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  1. you know angel, i dont say this to many painters, but i have noticed that your painting seems to really have improved over time, and your current miniatures are indeed excellent work. nice job, and i look foreward to more excellent minis from you.
  2. wow. i always thought no matter how incredible his painting skills become, at least he doesnt use the vaunted SENMM technique (although not for lack of ability, just seemed a choice). now we have mr dwarf with his beautiful SENMM shield. did i rip my hair out in jealousy and frustration? no. i just stared and repeated that one little word over and over again. wow. wow.
  3. as ive said before bugeye, yu is da king of da slimy monsturs!
  4. man i cant even sculpt a base with that plumbers putty-the junk just hardens too fast. try using good old green stuff for the eyestalks.
  5. oh yeah! i own the summoning sorceress, floating wizard dude, and the goblin shaman. im not saying the sculpts are bad, or the casting is lousy. im talking about the look of the models themselves. the face on the chaos sorceress (the one that looks like a ben gay patch commercial)-it just strikes me that the faces on some of the freebooter models are slightly less comely than the reaper minis he sculpts. maybe im just imagining it. but i know that the faces all look exactly as the wants them to, and he just seems to give his freebooter females distinct facial characteristics
  6. nice pillar, but i hate to be the bearer of bad tidings: it still counts as furniture. in a dungeon, things such as pillars, altars to dark gods, fountains of blood/magic draughts, mirror portals into other dimensions, and racks of weapons all count as furniture. even that torture rack you were thinking about getting. hey, dont shoot the messenger
  7. I happen to be a fan of both of these fine publications, and i still find this sculpt too over the top for me. the pose disturbs my suspension-of-disbelief gyroscope, sending it careening off balance. also is it just me, or does anybody notice a subtle difference in the face sculpts of werners freebooter stuff as opposed to reaper? the freebooter girls all have somewhat hooded and /or squinty eyes, and the features seem less than the serene beauty of the reaper sculpts (though granted most of those are elves; not called the fair folk for nothing, as well as working off of concept art). as a trade off, the bodies are all noticeably more comely on the freebooter minis, although as I stated this presents little problem for me anyway, so what gives with the freebooter faces-they all get tied to the tracks so the ugly train could just keep running over them or what?
  8. Are you ready kids? Ohhhhhhh, Who lives in a magic land under the sea?! Squidbob Cthulhupants!! Abhorrent and yellow and squamous is he!! Squidbob Cthulhupants!! That is not dead which eternal can lie!! Squidbob Cthulhupants!! And after strange aeons even death may die!! Squidbob Cthulhupants!! Squidbob Cthulhupants!! Squidbob Cthulhupants!! Squidboooooooob Cthulhupannnnnts!! thanx to jon kovalic (dork tower) for this one. my friends heard it sung at the top of my lungs from the hotel bathroom shower last comic con.
  9. wood elf hit squads everywhere have put you on their hit list. you are sick. sick sick sick. and im jealous that i didnt think of that.
  10. aha! i knew the good lord jester played in greyhawk! or did you just lift the symbol of olidamarra out of the players handbook? btw, i really like how the purple came out. class must be in session, cause jester just schooled us.
  11. done im my best Beavis impersonation (which is really quite good-if you are a connoissure of such things you would appreciate my capture of this adorable scamps unigue gravelly-yet-childishly innocent vocals): "Hark the Harold angels sing glory to the new born king! Yeah heh heh that new born king guy is pretty cool. Whoa, hey look Butthead itsthat angel, Harold! Hey Harold, its me, Beavis!. Hey uh, hows it going! M heh heh." no disrespect meant; actually the fact that i chose to do thisredention in Beavis style is a testament to how much i admire this idea. i'm going out tomorrow to buy one to paint for my mother for christmas (she too loves ornaments) and i just might have to make one for my own tree. but when i saw your post i literally heard Btthead say "Whoa, uh huh huh thats pretty cool." to which Beavis responded "Yeah. hey Butthead , listen to this!" which he followed with the dulcet tones that in the spirit of xmas i shared with you all. again no disrespect-i sometimes react this way when i see something unexpected i that i really like. yeah they talk to me sometimes. and through me sometimes. channelling sucks. m yeah, heh heh. i think my muscle relaxers kicked in.
  12. it looks positively menacing! both the stone and the tentacles look great, and the eye is truly awesome! (that pupil creeps me out, but in a good way) buggeye you truly are the king of buggeyed monsters. poke him in da eye!!- cry heard during my party's first beholder encounter. then we rolled up new characters.
