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  1. Thanks for the support folks and it is nice to see other people doing things. Probably not something we talk about enough. I remember the CMON Katrina auctions and thought they were fantastic as well.
  2. Hi gang, hope you don't mind but I'd like to inform of of something we have going on up here in Nova Scotia, Canada. - Gelatinous Dudes: Gamers for Good - Press Release – October 24th, 2006 - Gelatinous greetings! Society tends to stereo-type us gamers as anti-social troglodytes. “Gamers” is the label for those of us who pursue what mainstream society would consider the more “geeky” hobbies (Role Playing Games, Miniature War Games, Sci Fi & Fantasy etc.) While we gamers know that is not the truth, it is the widely held perception. The Gelatinous Dudes want to help change that and demonstrate that gamers are just as concerned citizens as the next person. Our goal is to raise the visibility of gamers and games in our local community through charitable works and undo a bit of the negative reputation that we get - hence, the "Gamers for Good" part of our name. Our first charity program is an ongoing food drive for Feed Nova Scotia (our regional foodbank). We hold events several times per week and the price of admission is the donation of a non-perishable food item. In just over our first month of activity we have collected over eighty food items for donation to the food bank. Our goal is to provide a similarly sized donation on a monthly basis. The events we hold consist of weekly DCI sanctioned Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Tournaments, five D&D RPG campaigns, an Iron Heroes Campaign, Reaper Warlord events and an open gaming night. As our membership grows we hope to move into more games as well as develop additional charity programs. Our first “special event” is a sizable Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Blood War expansion release event on November 12th, 2006 which we expect to generate considerable donations. Perhaps you are wondering, who are the Gelatinous Dudes? Well, the Dudes are a bunch of guys and girls, from all over Nova Scotia, Canada, who come from varied backgrounds and have different day jobs but share a love of games. Some of us are academics, some business people, some students, some IT gurus, some athletes, and others parents. We are an independent, not-for profit association of concerned folks who like to have fun and help out others while we do it. Our website and forums can be found at http://www.gelatinousdudes.com . We hope to use this site as a resource for gamers and non-gamers alike, and as a place for gamers to meet other like-minded people in their area. One of the purposes of this press-release is to inspire others to be copy-cats and when possible combine their love of gaming with doing good works in their community. If you (or someone you know) are doing something similar we would love to hear about it! If you have any questions for us (or ideas on how we can be more helpful!) please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected].
  3. I think this is the best mini I've seen from you over the years. Great job!
  4. I use a stupid variety of inks. It is one crutch I have yet to move beyond. If you use inks, you need some form of dullcote as inks put the shin in shiny. That said. I love me ink!
  5. Monks are a core D&D PC class. That explains it for me :)
  6. I'll try to do a bit o' work on this pic due to the craptacular base... but I would like the big purple meanie to be considered!
  7. I would not mind participating, but I'd prefer to be able to paint what I want since the popular choices for reaper peeps tend to be elfy style chicks and I do not enjoy painting elfy style chicks (or elfy dudes for that matter).
  8. Can someone teach me to paint like that... please... Those are some lovely jobs in a style I really like. Kudos to the artist
  9. The black is big The red is stupidly big But they are very cool. I've avoided both but will probably fall prey to the Blue's assault on walletville.
