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  1. Saw that too. Easier to convert a bit as well.
  2. I have base coated the aforementioned minis red cloaks and armor. Yesterday's panting time was eaten up getting a pc mini for a new d and d campaign done. Should have more wip pics soon
  3. I demand the black orc on page 87 of the savage north rulebook be made immediately. If this does not happen i will pout...
  4. That link you sent worked. Thanks for working on this.
  5. I dont get to that point. When it goes to load the. Php page nothing happens in either the base browser or dolphin browser. Click the download button, then nothing but a blank page and no dl happens. Only site i have seen this with and i dl a lot of pdfs
  6. I am running samsung galaxy with android 4.0.3 if that helps. Since i hadnt read any complaints on the forums i figured it must be a problem that only impacts a subset of mobile users. Thanks.
  7. Hi shane, i am not sure what your connection is to portal but since i do not post on wamp i will leave his here... are you guys aware that your download does not work with android devices? Or at least not mine and i have tried with multiple browsers. I do not read e mags on the big pc, but do all the time on my tabet. So i never read portal but would if it was convenient without having to transfer the file from my pc.
  8. I agree with doc bedlam. If you are looking for fantasy models african american is a pretty useless term without the social context of the modern world and points to specific cultural subgroup. Black is probably the simplest descriptor but also includes a huge collection of very different looking people.
  9. Okay, 7 Warriors, 4 Spearmen, Andras & Corvus all based and primed. The production line goes into full gear tomorrow. Matisse has been stripped of his old paintjob and I think he and the xbows will be the batch after this.
  10. Beautiful! So was this cheaper per pound than real crab meat? Such a great use of color.
  11. Also i like Tariq 14094. He makes for a great ethiopian and passible west african. Or he can be straight yul brynner or arabic. Someday i will get around to painting him! Edit: i see ann painted him with dark skin. Actually 14254 has great hair for a female and could be of any race. Pity she is a little too chain mail bikini.
  12. Hair is the only issue i can think of with using standard minis for african characters. Even at 25mm it is pretty clear that the hair on minis is of the straight variety. Beyond the zulu and tribal looks, North African moorish types are the only ones i have seen other than there being quite a few thuggish modern types. Unfortunately, demographic participation rates impact who is spending money on miniatures and what they buy.
  13. 1st stages done, as is the base (except the edge of the base). Overall feeling kindah meh. work still to go on the skirt, not loving the red.
  14. Any chance we can see it without the flare effect or whatever the filter is? I know I hate taking pictures!
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