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  1. Crippled God Foundry and Clay Cyanide Miniatures. 3d printed, wish they were metal, details could have printed better, but I think that all depends on who is actually producing them.
  2. I don't know what a dream dwarf is, but I received detailed instructions on how my friend wanted this painted, lol. He seemed to be very pleased, which is always good.
  3. I was in the mood to paint a bunch of snake people to go with my Reaper Giant Snake Statue.
  4. He had another left arm that I chopped off. I just could not paint another arm. I was having PTSD flashbacks of Reapers Gibbering Mouther model with all the eyes.
  5. Fun mini to paint. I like the classic green orc skin, some are portrayed with a slightly mustard-y orange-y skin color, which I'm not too confident on my skills to mix.
  6. Was given this to paint for a friend, I don't know who designed it. Large and not particularly easy to paint. The 3d minis I receive always seem to have hard to reach places. In the end it came out pretty much how I envisioned, so I'm happy.
  7. It feels like just yesterday I painted this model. You definitely had a better attitude towards it than I did. Every time I thought I got all the eyes ... I would find another one! I think I have PTSD from this thing.
  8. Took about a week to paint which is fairly quick for me. Took the merchant over a month to 3d print and mail to me. I may have to eventually buy myself one of those newfangled contraptions.
  9. 3d printed model. Bit on the large side and fire takes me forever to paint. Camera isn't pulling the bright yellows and whites in the fire very well, but still looks pretty good.
  10. Even though I've seen this Reaper fighter a hundred times, I could not find this Bones white model listed. Mirt is a Gf9 D&D model. Just there for scale. Office Furniture is from Wizkids. Reaper Bones candelabras.
  11. This is one I received in a Box of Goodwill a while back. I thought she might be a Reaper mini, but could not find her listed. Metal, nothing to glue, fun to paint.
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