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  1. reminds of me when i heard there was as satanic message at the end of love bites by def leppard (formerly one of my favorite 80s-90s bands). i didnt believe it (its a love song!) but when i listened to the end of the song after the lyrics stop with the volume waay up, there it was. probably some sound mixer/producer with a twisted sense of humor, but who knows. i stopped listening to them after that. i couldnt believe it-it was there.


    i prefer britney's message lol.

  2. :devil:


    Does anybody know how Freebooter figures compare in size to regular 28mm figures? Are they teeny-tiny (ie: Hasslefree) or "normal" size (ie: Reaper, GW, etc.)? :huh:


    Tommy. ::):

    not sure what you mean about hasslefree being that small-they seem around same scale as most other comapnies. spyglass, on the other hand, are a tad smaller than most (but still larger than old skool partha and grenadier), but hey, most are elf chicks-they are supposed to be small. i prefer this as it gives some realistic height variation in our miniature universe.

    on the other hand, i was going to use dnarg the slayer for a dark elf character of mine, but hes a darn warlord figure, and a tall one at that. i just cant see having a little drow tower over other elves and even humans. doh!

  3. ive never been one to be afraid to name names. the store i speak of is pegasus hobbies in claremont-one of the larger gaming stores in the los angeles area. they are a two story, huge rc car, model, gaming, evrything you could imagine superhobby store. bigger than any hobby people ive seen. some of you might even have seen their prepainted minis they produced, they were really quite good, and fairly decently painted. either bob olley or bobby jackson even sculpted at least one of them that i know of (a dwarf), maybe more. they also just happen to be one of the two stores where i can get reapers near me-it is about 15 minutes from where i work (the other is like 25 minutes form myhouse). and they are the ONLY place that carries vallejo model color.


    youd think a large, lucrative business (they have their own brands of stuff, like adhesives and even a few models!) like this would be a little user friendlier, but thats just not the case. i guess theyve had a few bad experiences with shoplifting in the past. but thankfully the kind people at reaper are goint to replace the mini i bouoght with irreperable alignment issues. thanx to everyone for the suggestions.

  4. i am glad to know this company has such a good customer service policy, as my not-so-flgs doesnt have the shelves of minis accessible-theyre all behind employees only counters. they put one model of all minis in a display case with the product number on it, and you have to find the one you want, write down the number, and take it to them. whatever they pull off the shelves is what you get, and even better (worse), you really dont get a good look at it before you buy it, as the attendant will show it to you to make sure it is the right one, but not actually hand it to you to examine, and then said attendant will take it up to the cashier. sometimes you might get a sec to look at it, and if it shows major flaws MAYBE they will get another one for you (i have been told both yes and no to this-depends who is working).


    this is a relief, as the one legend of the five rings mini i bought is so miscast that his cheeckbone sticks out farther than his ear-its about a 1 1/2 millimeters off. ugh. such a nice mini too.



  5. I use the Floquil Figure Flat, works just fine for me, even after Testors got a hold of it. I have been using it for at least 15 years now.

    DUUUDE! i am now a happy born-again mini painter! figure flat is the shizznit. i hope the formula is the same as the old-it has the same product number but of course it is now in 3 oz cans (vs. the old 5 oz, at a buck more).

    For all those looking for an alternative to dullcote, which does give a slight amber tint to your minis, according to many, look no further. although fair warning-a coat of glosscoat underneath might be the ticket for gaming minis, as this can rub off over time on frequently handled gaming minis.


    also, ill have to look into the future floor wax with matte agent airbrushed on treatment. but for now, ill stick with good ol figure flat.


    WARNING-this product is REALLY FLAT, and has a tendency to make your metallic bits look less like they are coated with metallic paint, so will render well shaded/highlighted metallics into something a little more (uncomfortably so for many) like nmm. youve been warned :B):

  6. to the good folks at reaper:


    id like to lodge a complaint against the miniatures industry as a whole for the suspicious lack of recent julie guthrie miniatures. once arguably the most prolific sculptor in the business (and the faces didnt all look the same!!!) julie seems to have been relegated to a small corner of the field, making nefsokar mummies and grunts and such.


    "where," I ask you, "where has julie gone? why has julie forsaken us?"


    id love to see some dhl minis sculpted by julie. can I? please? pretty please?


    with sugar on top?

