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  1. Thanks everybody! It is funny I almost gave it the title: "Just How Quiet Does it Think It Is?" The Paladin is well aware my friend :)
  2. I'm out of painted stuff. It will be a while until I can post something again. I didn't know what exactly to do with that Pillar of Good and came up with this. Just getting my feet wet when it comes to experimenting with some of the basing stuff I have. Not exactly what I had envisioned, but I still find myself staring at it fairly pleased for now. Hope you enjoy. :)
  3. Looks awesome to me. Never heard of CMON, I'll have to check them out. Really nice on his skin areas, perfect color and detail.
  4. Thank you :) It was fairly easy to assemble Kaladrax. The wings were a nice tight fit before even glueing them. It was a bit tough at one point because the glue refused to dry on a leg and arm, but that seems to be the way superglue is. Probably my 3rd application the glue worked. Keeping him balanced was a challanged while waiting. Gaps here and there that I filled in too. It was actually tougher to paint due to the awkwardness of the figure. I like the hold the minis while painting and I kepted twisting, turning and flipping him while painting. At least I know the glue is holding well enough. I used the gorrilla super glue with the blue cap, works great.
  5. Thanks a bunch for the feedback and compliments. About my Magical Lava: I looked at some lava bases online and I went with a lava technique that I liked the end result look of AND I knew was within my capability with both the supplies I have on hand and my skill level. I wasn't trying to get perfect lava, just something people would recognize as lava. If you are looking at it and say "That Red Stuff Is Lava" or "A Skeletal Dragon is Surfin in Lava" then I am happy I meant for it to be sort of an underground lava pool sealed off by the rocks, not really something with a lot of flow. You are right Uber-Mensch. The colors were bright, but to my surprise the water making stuff dulled the bright yellow, red and orange...I didn't expect that. I tried some samples on paper of swirling the paint colors through the wet water stuff. My plan being to put a layer on top of the already dried water, but I could not get it to work as the paint would just diffuse througout the water. If somebody has a suggestion to a way I can maybe use the Woodland Scenics water effect kit to enhance it, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I painted Kaladrax 1st and sealed him without the throught of the lava base in my head at the time. Once I started on the base, I chickened out and didn't want to touch him with any more paint in case the base didn't work out or I wanted to create a new one in the future. He can still sort of stand alone. I also chickened out on the full wash. I can this close (pinching my fingers together) to washing him all in green, to possibly give him a full body glowing effect. Cool, the green in the eyes is much better looking in person. A much darker green inside the eyes and runs out of his nostrils and all inside his mouth. An actual eye could be interesting though.
  7. I have a gnoll all primed and ready to go at the moment, It is going to be tough to paint because I like yours a lot.
  8. I had a tough time taking photos of the Dragon. He is more of a grey color. I used Reapers Polished bone and washed him in a mix of that and black. First attempt at lava and I am happy with it. Hope you enjoy. :) EDIT : So, this was one of my 1st paints since I was around 8 years old and I completed and posted it earlier this year. Yeah, I chose a Giant Skeleton Dragon (mostly because of my love for the cover art for The Pillars of Pentegarn) The Lava Police subsequently came after me and it was upsetting at the time because I was so proud of my lava. A few months of looking at it and getting more experience....it started to bother me. I was pretty sure I could do better. Ripping the Dragon off of his previous base was an incredible feat do to the kind of glue I was told to use that was unforgiving concrete. I had to chisel him off the wood and he took chunks of wood with him. I got a horrible blister on my index finger from working that putty as it was hardening too. I didn't want to repaint the Dragon, as I said, he is one of my 1st paints and I still think I painted him extremely well despite me still being unable to capture him any better in the photos. I didn't want him with brown wash, so he is more gray and black. I left 3 old pics for comparison and for decent shots of the Necro. I hope you enjoy my new Possession of Kaladrax and maybe...just maybe, the Lava Police come back and say something nice (even though I still used glossy varnish :) )
  9. :) I practiced on a lot of plastic ones from a few board games and did a lot of reading around the net. I would never had thought to wash or drybrush on my own.
  10. Thanks! Yes I washed it in black, but I did not do any drybrushing or highlighting. When I tested drybrushing it would ruin the shine of the armor.
  11. My first glimpse I thought you dropped snow on the mini and snapped the shot while it was falling. Nicely done!
  12. How can you go wrong with a wizard holding a sword and a staff. That is the eqivalent to a couple of machine guns in realms of fantasy.
  13. Thanks, I was starting to think it may begin to upset me each time I looked at the staff. Very nice to hear. :)
  14. I haven't spoken to Snotlips in years. In college I was constantly told not to bring him to the frat parties,
  15. I found a good size stick in the backyard and used a Dremel in the most safe way possible, by holding the stick in my hand while boring a hole through it. I drilled on both sides until they met and then drilled a hole in the top. Then I painted the log with some browns and greens. Thank you very much :) Yes, I left the black base unpainted. Do people normally paint them? They were Malifaeux? bases 50mm. That is funny, I was telling my friend the other day that I actually like the basing part more than painting. I gotta paint just to get to the fun basing stuff! Thanks for the compliment. Bold is good. Medium gravel I think, it was from Michaels in a little bag. It may have been woodland scenics, but it was very close to the Galeforce 9 medium basing grit I saw in a hobby store. Thank you everybody. I don't have any friends who do this stuff. It is nice to know I am on the right track and others have fun looking at some of what I have worked hard to make! :)
  16. This was my first mini that I had fully painted and based. Making the log was a bunch of fun.
  17. Aw, it looks cool anyway. That's a very nice start, ML. People do get weird about eyes. I have wondered for a while if miniature eyes could work just solid black or brown, and it looks like yours do. Welcome and happy painting. I worked on unbending that sword for a long time. I didn't know his staff was bent too! lol. Well, a gnarled stick is a gnarled stick :) but thanks both of you.
  18. Thank you so much! I painted them about a month ago stripped them and then painted them again. I was so happy at first, but as I worked on other figures I started to become very unhappy with them. The hound went from a craft store orange spice color to reaper ice blue. I shunned the fancy paints at first, but they seem to really make a difference and are easier to use. I am working on dioramas for other figures I finished before these that I hope to post soon. I also practiced on a ton of plastic minis from board games.
  19. I am new to all of this. Reaper site, painting, basing....but it is a lot of fun so far. :) It is something I wanted to do since I was a kid, but never really understood how. I was petrified of ever starting again. I remember when I had gobbed model paint all over the grenadier figures my Pop got me. This seems to be a step up from those days. Also, I don't plan on doing eyes, I probably could, but I honestly don't care for the look of them on minis. Just a personal preference. I hope you enjoy my work as I have enjoyed everybody elses on here. :)
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