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  1. Nice job on both, I especially like the one with the crystals.
  2. Early 80s, advanced dnd I think. I had some wizards and monsters. If you can't find any it's ok. I like modern stuff just as much.
  3. I love me some metal. I like the grenadier dnd stuff if you have any. Nostalgic for me to paint.
  4. Amazed that the arms glued on strong and perfectly with no help from putty. That has to be a first ever for me.
  5. I was the first to get the box last time and didn't know what the "log book" was. I guessed it was a sketch book, so I drew a few pictures. Everything is sort of on the honor system anyway so I don't really see the point in keeping track of inventory unless you enjoy that sort of thing. I would be more interested in a book of art, poems stories and such from a group of people I participated in something with, but never really met in person. Sort of like having a bunch of one time pen pals.
  6. That cotton definitely tricked my eyes! It was great, then it was just cotton, but I loved it for that instant :)
  7. It was tough. If I had a do over, I would not have used the metal paint, I had a tough time with it on the armor design patterns and the paint flow.
  8. I needed another witch and this woman looks especially cruel. I had a really tough time following the flow of her garments, but I am sure I got it right in the end. Usually there is another painted figure for me to refer to, but I used some google fu and could not find one.
  9. My wife is playing a druid, painted fairly quick to get on the table.
  10. There are some really nice werewolf models out there, but normally they are huge, sitting on 50mm plus bases (I have a bunch of privateer press ones.), Thank you James Van Schaik for such a nice and realistic sized model.
  11. Thanks! I have been painting for a few years now, but only recently have been attempting nmm. That is good to hear that I may be on the right track.
  12. Looks cool. I always wondered what the reason was for the lack of these one eye guys in reapers arsenal of minis.
  13. Nice, looks time consuming and the windows had me fooled.
  14. They may be cheap, but they cost me a bit more in actual paint. I have to put on thick layers just to get it started. The bendy Ness I can't seem to fix either. No matter what I do, they slowly and eventually bend back to whatever shape they were in. Dip in boiling water, microwave, immediately dip into ice water, toss in the freezer...nope.
  15. He is pretty cool. Made me want to look up more of those little guys.
  16. Thanks! It was at least five shades of green and yellow with one wash. No glazing.
  17. Thanks, he likes tieflings and I think that is what this is supposed to be like.
  18. I believe this came from my 1st reaper order, maybe about 6 years ago. Finally got around to painting him. I had a reason to paint with the witch in control for our next game session. I'll be taking down my website this year, it was fun, self indulgent, but too much work for little care. You can find a WIP of sorts there with the paints I used.
  19. Another favorite model of mine, one I saved for several years to finally paint. I have another Alligator for him to control, but could not wait to take a photo.
  20. I held onto this model for a long time, a few years in hopes to get my skills up to the point of being happy with him. One of my favorite sculpts.
  21. Another Bones model. A little easier to work with than the water weird, plastic was thicker and more rigid except for the gates. Overall, I like this one. Comparison shot
  22. This was a bones translucent blue model. Tried my best, but I find Bones just difficult to paint. Should have bought the metal one.
  23. Painted for a friend Larger pic
  24. Orlando, FL International, no Boxstarter, no
  25. Any news or decision on this? I have to keep remembering to check these threads every so often. Otherwise I feel like I will miss and it will start without me like it did many times before.
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