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  1. I'm more in admiration of that face. Even though it is mostly hidden under the helmet, there is still a lot of color and detail there. Nice!
  2. It is from the miniatures game Bushido by GCT studios. I think if you dig around you will find most major miniature retailers carry Bushido miniatures too. Seems to be a game still going on strong with tons of models to choose from.
  3. Thanks! I was going for the look of the 5e dragon cultist pictured in the Lost Mines of Phandelver module which is not very contrasting. I really like how the models are sculpted so close to this guy, they were perfect for game night so far and will make even more of an appearance in the future.
  4. All Bones models. Most of what Reaper has to offer with the Wererats and the grub painted two ways. Worked out very well in my latest gaming session.
  5. Not exactly a speed paint, but still completed within only a couple of evenings. I like the way he turned out without all that much effort. I guess I got kinda lucky on this one.
  6. Love these guys, I may have to buy the other versions Otherworld has of their cultists. I love how all of their models look the way I envision D&D.
  7. Another one that was a horror to glue. Frustration of the impossible and getting things to line up juuuuuust. right, seems to be the Bushido model way.
  8. An easy paint, quickly done, but came out nice. He is a large model. If you need a Gargoyle, I would highly recommend. A lot nicer in person, the pic on Reapers site doesn't do the model justice.
  9. Lots of fun to paint. Nothing to glue. Fun, fun, fun! I love painting dark elves. I tried a little more modern skin tone this time. The previous ones I painted I gave them more of an old school look with some light purple to their skin.
  10. Painted for a friend. I had an extremely difficult time from beginning to the end. I am starting to hate gluing little things. The final straw was when my superglue had a reaction with the Vallejo dirt and ate away a chunk of it. Walking into the room and seeing the model hanging by a thread of goo...a nice stream of curses followed. Finally finished, but with little joy.
  11. Tiny human hands? I am actually in a constant battle against little cat paws. My little Mushroom jumps up on my desk to first drink the paint water, then decides she wants to see how each paint bottle and model looks flying off the desk. Yours looks like mine after I caught her in the act of swatting my brushes to the floor.
  12. Awesome and I need this eventually. The green dragon in my campaign will eventually become undead and this was the model I was looking to use for that. I have some reference material now :)
  13. Some of the light reflections were very interesting to look at. I have a love for the undead too, with the same plan for a massive showcase of them. I've picked up a bunch of skellies but just have to get the time to paint them.
  14. The base is very striking. I like it.
  15. I like the painted model a lot, but I think if you left the green grass off and kept the ground a dark dead charcoal color, it would flow much better (like what is closer to the ground near her.)
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