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  1. Figured it out, the ruined house is from Euphoria Games (Resina Planet)
  2. Didn't know the bear would be so popular :) He is a rescue bear from a friend I did some painting for. When I first met him, I thought he was the only person on the planet with a room full of boxes of naked metal. He mentioned requesting his grave be filled in with them but doesn't want to poison the earth. I traded him a couple of models for what felt to me like a toys r us shopping spree in that room. The bear came from that spree. I was planning on using it alongside the reaper female gnome riding on a bear model. So when she was off the bear, he would have his own attack model. The model ruined house looked 3d printed, from the hatched lines that I am used to seeing on those types of models. It came with a ruined tower I painted up. If you can identify the tower, you may be able to figure out who made the house.
  3. Weird...I could have painted his fur any shade of brown or black, but went with that blue gray I thought would be unique. Lol. The cape and the cape buckle...very strange. I have a couple more of those paizo figures but not the ones pictured. They were all castaways from a friend of mine.
  4. It isn't about the subject of the message, but how it was conveyed to the person. Thank you, I would not have known this either.
  5. I used a gloss sealer to give the swamp a shine, which is really just a blob of putty rolled across the base. The bubbles are easy, I rolled some putty into a small ball and some flat. Placed the ball on the base, then draped the flat putty over it like a cloth and worked the sides into the base to blend in.
  6. This is bothering me. Read a few times trying to figure out if this was just joking around. I don't see this kind of communication on Reaper pretty much ever. If it is serious, you could have private messaged him nicely instead of what appears to be shaming lidless for doing what the box is meant for. It just seems like telling someone you can take cookies from the cookie jar and then smacking their hand when they do.
  7. Frazetta's artwork for Thak and Conan
  8. No it isn't, it's still going, but I am leaving a note for the carrier in the mailbox tomorrow to remind them to pick up the box. Going to do another scheduled pick up. Not sure what the deal was today, usually they are good about getting the packages I leave for them.
  9. Well, I did click n ship and scheduled a pick up 2 days ago for today. Package has been exactly where noted, at front door since 7:30 am and that is where it is still sitting after mail got delivered today.
  10. Painted this to use in my upcoming DnD campaign....freakin hard to paint. I could tell this was going to be difficult for me from the get go, so much stuff. Sometimes I wish models had approximate difficulty levels on the boxes. The trio that the player characters will encounter are towards the bottom. Players should be trudging though a swampy bayou for a bit before they encounter a soft candle light glow in the distance ahead of them. The magicked candles begin to block the players night vision as they get closer. If they turn away, the candlelight will wink out and reappear in front of them again. Eventually they will encounter Papa Hoodoo and his gator zombie constructs Leblanc and Boudreaux. I may pick up a reaper dire gator as a possibility during the encounter. The pics below are more of a forest than swamp, but was having some fun with taking pictures this morning and I don't have any swamp terrain.
  11. This mini said Paizo on the bottom and a date from the early 2000's. It reminded me of the Robert E. Howard Conan story "Rogues in the House" and painted him with red in his cloak as sort of an homage.
  12. Box is on front porch waiting for pickup. I could not use my last medium flat rate box due to a recent sale, so with some extra tape, the BOGW will have to survive at least one more trip. When I pealed all the shipping labels off, it looked as though I was about the 5 person the box got shipped to. Good luck!
  13. Removed this: Metal Tin Man - metal, looks like he would make a decent warforged character. Kurff the Swift - metal - decent adventurer model Yochlol - lead -that is some mustache hall of fame going on. He is damn good looking yochlol for it's age. Definitely going to paint him up. Wizard with sword? - lead, Anybody have any info on him? I'm actually very excited about painting this guy. Never seen him and just a unique looking figure. He will hit the show off forum a some point. Flesh golem? - bones - should be usable in my upcoming castle ravenloft campaign Warg or dire wolf? bones - was happy to see a wolf in the box, I lack them and they are always usable. a barrel - resin a barrel mimic - resin - how could I pass this combo up? Bag o' Ghost pirates - bones - I've been wanting to experiment on some of these translucent figures. Some bases I can use happy seppuku base stamp - super happy about this, I am always on the lookout for base stamps, they just make finishing up a model so much easier for me. This is what I added: I will likely put through online for my mail carrier to pick up the box Thursday or Friday. I am a bit worried about the box though, so badly beaten. Although, I have a spare medium flat rate I may have to use.
  14. You painted him nice, but I am trying hard not to laugh at his cartoonish shenanigans. :)
  15. They sort of fill in as a cheap alternative, like Bones models do, but I would still rather have a nice metal mini in most cases.
  16. This mini is just fascinating to look at. Good job!
  17. Nice job on both, I especially like the one with the crystals.
  18. Early 80s, advanced dnd I think. I had some wizards and monsters. If you can't find any it's ok. I like modern stuff just as much.
  19. I love me some metal. I like the grenadier dnd stuff if you have any. Nostalgic for me to paint.
  20. Amazed that the arms glued on strong and perfectly with no help from putty. That has to be a first ever for me.
  21. I was the first to get the box last time and didn't know what the "log book" was. I guessed it was a sketch book, so I drew a few pictures. Everything is sort of on the honor system anyway so I don't really see the point in keeping track of inventory unless you enjoy that sort of thing. I would be more interested in a book of art, poems stories and such from a group of people I participated in something with, but never really met in person. Sort of like having a bunch of one time pen pals.
  22. That cotton definitely tricked my eyes! It was great, then it was just cotton, but I loved it for that instant :)
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