  10. Supercool site... it gives me some pretty good radio to listen to... especially after you train it! http://www.pandora.com/
  11. To all, thank you for the kind words, and yes I am proud of this guy's "skin tones", only wish I'd had time to do some of the other parts of him to par. But since he's a "beater" who's going to see a lot of table top action I didn't want to put more than a few hours into him. Well, the first two steps are the same... 1/4 Bestial Brown + 3/4 Dwarf Flesh for the base coat Wash with brown ink I then go back and clean up areas that sucked up too much ink with the original base coat and lightly reink those areas as well. What I've personally found to be important in the highlighting is to use a suspension medium of some kind (I use 30% Future floor finish and 70% water or app 2/3 water). This lets you thin your paints a whole lot and avoid the chalky look I find you get with just water (the paint is full of pigment, rather just in blotches). I'd recommend reading the "let it flow" article on the reaper home page. With this mini I gradually highlighted from 1/8 Bestial 7/8 Dwarf Flesh to 50% Dwarf Flesh 50% Elf Flesh, with 5 steps on the flesh and 7 on the face. You might want to use an extender so you can keep "upping" the lightness without having to remix every step. It's really a simple process: just paint smaller and smaller areas as you go up the muscle towards the peaks. I find adding "streaks" across the biceps and large muscles helps create extra detail. Also, immediately after the basecoat I "save" my work like Anne using a quick spray of dullcote. I also save before messing with eyes. This lets you erase your mistakes :) Here is a larger model using the same technique which may be easier to follow... Hope that helps :)
  12. Thanks for the kind words. You can toss the big boy a vote on cmon. Cheers. http://www.coolminiornot.com/browse/submitter/BunnyPuncher
  13. It is something I've always meant to try... but the mess and money keep me well away from it... not to mention the time. Results sure are spectacular tho when they are finished.
  14. This is my PC mini for our very exciting and exuberant Iron Heroes Campaign run by a very good DM. I've been looking for a mini to use for my PC - Keigan Oldcastle - and ol' Vidor here turned out to be perfect. Looking forward to dropping this mini down when the party enters combat. Every time I paint a reaper I'm always appreciative of how painter friendly these models tend to be. This is really a pretty simple model, but there is lots of room to experiment on him. All feedback, praise, derision, and rotten tomotoes are, as always, appreciated. Cheers.
  15. Damn you Reaper.... How can I resist a mindflayer pirate... How can I? I can't. My poor gobby pirates are gonna workin overtime once that badboy hits the work desk!
  16. Crap... vinyl records might even work better and they are cheap cheap cheap (as in free usually) and you get more... might have test that.
  17. Of the shows that are on right now the only one I watch weekly is Deadwood. It is just awesome even if listing to Al does change my speech patterns for the next few hours.
  18. Wow... wan't sure what to expect when I clicked this thread, but wow. I'd buy it if was hanging from a peg!
  19. I like your style, your minis look like I would expect a fairy tale character to look like. When I paint I tend to side with the river trolls over the billy goats if you know what I mean. Yours look happy :)
  20. For hard science fiction I still think Frederick Pohl's "Tau Zero" is the best short novel ever written.
  21. Thanks... T'was a nice quiet day... I'm getting old enough that I want my B-days to slither by quietly! Cheers :)
  22. Consensus of the DDM repainters is that anything that will strip the paint will melt the plastic. No one has ever had any success stripping the paint afaik.
  23. I usually buy a "case" of boosters for each release (usually 12 boosters, 6 for the newest), play in the pre-release tournies (where I get 2 more boosters) and a few boosters every couple of weeks for a month or two after release. In this area I'm at the bottom end of the purchasing chain - several players in the area are collectors and buy 3-4 cases each release. As a result , I rarely buy singles because we have a crazy active trading community in these parts and you can almost always get the minis you want. Also the "power" pieces get expensive on ebay. I mainly collect the game because we have 8-10 who get together *every* week to play. I only really play 2 of the 4 factions so I just ditch all my good minis for evil ones
  24. Thanks for the feedback guys! After *much* experimentation I have finally settled on a method or "priming". These guys do not have as much detail as what I like to call "real minis" - Reapers for example - and as such I've found that my spray primers obscure the detail too much. Straight brush priming doesn't work either - the slick plastic just does not hold the paint. So now my method is... Trim mold lines (hardest part - these were not designed with painters in mind and are in awful locations) Wash with soap and water Dry Spray with Testors dull-cote Prime with a thin layer of paint or just start basecoating The dullcote does not block the detail like a spray primer does. After the mini is painted it's 2-3 shots of 'Ardcoat and another layer of dull-cote. Hope that helps. I was looking for a way to argue with you on this but I cannot In my defence I am not a collector, I just like the skirmish so I only hunt the power pieces and dont have the "gotta get em all" mentality. That said, I spend too much money on both DDM and Reaper products
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