !!! !!!>
  11. That's another really great paint job 72moonglum! Impressive and Inspiring! And I completely agree with you. Hope you don't mind if I chime in and also volunteer to give a Good Home to any unwanted Old Lead !
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