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  1. or maybe paint the next ones if I do em as kiss or at least tribal tatts
  2. Finished these guys on the 22nd, just getting around to posting them on here. From Bones 3: stoneskull expansion. Guessing this set isn't out in their releases of Bones currently. I'm just calling them mercenaries, but very good for bandits or thugs as well.
  3. just got home and measured her. Contest says 40mm-99mm though? she stands right at 50mm either way. you really think I should enter her? I'm planning on going to Reapercon 2017, but I also don't think I'm planning on entering this one for the convention. My tabletop quality, I'm not up to a studio quality paint skill yet.
  4. Thanks. I loved how the flesh tone and eyes came out. Main reason I actually finished it.
  5. sigh.. forgot about the size rule. I'll have to fix that tomorrow and re-upload.
  6. Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted anything, but here's what I worked on today. I ended up choosing this one today because I got some new paint and wanted to try out the flesh tones which I'm really happy about it how it turned out.
  7. bored, from Houston. I enjoy this as a supplemental hobby.

  8. and, I really liked how that shield just emphasizes how small she is. Her hair actually goes half way down her back.
  9. Thanks for the support of my work. I've been doing better at painting than I thought I was. I have one more I'm trying to finish before I leave the country for a couple weeks.
  10. An older one, but I enjoyed the sculpt. This is a continuation of my practice with purples.... Not much I could do, except the hair... I toyed with the idea of making her much darker looking... but in the end, this is more likely to end up with the PC minis, instead of a villain. Thanks for enjoying my art.
  11. I saw her instantly as one. Afterwards, I was like, the only other way to paint her is as a ginger... and sure enough... Reaper has her a ginger.
  12. I thought these would make perfect additions for townspeople. If I was to do these again, I'd put the fish barrel with the fishwife, or all 3 on a large base. Used Realistic Water (by Secret Weapon) on the aquatic life for the shine. everything else has the dull coat. I'm still trying to get back into painting minis again. Not bad for a day's work.
  13. Bones Model 77228: Chthon Painted this guy up tonight. He was a small one, but rather fun to paint. Chthon (aka a Grick)
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