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  1. Since your shipping order is supposedly determined by wave, there is probably no real issue in waiting a little while to determine exactly how much more money you want to give them up until early december.
  2. I had not even opened my smaller two spider centaurs but I would say that the female has worse nasal structure than the male. The bow side of the nose looks worse to me. Not a missing nose like the cowgirl but more like the pathfinder cleric where it just does not look right.
  3. Unless they remake the molds, I would expect any model you order to look like the model you already have. I would look at the images in the store to see if the model there looks different or ask us about the model by name or description.
  4. Thank you for the reply. The jist of the description is the manufacturer has not told you what the problem was but you are confident that it will not be repeated and this time you have left yourselves enough time to properly inspect production samples before having them run off like 20000 copies of the model.
  5. I really do not buy this explaination. They ran the mold like 20000 times probably taking about 36-48 hours of production time. I highly doubt that all the variables over that whole time would be tight enough that everyones model has exactly the same defect. Add in the models with unexplained rough surfaces to the missing noses.
  6. Does Reaper have a plan to make sure that the new Kickstarter Bones are the best mini Bones can provide? Did they figure out why like 5% of the faces were really bad in the last batch? I know it is not the material since many of the Bones have proper faces. The non kickstarter female vampire has a proper small nose and visible fangs.
  7. I asked Reaper about this in the kickstarter: Your previous Bones Kickstarter generate a significant percentage of model ~ 5% that were not close to the detail quality of metal/resins shown in kickstarter images specifically in terms of facial features. What went wrong with these models and how are addressing it for this kickstarter to deliver 100% of models with noses. They replied: That's a big question I don't have time for a long answer to at this moment. Sorry. I responded: Maybe that is an answer you should have already had ready as part of your launch in the p
  8. With the second kickstarter coming next week, I hope we get some answers about what went wrong and how it is going to be avoided in the next series.
  9. I'm curious what impact either of those would have to Reaper's regular sculptors, if they have to learn a new method (or whatever you call it) to make their sculpts Bones-viable. Plus, if they do that, they would not have an appropriately-scaled version for metal production (unless they made one from the three-up? I'm not entirely sure how the whole process works). That said, I wonder what the quality different would be for Bones scanned from a standard "to-scale" master vs. a three-up would be, and if the difference is noticeable enough to be worth the trouble. I really do not t
  10. I believe that the problem was in the master to mold conversion. I am not entirely sure how they do this but since bones cannot hold all the resolution of the metal or the master you have to round the edges when making the mold. What ever they used to do this I think went to far sometimes. Or it could have just been shoddy mold fabrication.
  11. They are not "miscasts" as they were produced a good copy of the molds. The molds were just poorly made.
  12. So today I did get the shipping notice on my missing parts. Thanks Reaper.
  13. I would have taken a copy&paste response that said "certain minis are not being replaced due to to high of a complaint number/impossible to fix all of them". I know how many orders they are filling, especialyl if they only have 1 machine that can do it. It just makes sense to take a few seconds to copy and paste a little note instead of sending another email that ultimately wastes more of their time. Hell, even making an official announcement of it couldn't hurt. Still happy its the major issue minis getting replaced. I actually think the real miscast rate was pretty low. All of m
  14. She was on my list of about 11 models that were not really acceptable quality even for bones.
  15. Just got an email amount missing/replacement parts being sent: We're sending you the following: 89001d: Head (0.00) x189001e: Right Arm (0.00) x177058: Almaran the Gold, Paladin (2.79) x177154: Lizardman Spearman (2.79) x1
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