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  1. 2 votes for red and black huh? I have subsequently found ranthe, 1 more crossbow, another corvus, and 2 onyx phalanx. I have also found 14285 Taletia. I looked at the gaarity iron golem, yikes. Onyx golem will stay. I'll reposition his arms a bit and see how he looks. If i wasnt typing on my tablet i would reply in more depth. I hate typing on this thing!
  2. So I've decided to paint/repaint the Overlords army I bought to play Warlord version 1 many years ago. I have no idea how long this project will take or honestly, if I will even complete it. The boxes of unpainted WHFB in my closet indicates I'm not very good at army painting. That said, I will give this project my best shot and will certainly paint some of it Here is what I have: Troops 8 x 14360 Overlord Warrior 4 x 14413 Overlord Spear men 4 x 14400 Overlord Crossbowmen 1 x 14391 Onyx Phalanx Warlords 14267 General Matisse 14003 Ashcrypt Captains/Sergeants 14091 Corvus, Sergeant 14147 Andras, Captain 14283 Merack, Sergeant 14258 Count Lorenth, Captain 14283 Merack Casters/Heroes/Monsters 14127 Arik, mage 14004 Ymrilix the False, hero 14035 Balthon, cleric 14122 Onyx Golem Mounted 14177 Onyx Chevalier 14258 Count Lorenth, Captain Those are what I have in hand. My memory also tells me I own Ranthe Evangelist of Kardulus, Moraia Warbride of Kardulus, 3 more Onyx Phalanx, 1 more overlords warrior, 2 more crossbowmen, & Iks Sergeant. Whether these will be found or not is unknown. Main concern: army color. What oh what color do I paint all those robes? The overlords sure go to war in style don't they? In my mind's eye those robes are red, the armour is dark. Classic bad guy color, continues the war of blue (crusaders) and red, black and red look great together. Problem with red is of course - the pink & yellowish orange problem of painting in red. Not sure I need to put myself through that. Other possibilities: midnight blue (that could be pretty cool), royal purple (the challenge of Barney), dark green (what, defenders of the wilderness?), grey (wow that would be boring with all that armour). Any thoughts? Minor concern: Onyx Golem Perhaps the ultimate in "meh" sculpts. No idea what to do with this guy to make him awesome except replacing him with another mini or putting him on a towering base so everyone who sees him says "wow what an awesome rock!" and ignores the boring mini. Any thoughts? Very minor concern: Buy moar naow! Suggestions for future shopping list appreciated. My rulebook should be here on Friday or Monday so I will use that to see who I want to paint first when it comes to character/warlord/sergeant models. If history is any guide these guys are unlikely to ever take the field (they've only been in games I demoed back during 1st ed.) but this will be a fun project that only costs money I spent long ago. Wish me luck!
  3. To launch a new line, sure. For new minis in old lines, please no. I also concur with the above statement above re naked chicks and dragons. I really never need to see the octoberfest extra nekkid cheerleader special super edition sophie.
  4. I feel bad for gringing it up, even if pete feels good about bringing it up. So these are cardstock with plastic brackets? And I always thought Crazy Pete was showing off the nugget of gold he found. It was actually joy over finally passing that kidney stone........
  5. Those are cool. Put different mini in front of the outhouse next time lol. Great scenery for a shootout.
  6. Should also note, this thread finally convinced me to buy the 2nd ed rulebook.
  7. Good luckl i too would like to start playing warlord again. Finding people to play is the toughest part. As i get older my gaming circle shrinks. I keep hoping to see someone from san antonio write a post like yours so my reven can take the field. They havnt had a game in 5 years :-)
  8. So based on the origin of the reaper name (ed pugh vid 1) what is the correct pronunciation of the name of sku 50135?
  9. Sprue cutter for the excess, coping saw under the feet, clean with knife. I hate skinny legged minis because it is so hard to drill holes for basing.
  10. I like yours better than the first place one, but i'm in no way qualified to judge. Congrats
  11. Thanks to everyone who commented. For a 2d sculpt it holds up pretty well.
  12. After reading your very thoughtful and valuable post i would say you are eminantly qualified to critique. I will likely revisit this model in the next few weeks and take your suggestions re the gold to heart. I have pretty poor brush control when it comes to narrow linear features and i think that is why i allowed the crosses to retain so much gleam. Aftrr spending so much time on the blade i guess i mailed it in on the hilt. After reading your post i see how those colors do not fit the rest of the mini. Thank you very much.
  13. Some good, some bad. Could have done without the anime, vid games and tintin. For the b5 entry i would have chosen the brutal hyperion earth alliance cruiser. Looks like a flying sledgehammer. Also would have included the ship from silent running. Beautiful ship. Terrible movie.
  14. I hate to be a git and bump my own thread but i am curious to hear what people think of the metalwork. I hate the fact the cross on the axe? Is crooked but i couldnt get it to straighten more than that
  15. I think you have good eye for color and with reading theory and practice you will be quite a good painter. You just need to focus on some basic techniques. In general it is usually a mistake to use solid black or pure white on large portions of your mini. If you were to look at how gw players do their skellies you will see they usually do a dark brown base and work up to a bleached bone highlight (often drybrushed). Pure white would be used sparingly on the highest of highlights. Also, if you thin your paints you wont get such noticable brushmarks. Read the craft section of this site, they helped me tons.
  16. For small webpublisher they do good work. Whenever the new d&d group i will be joining starts up i will badger some of those guys try sobh so i can get a few opponents. I will be interested to see what an rpg from them will look like.
  17. I've been doing solo dungeon crawls with sogd expansion of this game and it has been a lot of fun. I too use all reaper minis except for some d&d plastics for mobs. I am using overlord models for heavy infantry, dhl character models and getting use of my giants ogres and bugbears. The main foe are the warlord orc band i have. I really like the simplicity and quick flow of the rules. What is really weird is that even against myself i feel like my heroes are getting all the bad rolls! This game is actually what got me back into painting minis. Nice vid!
  18. The second incarnation of Jonas Kane before he became a bad mama jamma flaming sword wielding scourge of the undead. This sculpt is Jonas Kane when he was still just bullying old women suspected of witchery. Armed with the venerable and ancient weapons, arms and iconography of his order, Jonas stands ready to avenge you should you be turned into a newt. Much happier with this mini compared to my last. Still need to knock of a lot of rust as things are still harder/slower than they should be and messier too. Overall pleased as I tried a few new (to me) things and while they didn't all turn out how I hoped I learned from the experience.
  19. Yeah but they wont send you any hobgoblins and elves with your order!
  20. Justice league unlimited. How sad is that? Love all the dc animated stuff.
  21. Thanks all. My next mini is progressing nicely and i think you will all be impressed with the improvementl it even has a real base. I picked up a small coping saw sat and broccoli was sliced!
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