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  1. painted this for a friend, didn't feel like painting the goat as just a normal goat. Black Goat of the Woods kept coming to mind from Lovecraft, so that was sort of inspirational in a way.
  2. Prior to painting, I did not care for the figure I saw on the box. Turns out I just did not like the way the horns were positioned. It was weird, like his hair was slicked back. So I had them curve outward, looking a bit less than perfect and more menacing. Now I love his intimidating pose, no fear there. his Other than that, not painted terribly different from the box. If you want him to be a frost giant, this is probably what he is going to turn out looking like.
  3. I don't know, you are definitely a level above me with painting. If it was me I would just try and paint over it the same as the rest.
  4. Damn this is nice, just the red head is bothering me a bit. I feel like he is choking or having trouble breathing fire and maybe that is what you mean by cartoonish. Blending transition itself looks beautifully done and love the red wings with the green too. I just feel the head would have been more to my liking if it matched the green body.
  5. Lighting is hard to see, but looks good on the metal lid. I think it is because of the yellow background. Maybe just try using a more neutral color for your pics, a white piece of paper would work fine. Overall this is nicely done.
  6. Welcome! All your stuff looks really nice, especially for somebody just starting. You are already using some techniques like the lighting on the brain in the jar and using washes. A lot of new people just put on the base colors and call it a day. If you are looking for a small next step, try some highlighting to make him "pop." The red on the knight works, but try mixing a little orange and then run along the edges of the red areas. I agree too that the brain in the jar and this guy are your best so far.
  7. At first I thought it was a gelatinous cube waiting for him to fall and really liked that scene. Being a swamp is still nice, but I feel bad your fish didn't come out, would have liked to see that.
  8. Welcome to the Ma'al High Club! the thing is beast to hand paint and yours looks very cool
  9. Hard to take my eyes away from this one.
  10. I really like how you added that step. He is a much more dynamic and eye catching figure now. Love how he looks a bit off balance stepping down and carrying all that, like anybody would be. The leaves are a great addition too, the whole small scene really pulls me in.
  11. Would be nice to see some kind of box update, since the last two participators didn't post anything. Maybe some highlights of what you got in there.
  12. Has a Smooth Criminal lean to him, not sure if it is the picture angle or the bones plastic is bent that way. Overall nice paint job, exactly how I would picture him. I believe I have had this guy in a bag since the kickstarter, need to get to him and those other giants....someday...sigh.
  13. @pcktlnt box got sort of quiet I was really enjoying the pictures and traveling it was doing there for a bit.
  14. Freaked me out for a second because it was also at the end of the animation for me too and my brain was swearing it saw him move, but he just sat there still as can be. Ogre...jerk.
  15. I really like that skull on the end of the staff and how the teeth color is different from the rest of the bone. I usually just paint it all a bone color, but may try this out in the future.
  16. I have a friend that has been trying to get me to paint this for months now. Normally I don't refuse anything, but I just felt this one was too silly and not worth my time. After admiring this disgusting thing, I think I may take him up on his offer.
  17. Part of the deal in getting this mini was painting the witch with the goat for him. Just primed her today, so she will be coming soon.
  18. These plastic minis are one with the base and it was difficult thinking of something to do with it. I didn't want to cut the model from the base or partially bury the head of the serpent in some dirt. So I thought she could have some spell runes around her. Spell runes became spirals (due to not having much time left to spend on her,) added some gloss varnish on the floor and then it was on to the next mini.
  19. I'd be angry too if the Skeleton King just set up shop in the local tavern basement. :) Jokes aside, I really love this. The ring of blue magic around the paladin adds just enough color to enrich the scene. I just painted a character on a throne this year too, it isn't easy work and your model has more details on it too. Very cool.
  20. I don't play the game but some of the special guest minis are really cool looking. A friend bought the set to get another character and was just going to toss this one, no interest in it. I thought it looked neat and may fit right into another friends Asian campaign. Saved a mini from taking up space in the local landfill and have a nice gift being sent off to a buddy of mine soon.
  21. That name is a mouthful, think I got it right. I like the little bottles hanging around his chest, something about alchemists and potion masters that I always thought were really interesting.
  22. Love the base! The couple of friends I paint for would kill me if I did anything like that and I have been itching to do so. For some gaming purpose, they don't like anything based high up.
  23. FFG guy is an add on for the Descent board game, don't remember his exact name. Never heard of shadow forge, I got a handful of their models a while back from a friend. Never thought I would get to them so in the box they went.
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