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  1. I dont get to that point. When it goes to load the. Php page nothing happens in either the base browser or dolphin browser.


    Click the download button, then nothing but a blank page and no dl happens. Only site i have seen this with and i dl a lot of pdfs

  2. I am running samsung galaxy with android 4.0.3 if that helps. Since i hadnt read any complaints on the forums i figured it must be a problem that only impacts a subset of mobile users.



  3. Hi shane, i am not sure what your connection is to portal but since i do not post on wamp i will leave his here... are you guys aware that your download does not work with android devices? Or at least not mine and i have tried with multiple browsers. I do not read e mags on the big pc, but do all the time on my tabet. So i never read portal but would if it was convenient without having to transfer the file from my pc.

  4. I agree with doc bedlam. If you are looking for fantasy models african american is a pretty useless term without the social context of the modern world and points to specific cultural subgroup.


    Black is probably the simplest descriptor but also includes a huge collection of very different looking people.

  5. Also i like Tariq 14094. He makes for a great ethiopian and passible west african. Or he can be straight yul brynner or arabic. Someday i will get around to painting him!


    Edit: i see ann painted him with dark skin. Actually 14254 has great hair for a female and could be of any race. Pity she is a little too chain mail bikini.

  6. Hair is the only issue i can think of with using standard minis for african characters. Even at 25mm it is pretty clear that the hair on minis is of the straight variety. Beyond the zulu and tribal looks, North African moorish types are the only ones i have seen other than there being quite a few thuggish modern types.


    Unfortunately, demographic participation rates impact who is spending money on miniatures and what they buy.

  7. It looks good but there is a lot of blurriness in those photos so I can't see much detail (owl for example). Based on the eyes I'm guessing it is awesome but it looks like there is smoke/fog between the viewer and the miniature, is that a post process lighting effect causing that?

  8. Regarding prioritizing, definitely Matisse, Merack, the warriors, and the xbows first. I have never run an Onyx Legion list where I did not use those 4 models. They represent the bread and butter of your list (as they all take advantage of the WA and Doctrine synergies). After that, Spearmen would be next on the list to paint, IMO. They are cheap and fill the Reach support role. Finally, I'd do the Onyx Phalanx, Golem, and Elites last of the items from the active list. Then paint whatever is left over from your stock so that you can play with other builds (assuming you get some table time with them).




    Thanks again. I will start onthe warriors and try to get test subject done by saturday.

  9. So, based on the updates, here's a very playable Onyx Legion list using mostly the models you have (you'd need a warbride):


    Overlords - 1000 points


    Troop 1......


    ....You can certainly run the Onyx Legion a number of other ways, but to get best bang-for-the-buck in synergies, you'd need to acquire some of the less expensive Elites and Solos. This would allow you to force even higher numbers of Spies, and add Summonable solos to let you control your number of deployment cards and early initiative cards.




    Thanks for that post. It will be very helpful and right now prioritizes painting order. I may get the rulebook today (it's now in San Antonio, so it might get sent out to my side of the city) and will likely have some questions about the other models I might need before much longer.


    A couple of items...


    1. For your soldiers, you might try the dipping method....

    2. For the Onyx Golem, I am going ahead and suggesting something advanced if you have not been painting in a while, but suggesting it anyway because that model is just asking for it and will look awesome when finished. And that is... freehand... With thos big shoulder pads and panles...Here are just a couple of possible examples of what I mean (using warjacks as examples since they are very similar in size and style)











    Here is a great article by a guy that used some washes over metallics (scroll halfway down the page): http://blog.brushthralls.com/?s=pain


    And here are a few conversions i found in google search that look pretty cool even if the colors are not what you are wanting:






    Thanks! I'm going to paint these in a traditional fashion. But the subtle glyphs on the jacks look great. I may also steal some banners and pennants to decorate him up a bit - make him for warjackish if you will without the steamy bits.

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