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  1. well if reaper keeps this up im going to not shop from reapers website... -AnGrY uLtHwE
  2. Grrrg! i just tried to get into the store...(and i know it isnt my connection)....but it takes forever and if i do get in.....it sent me to this page that said it couldnt be found.. -CrAzY uLtHwE
  3. weeeeeelllll.......hmmmmm.....hmmmmm....oh well, i have no idea how to play cav and know anything about it besides the fact that some of the minis are prety cool(running home because im excited, trip) fffff ahhh, fffffahhhh, fffff ahhhh, fffff ahhhh, fffff ahhhh, fffff ahhhh(my knee hurts).....well i can see why they call infantry squishies,yes , i am dumb. CrAzY uLtHwE
  4. well i was thinking of going all air, but i thought that was a bit much, so i decided on 4 bases of infantry two with heavy mortars and the rest is all gunships. CrAzY uLtHwE
  5. Now that i think of it.....i think ill go mostly air, but with about 1/4 infantry. CrAzY uLtHwE
  6. Thank you froy.....I still think you should be able to stomp on infantry. Waaah! oh well, cant wait to start buying my army. Crazy Ulthwe
  7. so......does it still seem like mil-net is down on ur computer? Crazy Ulthwe
  8. Oh! and yes.....i DO know the muffin man.....I AM THE MUFFIN MAN!!!!! Ulthwe
  9. ummmmmm im on mil-net right now......i dont think its down.....maybe you need a new computer.....meh.....lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololol you said crap.....lolololololololololololololololol Ulthwe
  10. i love infantry.....la la la...so what do you think of an army like this one im thinking of: all infantry exept for the apcs and support tanks there will be...and half of the infantry will have mortars Ulthwe
  11. well, i would love for that to happen to me...all i do is convert my minis...all of my sets of minis has at least half of them extensively converted...or i just make my own mini using mismatched parts, glue, clippers and exactos, and a wee bit of green stuff. and right now my bitz box has at least around 200 odd parts and pieces.....yet.....i feel like my bitz box is not satisfactory because i dont have any CAV bitz yet (if you cant tell by the way i spell bitz, i am am big into GW games, sry i am a sinner).
  12. SO! CAV can use inches.....but.....can you stomp on infantry with a cav? i think that would be fun. he he he stupid ground pounders. but in fact i plan on using a lot of apcs and infantry with some air support, are mortars good in this?
  13. DUM DUM DUUUUUUMMMMM.....ok, ok, ok ok ok, alright, ok, soo could CAV use inches instead of hexes????????? I like the number 9, 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 lol 9, mwahahahahahaha9hahahahaha9hahahahaha9 liiiiike...nine man squads, nine ice creams(yum), nine er....ummmm........(booom brain exploded) 0.o ow.....i give up i cant think. oh well.
  14. Can you make custom Avatars?.....la la la, dum dum dum....i want to make a very high infantry army.....i love random things(hello, do you like clean dishes? if you do than youll like NEW mr clean dish wash, in NEW chocolate scent)he he he, mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha....well......time to go lick a toad again...joke...or is it?
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