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  1. What is this about a give away??? What happened??
  2. Anyone else find the addition of dice to the KS Core to be an oddly sweet gesture? Yeah minis are nice, but dice feels more personal.
  3. I was worried the expansions wouldn't be finished off. Happy I was wrong about that. Every KS I spend more than the last......my wallet is going to cry.......but those Dragons......THOSE DAMN DRAGONS!!!!!!!
  4. Okay, my mistake for not stating I am confirmed doing core. I am backing this now. So there is only an upcharge if you do not back at all before the campaign ends. They didn't change the rules that even if you back now, the post KS fundraising prices change?
  5. Where was this posted???? Because I was talking about the $50 expansions..... so that 2020 order window will be 20% more???
  6. Is Reaper going to continue the post KS ordering they have done the first 4 KS? Some stuff I am iffy on and wanting to see the physical models before pledging. Plus it would allow more time for me to get funds.
  7. Greek and Underwater expansions.....Reaper please....my wallet.....
  8. Reaper may break me bad this time. So many extras I want.....
  9. Had no idea the Barge was suppose to have a base. Totally fine with it not having one, doesn't need it. Happy they kept the Barge and Argent (didn't get it), but they do need to be better and communication.
  10. Was there anything special needed in the email to reaper about missing or miscasted parts??
  11. I need some confirmation help of possible issues before submitting my list to Reaper. So feedback will be appreciated. Core Pathfinder Iconics 144 - Noticed the cape/robe rear is not smooth, lined or something. Is this intended? Dreadmere Expansion 405 - unfinished hole by elbow on left arm. Appears as a distinct different grey than the model. Darkreach 522 Bloodstone Gnome Bodyguard - Mask does not look like it will go anywhere on the face 523 Stone Lurker - Face does not fit the body completely, will I just need to heat it up and reposition? 539 Deep Gnome Cleric - Empty slot on back of mini. 545 Dark Elf Queen on Throne - Back of Throne and throne do not line up, similar issue as Stone Lurker, need heat and reposition? Fan Favorites Anhurian Calvary - Right arm looking like he lost Mortal Kombat against lava Thrasher Snail - Shell parts and base mini do not line up properly. Fix with head and reposition or green stuff? Female Efretti - .....Reaper going to make a vid of how to get that head it??? Bards Dog - Similar to Dreadmere mini mentioned, unfinished hole at back of dog....there is no painting that one......its a green stuff job...and awkward....
  12. It reminds me a lot of that swamp village in the first Witcher game. Also it had me at the boat.
  13. Finished inventorying all my minis. nothing missing, no doubles. I am happy I did expansions first because I was able to reuse the zip bags for the core set. Ill check for miscasts later this week and next, and at the same time do minor gluing. So far pretty happy all around, no disappointment other than I should have got more square bases, maybe bases in general. Supper happy with the grey scheme as I CAN SEE DETAIL!!!! As opposed to the blinding light that is white bones. A few minis of course need repositioning. Now the fun part of checking for miscasts is Ill get an opportunity to see what minis I want to clean and start painting. Only thing i had to fix was the cave spider from darkreach, front right leg broke off, oh and does anyone know if the spider is glued on, only because painting the base and it separate would be great, or placing the spider on any terrain other than the base.
  14. Order arrived several hours ago, just started to get into it. Disappointed no accidental large doubles (last time I got an extra sandworm). I did notice one issue with the Anhurian Calvary From the Fan Favorties. His Pole arm is...really really wrong. Not like its the wrong hand or bent. More mangled corpse arm. Would someone from Reaper like to explain what happened.... I am very confused
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