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  1. Another repaint from the DDM line. THis time the lord of tyranny from Faerun - His holiness Lord Bane! These vinyl collectable guys are pretty fun to paint :)
  2. Make sure you post the formian, I want to do mine up too but have no idea where to begin so any help would be sweetness indeed. Just started painting up the new Mountain Troll & the old Aspect of Bane.
  3. Thought I would share these with you guys... The first in an Aspect of Hextor repaint from WoTC "D&D Miniatures" line of pre-painted plastic minis. For those who don't know these guys are made out of the standard flimsy vinyl most CMG minis are made of and are painted in china by either machines or peasants depending on who you chose to believe. I'm a big fan of the skirmish game (number 38 in the world rankings) and I occasionally like to repaint some of the few decent sculpts that come out. Here is an Aspect of Hextor, Greyhawk's god of Tyranny... The next bunch of pics is what I have so far painted of my Ogre army for WHFB. I really like the GW ogre plastics but havn't been able to look at them since painting this crew up over the winter. Introducing the Purple People Eaters! Ogre Bulls - Ghost Face Killah's Ogre Ironguts My one completed Leadbelcher Converted Ironguts (WIP) All comments & feedback appreciated.
  4. Good question, I never even checked the base size as I assumed he was intended to fit on the 50mm base that he came with (since his width takes most of it up!). Wouldn't mind an answer to this meself.
  5. He's up on CMON now... if you have the desire please gimme an honest vote... http://www.coolminiornot.com/browse/submitter/BunnyPuncher Cheers!
  6. The D20 RPG book is simply the nicest looking book I have ever seen. Or are you referring to the GoT strategy/boardgame?
  7. Chazz Elliot, while many of his sculpts are fragile, they are the most beautiful models. Extraordinary detail without all the Werner Klocke buckle fetish. That said, for the most part, all the new greens have been great for the most part. I've traditionally disliked Garrity's work, but her recent stuff is changing my mind in a hurry.
  8. My room mate wanted me to post this with a comic caption reading "I'm happy... AND IT MAKES ME MAD!!!", it really is a great mini that sums up every conanesque sterotype :)
  9. I'll post a pic of the oozeful lass upon completion and link it to this hare t'red from the show off forum... One last one... Arrrrrrrrr....
  10. Hrmmmm... That complicates things... arrrrr... now to find me a long haired zombie head! My Apologies to the good missus!
  11. Just looking through all the relatively new Razig's Revenge datacards and a thought struck me... Is Fergie Pynes not a wicked Pirate name??? It is more than a coincidence I thinks! It is karma of the highest order! I've decided to name one of my Zombies after this illustrious artist in his (oops.. her!) honour
  12. I agree, this guy was an experiment in the cartoon method but as always the Camera is a much less compasionate observer than the unaided human eye. As you suggest, better blending would have resulted in a far superior result!
  13. Thanks gang, I've passed along your encouragement to the boys and they think its cool that people they don't know are seeing their work!
  14. Will do. Not so much that I need them, but I paint in public at the FLGS so often it will be nice for people to see how they are supposed to look!
  15. It is uglyialy (hows that for a new word!) beautiful! Nice paint job and a charge from one table edge to the other...
  16. Gold Armour GW Tin Bitz base coat Valejo Brassy Brass Valejo Bright Bronze Valejo Polished Gold Steel GW Boltgun Metal - Chainmail - Mithril Silver Then 'Ard Coat & Testors Dull Cote
  17. I'll also be singing this as it goes well with purple satin :) Who's the purple Ogre Mage That's a castin' machine in Reaper's RAGE? Oog! Ya damn right! Who is the Ogre that would risk his neck For his brother Reven? Oog! Can you dig it? Who's the Krung Beast that won't cop out When there's danger all about? Oog! Right On! They say this wizard Oog is a bad mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I'm talkin' 'bout Oog. THEN WE CAN DIG IT! He's a complicated Ogre But no one understands him but his familiar Yagun Oog!
  18. Dungeons & Dragons. Ogre Magi are purple, Regular Ogres are tan. This way I get twice as much use out of him! Ignore this spike I see you in the other thread. *waves*
  19. Last one tonight I promise! This guy has a physique that superman would envy. He's a cartoonish mini and I took as far as I knew how in that direction. Looks pretty cruddy in the pics but he sure stands out at gaming distance.
  20. These are the few overlord models I have painted up. Most of my character models are in the basecoat only stage but these are what have been completed (except for Ymirlix, he's about 90% done). Enjoy!
  21. Here is the beginnings of what I hope one day soon shall be a mighty army of Orcish brutality. Just need some more warriors and to get that shaman painted. And all ready posted in his own thread...
  22. Does this mean that not everyone's Reds triad sucks like mine? I've almost thrown out the three bottles on several occasions as they turn out horridly "chalky". The other dozen or so paints I have are fine.
  23. First of what I hope to be many showoff posts over the next few days! Here is Yagun Oog, Ogre Mage for my Grand Reven army. He is indeed purple - do not adjust your monitor :) Why? A) Ogre Mages in D&D are purple = twice the usage! B) Everything else in my army is green :) C) Purple is fun! Hope you enjoy him - he was tons of fun to paint. Base is simple because I hate when things fall off while playing.. but I know I'll fix it up before too long!
  24. I guess I should also mention I'm in Canada and our distributor is Lion Rampant... no idea if that has any impact on where stuff is packaged.
  25. Well, We did our first paint n' take session down in these parts yesterday (or "up" in these parts for most of you!) at Allgoods Comics & Curiosities in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. For most of these kids this was the first time they had ever painted anything other than WH40K plastics and I (and they) were impressed by the differences in detail. I dug deep into the massive unpainted pewter pile I have and brought them a wide selection of minis to paint. However, being 10 - 13 year old boys they inevitably ignored the lovely elves and went straight for the big uglies... This one is from Andrew, and is the second mini this young fellow has painted... he's got some natural talent... This was done by Joseph, who has only been painting for two months (and only on the weekends!)... This one is from Allan, who has been painting for just over a month and is already a solid tabletop quality painter. Very interested in the craft and does his own online research to improve his skills... And finally we have the big bad ork dex - he of the creative basing and vivd imagination. There was also one of the elders along for the paint n' take but he really took his time on T'kay (and it looks great!) and was not ready for the photo shoot. Fun was had, a few converts in the making, and I got rid of some stuff I would never have painted! Cheers.
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