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  1. Thanks, that was probably my best looking fire anything that I have done.
  2. Getting slower at painting, churning out 1 figure a month now. Possibly getting a bit burned out. I can see why some people leave and return after a few years. Hope you like.
  3. My friend that I painted them for asked for caucasian flesh on one and albino on another. Said that when he played, the art was b&w and always picture the mind flayer as that pink flesh tone. I think I made a face that didn't agree but after painting that one and the albino I was really happy he suggested it.
  4. Been a while since I posted on here. Some recent Mind Flayers, not sure who makes them.
  5. Either because I didn't have photo paper or the printer is not very high quality, it's just came out that way.
  6. Really like the color. Nice to see something different.
  7. Wizards of the Coast D&D metal model. From the year Two-Thou-sand (you have to say it like Conan O'Brien) Rescued from the Island of Lost Pewture, (aka my friends rpg storage shed) and painted up. I love his goggles, I don't think you see enough of those on wizard minis. I can see a fireball coming.
  8. It's too bad these aren't around anymore. I recently painted the gorilla king who caught my eye while trolling through a friend's box of castaways. The mad druid set looks interesting too.
  9. "Paizo" carved on the bottom, from the early 2000's. I don't know much more than that.
  10. Very cool for a display and you can switch out the minis when they get boring to look at after a while. I like.
  11. Thanks! Mostly just eyeballing the layers, to see if I should go a bit brighter. More of a judgement call on when to stop. Reapers color triads are good but usually missing an in between color or brighter highlight. Most of the time I am using 4 variations of a color for highlighting and maybe a glaze to get them blended nicer. I don't have time for smooth blends. It usually comes down to something working nice or something not and working to fix it if any of that makes any sense. :) Thanks! I struggle with basing and wish I could do more. I knew I wanted a con
  12. Thanks, pandemic ruined our game night. Luckily we can still play online, but we don't use the models that way. Thanks, bit of an experiment with the red. I used the citadel spiritstone red gemstone gloss. Although it covered my pink highlights, visually it looked really gruesome too me. So I decided to use a lot of it (at some point I was committed to it) It is clear so my highlights still helped with the effect.
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