  7. i just recently started painting again after about a 9 year hiatus. (lurking on these boards for the past few months has really helped though.) i used to use the old floquil figure flat in the green and white can, but i havent been able to find this product since i started painting again. the guy at my not-so-flgs told me floquil was bought by testors, and now all their stuff is made for railroads, and the formulas are all different from the old ones.


    in the past i tried testors dullcoat (brush on) and was not happy with the results, as it had a tendency to discolor my hard work. (i dont like the idea of coating my minis with something amber colored and as opaque as my favorite hefeweizen-besides, now my jar of it is 14 years old :poke:) i recently tried the spray on dullcoat (man stuff got expensive in the intervening years!!) and again it dulls the color.

    ive read the threads about sealers, but no one has mentioned the old floquil figure flat-that was the best stuff on the market: COMPLETELY flat and didnt dull my colors. what do you guys use now that as far as i can tell this product is no longer available? cmon jester, flynn, anne -talk to me here guys-what wont dull my vibrant colors?




    MC- I swear I wasn't trying to do gold NMM. It's a bubonic brown, with various washes and highlights. I needed to make it different from all the other leather pieces on the model.

    well if youve been thinking of tryin theres your first step!

  9. heh dude i thought you stuck to metallics-you seem to have stumbled on a decent nmm gold scheme on the belt there. what is the recipe-i wanna use it!

    (then again my monitor is going out-maybe i am getting poor colors, but it looks good to me)

  10. im not a fan of either candidate


    i too am saddened by those who think a third party vote is a wasted vote. i think we should vote for a candidate who is not beholden to party lines, but who best represents what we want to see in our countries.


    so whatever happens during this election, and in the four years following, all i have to say is: DONT BLAME ME I VOTED FOR NADER!

    But a vote for any party that doesn't win IS a wasted vote. THAT is the whole problem. The win takes all. Which is not democratic at all. Theoretically a candidate with only 3 percent of the votes can win 100 percent of the power (if every othe candidate gets less than 3 percent). Which is why america only has two parties (I know there are more parties, but the small ones have much less actual power than they would if the system was representative)



    youve illustrated my point perfectly.


    and on a side note-if you want a copy of the Anarchist Recipe Book (i type the name incorrectly, because as you all have stated, big brother now really IS watching... ::P: ) of which i own a hard copy, -downloads are fairly easy to get, but that ALWAYS leaves a trail,or Poor Mans James Bond or the "black books" or any of that series or type, its fairly easy. this is more or less how i got mine:

    1. go to your friendly local book store -big chains are the best because they have the best resources for ordering

    2. order the book and give a fake name and phone number-(you could even use a cell phone number-they throw the forms away after the book is picked up-i used to work for b. daltons and waldenbooks-the only record of a name and number was kept in the book and thrown away when the book was picked up. however, my employment WAS before 9-11, but i doubt this practice has changed (retail is always slow to respond to political climate unless they stand to gain from it)

    3. wait the appropriate amount of time. DONT go pick up your order. drop by the store if you wish-most keep special orders in shelves behind a counter where it is fairly easy to see them-if this is the case you can look and see if your order is in! (as well as browse other peoples special orders-ok maybe this is like literary stalking, but hey, the staff looks at orders that are weird anyway, and makes all kinds of speculations about the person who ordered it-i know i used to be one, and why should they have all the fun? i found several authors i now read that way!)

    4. wait a week. return to store, see if book is on special order shelf.if not, (or if you cant see shelf), ask an employee to do a bookcheck for said title. often when special orders are not picked up, they are shelved, and if not (i didnt see alot of shelving of the anarchists baking bible: a guide to home made scooby snacks even back then) they are put in "back" and wait shipping back to distributor. even if book is in the storeroom, it will show up on the computer as being in stock since it was shipped to the store.

    5. buy it! (use ca$h) anyplace ive heard of (now keep in mind my employment was before 9-11) will sell special orders if they are not picked up after a certain time-hence they are shelved often.

    thats how i got mine-i bought a special order i happened to see that noone had picked up after a month. of course, it was at a store i used to work at, so i had access to the special orders that hadnt been picked up after the requisite amount of time (i.e. i knew where the shelf was-it was not restricted or anything)

    and i didnt even have to order it under a fake name


    disclaimer :i am not a heathen terrorist (or even a non-heathen terrorist), i just have an interest in cool pointy things, cool bangy things, and cool homemade pointy/bangy things, like most of you gamers /mini painters/ ren faire costume owners/sword fighters/jousters/sci fi geeks out there.


