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  1. I admit I am a sick man. But if I was allowed to watch only a) the normal audio, or b) the directors commentary I will choose b every time. I understand it is wrong. But really bad movies have been rescued for me by terrific commentary tracks and good movies have been ruined. Ex: Jersey Girl - I thought the movie sucked. The commentary with Kevin Smith and Jay Muse was frikken hilarious. Anchorman - pretty funny movie. commentary was pure crap and had nothing to do with the movie (basically actor/director just told school yard jokes. apparently will farell needs a script to be funny). Predator - Super awesome movie. Listening to the director try to remember the movie 15 years later was like listening to paint peel from a wall. It is quite amazing how someone who appears to have no interest in the story can create sometyhing that resonates with fans forever. LOTR Series: Love Jackson & the writers commentary. Cast commentary is abysmal and self serving filled with countless examples of arsekissing and mutual fondling. So a 50/50 for the commentary on a great series of films. I will not buy (and hate renting) a DVD without a commentary track. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they are just insightful, other times they can ruin the movie for me, or even rescue the movie. What does every one else think? Got any favorite commentaries? Am I alone? Am I crazy? Should I eat styrofoam? I don't know, but now to rent a movie i need four free hours rather than two.
  2. Cool things about old joes... Hair spray used to be flamable. Used to duct tape a bottle to that giant tank the joes had and melt barbies (and the side of the tank if the wind was bad). Several of the GI-Joe howitzer, cannons, could hold bottle rockets. If you threw them hard enough at a brick wall they would explode in 4 directions as the rubber bands gave way. Most kids I knew either ripped off Duke's arm or broke his crotch piece to make him "chicken legs" You could actually dent destro's head Cobra commander often was disfigured with either magic marker sunglasses or a happy face. Got any more?
  3. hmmmm.. Warbride may beat out Malek Blackmarrow as my favorite warlord scuplt... I'll be buying that one for sure.. and then we'll see for sure.
  4. I'm with the small joes rocked hard while the barbie joes blew mooseknuckle brigade... Seriosly, the little joes is where the bad guys came in, and the bad guys, AS IN ALL THINGS, are what makes stuff cool. Destro, Cobra Commander, Major Bludd, all hard core. I still have my Cobra A-10 clone. Vrrrrooooom.
  5. Try ye naught to decipher the overwhelming yet bloodless firepower of 1980s TV... I pity the fool who tries!
  6. This is just them giving out grants. No big deal really and has the potential to pay off huge but will likely fail miserably. Thats what grants are all about.
  7. Heh.. I scoped out Democratic Underground and Little Green Footballs when this story broke (psycho left wing nut jobs vs. psycho right wing nut jobs), and the reaction is funny. The right wing psychos (who read drudge on a moment by moment basis) figured it out pretty quickly and have hypothesized a) Some kid in texas being a smart arse, b) The terrorists are getting really desperate, c) some one hacked the terrorist site and did this to make fun of them, d) same, but to make AP/Reuters look bad. The left wing psychos are blaming... wait for it.... George Bush! Yup apparently the timing on this story tells them that it is a plot by the bush administration to distract attention away from the Gonzales proceedings. Funny Stuff. That said, MOST DU posters are not screaming conspiracy, only the real nutbars. Dammit I love you Americans and yer crazy system!
  8. hmmmm... and to think I went into academia assuming I couldn't be made redundant!
  9. From what I understand... Malvernis is a huge empire that supports (financially and with some troops) the Overlord faction in Taltos. AFAIK Ashcrypt is more interested in his interests than those of the empire. I finally get my Warlord rule book this week, so what I know is just based on what I've seen in these forums.
  10. hmmmm.. nice slave fodder for an overlord skirmish
  11. Absolutely love the paint job... hide looks so real... by far the best of the three you posted. Can't say I care for the sculpt... but you sure made it look as good as possible.
  12. Since I know I'm right I'll throw mine in.. the beep word is the f-bomb... from a true B movie classic... "What are you? A beepin' commie? I don't want no commies in my car... No Christians either."
  13. Anyone who scored lawful good... I'll offer you a job but you ain't coming to the staff party :)
  14. Chaotic Neutral 75 Neutral Evil 75 Lawful Evil 70 no good until 45% I think this test is biased against me! Grrrr.. if i ever get my hands on the creator of this travesty I'll rip his... D'oh!
  15. Hellboy was good. But perhaps only because I had zilch expectations on the way into that (other than Ron). So they do make the occasional decent hero flick, but in true hollywood style we just need a lot of bags of poop to throw at the wall to find some that will stick.
  16. I consider the lack of there being any dialog in the trailer quite disturbing as it reflects on acting quality.... I'm sure it will be a meh movie anyhow, but I'll rent it on DVD :)
  17. I got slightly drunk last night. Tonight I plan to get really drunk. Gotta love a Canadian winter.
  18. BunnyPuncher - I knew there was a reason I liked you. :) That and how can you go wrong with the nickname "Bunny Puncher"... it's so deliciously evil. Heh heh.. and they call me mad! mad!
  19. Your near reaper? consider yourself fortunate. I've been looking for an academic conference to write a paper for just so I have an excuse to go down and visit. Get in there bud!
  20. Since you are brand new... If you live in a major city, go to the local Games Workshop store and attend one of their little painting lessons. Most of the boys who work in these stores are meh painters, but they will be able to show you the basics (basecoat, drybrush, wash). Just bring a pointy stick to keep the agressive salespeople at bay and leave your wallet at home :) I think you will need a brush and a fig and the least.. and with GW, a fig you bought there.
  21. I paint for the zen. That and my love of killy-spikey-bigaxeweilding-psychotic-monstrosities. I just like the way minis fascilitate my imagination as I rampage through candyland crushing foes with my +6 doomhammer of smushing! That and I enjoy gaming with well painted minis.
  22. I just want an excuse to talk like an uppity brit in my gaming sessions... My GW orcs already let me talk like a dockside tavern dweller and my D&D dwarf let's me do my scottish accent. Lord have mercy if I ever get a hold of an Indian (asian) historical army! If you do victoria's cross (and you should) make sure you have a nice range of great powers. Love to play around with an Ottoman inspired steampunk/mech force.
  23. Considering you can have a homosexual relationship (or at least talk around it) and leave some poor girl crying at the altar it wouldn't surprise me. However, NWN has a brothel and a visit to the ladies/gents of the evening, so that may be what you are thinking about.
  24. Ooof.. should really read all the poll options instead of clicking at random... I would like to change my vote to Victoria's Cross... but maybe it is just that I'm painting up a warmachine steamjack right now... HG Wells / Verne inspired technology would be a blast (no pun intended!)
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