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  1. Even though I've seen this Reaper fighter a hundred times, I could not find this Bones white model listed. Mirt is a Gf9 D&D model. Just there for scale. Office Furniture is from Wizkids. Reaper Bones candelabras.
  2. This is one I received in a Box of Goodwill a while back. I thought she might be a Reaper mini, but could not find her listed. Metal, nothing to glue, fun to paint.
  3. Nice colors, awesome eye!
  4. Some really nice stuff there, but that Naga is a knockout.
  5. Geez! Look at the size of that thing!
  6. Nice! and she has a lot of fiddly bits all over her too, that must have take some time
  7. It's only a pack camel, but I really like it. Well done!
  8. My thoughts were that the basilisk wants you to look at him so he can turn you into stone, therefore he would have these bright irresistible colors to look at. There didn't seem to be any rules on how that mythical creature should look, so I went with it.
  9. Another Dragonborn, I seem to take well to these models. Not sure if it is the sculptor, being metal or just that I enjoy painting creatures more than humans. I'm always at a loss on what to put on a shield. I imagined that maybe his was cursed and sentient. I tried to make something sort of demonic looking without it being too obvious to others in the party. Something that is powerful, useful and intelligently challenging his faith every moment it has the opportunity.
  10. From GaleforceNine's D&D collector series. I knew this was a must have for me once I laid eyes on it. No idea who he is, but a stand out unique model. Just an awesome rotund man who looks like he would have no problem holding his own against any fighter. My imagination just set itself on fire with this NPC to be.
  11. I've painted a good number of Darkswords Dragonkins, but this is my first attempt at a gold one.
  12. I regret not putting something else in the pictures to show scale. It's a fairly large model, I think it sits on a 50mm base. It's a 3d printed model, not sure who makes it. It destroyed a couple of my brushes just trying to paint the spikes.
  13. Chaoswolf, may want to avert your eyes. I don't see option to hide pictures while using my phone Put in the box... Goremaw is probably the most significant figure I was somehow able to stuff into a box, exploding with stuff.
  14. I went Metal. Set of Samurai, hobgoblins, demilich, gladiator, tavern guys, death knight and masquerade lady. Couple of interesting sci Fi die. I also have a bag of green flock, I didn't plan to take, but could not get back in the box and sure I can use.
  15. It's a mix. Mostly metal sprues, but a few other things you mentioned, like wings I chopped off or small animals that didn't make it onto a base.
  16. I'm in. Not interested in sci-fi and I don't have enough to start a box. Florida. I Just have a few of questions. I have a small bag of metal bits that I believe can be reused, Does Reaper still recycle metal weight at Reapercon? If so, is anybody from this thread going to Reapercon? and if so, would anybody dislike having a small bag of metal bits placed in the box to throw their leftovers into and time it for the recycle person to receive towards the end? I just feel bad throwing it into our landfill when it could be reused. I'm sure it can be used to make things for bases and stuff, but really don't have time for much more than painting Reaper's models.
  17. Yeah, his is unpainted and I was a bit surprised too. I was sure he would not turn it down once he saw the finished product. It was a lot of work time and ate up a lot of paint, sealer and other materials. I was even painting it on my desk in my lunch hour at work to try to speed up the process, lol
  18. Yeah, I was kicking myself for not having the cobra and mandupar stuff match too. It might have been better to go with all jungle.
  19. Thanks, Yeah he does look very otherworldly even for an illithid.
  20. I don't paint scenery too often, but my friend had said he was looking for scenery and I checked out what I had and started painting some of this Bones stuff up to surprise him. Turns out it was a bit of a waste of time because he bought the same models from Bones that Kickstarter as I did. Guess we have the same taste in this stuff. Even though I really like them, I'm eventually going to have to find them a good home now since I mostly just game online and paint for fun. The illithid he had me paint for him. A 3d printed model, no idea where from. A bit creepy, maybe that's my fault for having him riding a wave of blood toward his enemies. The hero on horse statue is from wizkids.
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