  13. i seldom comment on your guys' work as i dont post minis (YET- i finally own a working digital camera so look out mini world! ) but frosch i second that sentiment it is nice to see you improving (your painting, if not your camera work ) i noticed on your last post as well that you seem to be gettin better. keep it up!
  14. event horizon gave me more than the creeps. it gave me nightmares. i loved it. and since yu pulled the necromancy, i will be watching Riddick tonight or tomorrow. hope it is good
  15. where are these elemental from, and how big are they?
  16. wow jester-all that work, and his feet are STILL too big! (cue theme song to harry and the Hendersons- "Your Feets Too Big") ps where did you get that awesome katana-being a conversionist id love to put that to some wicked use.
  17. and just remember kids, if you step in a mound of tindalos, chances are good that your about to meet a hound of tindalos although it is debatable which is worse. so maybe i'll go paint some mounds....
  18. actually magnificent egos has one-better than alot of their stuff as it was sculpted by gael.
  19. hehe i like what im seein on this forum. heres my two cents worth-if we keep adding em up well eventually get a few dimes worth of gun wisdom, and wont that be something? in he state of california (where i live), approximately 1 in 4 homes contains a firearm.(remember, thats the number of homes; most homes with a gun have more than 1) in the state of california, approximately 1 in 12 homes has a pool. yet children are 4 times more likely to die from drowning than from a firearm, whether deliberate or accidental. makes you wonder what we really need to regulate its like rodnik said-we need a serious ammendment on the regulation of stupid. maybe well start with licensing and registration, you know, just for the really big stupid things, like using dynamite to get rid of a gofer problem. then gradually well make more and more stupid things prohibited, until virtually the most trivial stupid act is regulated, like wearing argyle with paisley or trying to get into the short line at the dmv. of course, there will be those advocates of "stupid" rights who demand that there be no regulation at all of stupid. these radicals can likely see through our plan to eventually ban all stupid, one stupid thing at a time, while initiating a smear campaing against stupid, as well as labeling thoe who insist on their "right to keep and bear stupid" as dangerous radicals and uneducated cousin-kissers. this false labeling will demonize them in the public eye, rendering their arguments impotent. heck , we'll even advocate and offer to fund frivolous lawsuits against perpetrators of stupid acts to discourage others from joining the "stupid" lobby. eventually we will have a stranglehold on the stupid industry from which all rights to "stupid" can be eradicated. wont it be nice to live in a stupid free world? an off-the-cuff metaphor, and my two cents. for those who "get" it, i hope you like it.
  20. hey dex-like the paint, dont like the static grass. looks like the full moon came up and hes got a big night ahead of him making crop circles. just my opinion-and as all of our fathers told us, everyone's got one.......
  21. ive been waiting for this sculpt to be available since i first saw the green it is the best werewolf i have ever seen, bar none. and thats without the awesome paintjob!
  22. hey rod, what colors did you use to achieve this flesh tone? i really like it, and am trying to achieve a similar tone.
  23. jester i see you and the vamp have something in common. you both suck. -begins performing evil vodoo ritual which will drain all of jesters mini painting talent and skill and transfer it into a pet lemur, which incidentally has very articulate opposible thumbs-
  24. thought id give this one a bump-ive learned so much painty goodness from you guys here one tis messageboard that i thought id better pay my dues and return the favor. for holding a mini, i use no super glue, no wires (unless theyre stuck in the bottom of a plastic part/mini) no blu tac, no goop, no gunk, no nutznboltz. i mount my mini on the top of an old paint pot like many of you do, but to accomplish this i use 2-sided scotch tape. not the xmas wrapping kind that comes right off the roll sticky on both sides (and takes like 20 pounds of pressure to get off of the roll, because its sticky on both sides!), but the kind that has a backing when is on the tape roll that you have to remove to expose the second adhesive side. i believe this is called poster tape. this stuff works like a charm. the mini will stay on that lid like nobodys business. you can turn it left, right, upside down, it aint goin' nowhere. i mount mine on some old polly's glass paint pots, and the darn stuff is so strong that you can grab the mini and use it to hold up the pot! (the pot being the heavier of the two) the best part is, the mini will come off with a gentle tug (the stuff really does hold very well), and all you do is stick your next mini on -thats right, it is reusable. if youre not painting again for a while, just put the backing back on the sticky, and it will be ready when you decide to get off your lazy football watching arrr and paint again. however, this technique is mainly for minis like dhl, with integtral bases. minis with slottas, well the bottom of the slotta doesnt have a lot of surface for the tape to stick to-try at your own risk. but for minis with integral bases, its the cats meow! (really, you guys shouldnt let me post this late.)
  25. heh you answered my question-i was gonna ask whayou used for the background. ill have to look into that hirst arts stuff. how hard is it to cast?
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