    Disclaimer : if you try this and end up being ahem "grounded" by uncle sam /arrested by men in black / detained in a small room with big suits /engaged in heated conversation about religion and politics on the wrong end of a VERY bright light, remember: YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. :blues:



  11. aaarrrrrrggggghhhh! (<---the sound of ultimate suffering.)


    I wanted to be the first to mention Princess Bride!!

    yeah that fer# %ding blast@# son of a bill collector put that in while i was typing my entry-i was gonna put that until i saw he had preempted me $%$@!&.

  12. back to originaL topic: there iS a similar product my family uses here in the US-its called (or rather made by) Brumell and Brown -Butter With Cultures (and i dont mean off broadway musicals and african drum solos). its rather tasty, then again i was raised on good old american ...ahem, "its not butter!" (picture little kid with imperial crown and hear the trumpets sound the "dun dun dun DUNNNNN!")

  13. hudson hawk. bruce willis at his comedic finest.

    the highlander. there can be only one.

    pitch black. now THATS an anti-hero.

    finding nemo. my son loves it and the jokes never get old-ellen degeneres's best role; she actually made me laugh :poke:


    the hobbit

    lotr-movies AND old cartoon

    dragonslayer. best animatronic big lizard in history. very dark ages d&d.

    and of course everything everyone else named.

  14. im not a fan of either candidate


    i too am saddened by those who think a third party vote is a wasted vote. i think we should vote for a candidate who is not beholden to party lines, but who best represents what we want to see in our countries.


    so whatever happens during this election, and in the four years following, all i have to say is: DONT BLAME ME I VOTED FOR NADER!

  15. The wizard with the Dragon.  That's what I want.

    hehe that one reminds me of a garrity sculpt-i think ive got you pegged enchantra.


    but seriously folks, dont unmask that ninja!! :ph34r: he looks awesome with his mask on! as i often argue a masked/hooded/visored mini can convey every bit as much character as one with an uncovered head. (much more in the case of some sculptors faces)- im going to get him for an old school thief i finally converted to 3.5 edition.

    i love that sculpt, and i am rapidly beginning to worship bobby jackson's work.

  16. initially julie guthries minis drew me to reaper. i believe julie was the original reaper sculptor, including an award winning mini-Domur, hunter's moon.


    for a long time i disliked garritys minis because not only were the faces the same, but they always showed the faces-even her fighters never had full face visors.

    also her older minis costumes just turned me off-too many fringed hemmed tunics for my taste:vvvvv

    also im not partial to the swords she sculpts. but hey, what do i know.


    her new minis, however, are showing that when the new sculptors push she can indeed push back. heres to another 20 years of sandy gettin better n better!


    (oh and heres to more julie guthrie sculpts-i want to see some dhl as well as just them mummies-you hearin me Reaper? :blink: )

  17. nice swords-not quite poisonous-more like she just came from a rave to kill you. or rather shes gonna kill you AT the rave-the blacklights are still on and the beats are still a'thumpin!


    they really shouldnt let me post when im on perscription cold medicine :blink:

  18. "growwwlllll!!" i thought i made it clear: NO MORE HIPPOCAMPUSSESSES!


    sorry-full moon is covered by clouds, so im completely human again (for now...)


    i voted for hobgobbolin s waaay back-other humanoids get lotsa mini representation, but hobgobbos are grossly underrepresented. even bugbears and gnolls have seen a decent number of casts (thanx to chainmail and reaper :wub: )

    but wheres the goblins uglier big bro's?

  19. hay darkstar-i love the brown tone on this mini. i gotta know how you highlighted the nmm chainmail-again (you and jester do this alot) youve hit on the exact effect i was looking for-i wanted to do some gold/brass nmm chainmail, but i couldnt get it to look right (im not an "artist" and have NO concept of color theory) so i just did it steel nmm.


    btw, the cloak looks pretty ok too (mourningcloud gnashes his teeth and diabolically prepares to anonymously give it five 1's on cmon out of pure jealousy)

  20. note: disregard previous statement regarding jesters soda wash. it gives a nice even converage and the color is very vivid, but it forms small bubbles (should have let it go flat first) and takes forever to dry. stays sticky too. that, and my red cloaked vampire is now fighting a hoard of giant ants.




    they really shouldnt let me post this late. :blink:

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