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  1. I like the painted model a lot, but I think if you left the green grass off and kept the ground a dark dead charcoal color, it would flow much better (like what is closer to the ground near her.)
  2. Another one from my childhood. I actually remember liking this model when playing pretend D&D. Thought it was neat that the wizard could fight with a sword.
  3. I've painted this one before and it wasn't easy. As you mentioned, the assembly with the legs was a real pain. Nice job though, interesting to look at in a different color scheme.
  4. I had this one! I could never figure out what it was that he was doing or what he had in his hands. I do remember I blobbed maroon red testors paint on him along with a white beard. Nice to see him painted well and things now recognizable.
  5. It was the last part of the Mines of Phandelin, for the most part (minus the owlbear.) It was very helpful with breaking us into dnd for our first time playing.
  6. Not my best work, but they served their purpose for the past couple of game nights. Demi Lich - Reaper Dark Elf Wizard - Reaper, Braziers, sleeping bag and bedroll - Wizkids Owlbear - WIzkids Dwarf King on Throne (statue) - Reaper, Ochre Jellies - handmade/painted by me Spectator - Wizkids Stitch Thimbletoe - Reaper, Forge - ? 3d printed
  7. Probably the best conversion I have ever seen!
  8. Wow, is that what that guy looks like? I kind of threw him in a box when he came in the mail, he was huge!. You should have a pic with a mini in for scale. Hoping mine will look as good when I eventually get to him.
  9. what colors do you use to get that brownish stone look? Specifically the base color.
  10. I am not particularly fond of these models, but your painting and base work on all that I have seen is really outstanding.
  11. The pics were fun to look at, especially the one taken from behind the investigator with the sea water, beach and Cthulhu rising ahead of him. Very cool.
  12. I like the use of greens you put in there. Very unique in comparison to other versions I have seen.
  13. This is the 1st I have seen painted and looks really fantastic. Immediately upon receiving this model I threw it into a box, didn't even look closely at it. I didn't know there was bones and gunk floating around in there. What I did know is that I would not be getting to this model for a long time.
  14. I like him. He has some fun colors you don't see too often, but work extremely well here.
  15. Looks good, as mentioned above, a quick and simple wash would really bring out the details. Maybe Brown for the teeth and horns. Possibly a purple, blue or red wash for the skin.
  16. Nice eyestalks, I may have to do my next one that way. Did you use the clear plastic piece that goes over the central eye? I can't tell from the pic and wondered if it would look nicer on or off.
  17. Thanks, it shows when I use the link, but some of the others do not (like that cool skeletal giant) when I don't use the link. Probably something with my phone then. I am sorry everybody. :(
  18. Thanks! still not appearing for me, but I guess as long as somebody can see it. lol It doesn't show up in my feed of posts either. Weird. My avatar pic recently went away too, maybe that had something to do with it?
  19. I used the some of the same pics from the show off thread. It has been posted in the contest for quiet some time, a bit upsetting that it was only recently removed just before deadline and without any notice.
  20. Painted him for a friend. Seems a bit too big for a dwarf and too small for a human...Not sure what to think of him. Took me a while with all the fur and beard.
  21. Finished him rather quickly because he was a breeze to paint. No assembly required is always welcome. Only complaint I might have is these reaper models with already sculpted thick bases that I have to try and work around to base the figure myself. Steals away some of the creativity and fun.
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