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  1. Just curious if this is a "my problem only" issue or a wider one... So far I've purchased 4 warlord cavalry models and have yet to receive the proper base size... 1. Onyx Chevalier - Pewter 50mm base 2. Lorenth - Pewter 50mm base 3. Deathrider - No base 4. Gadrun - 40mm Monster Base No big deal as I've a bag of Evil Empire cavalry bases sitting in the hobby room but potentially confusing to noobies. What concerns me here is the cost to reaper, a plastic cavalry base has to be cheaper to package and ship than those lovely heavy 50mm pewter bases.
  2. That's my favorite part of their mag. Seriously its a good read all through... and I enjoy the fact I can abuse my work printer for reading :)
  3. The cards do suck. So I don't use them. For demos I use the online cards, slap them and the spells, magic item and upgrade cards beside the figs and get about a page per unit if there are lots of items, or two units if few. The cards (except the stats) get shrunk down to about 1/4 size but are readily legible. Print in full color and you have the most arse kickingest roster sheet I have ever seen. I then put them in Sheet Protectors and reuse for every game. Ink costs more in the long run than ordering all the data cards but the shoddiness of the card keeps me from using it anyhow. The only thing I dislike is how often there are no data cards in the blister when I & others order them. Not so much for me as for the PITA factor for new people I am trying to get excited about the game. Yes they could get them from Reaper, but its annoying. Just keep making everything available online and I will be one happy little smurf. Everyone around my parts loves the online abailability. I hope they don't die when all the faction books are released.
  4. Let thy voices be heard... http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/ Poll is down a little bit on the right hand side. I also like this site, as it lets me do no work and still get me info.
  5. Oh yeah.. I would also like to put a shout out to other Canadian Warlord players to let me know how the game is doing in their regions of the country. I've noticed our region hasn't seen any action in a while. Also all general comments are appreciated...
  6. Warlord appears to be your game. I also come from a hero hammer background (see avatar) and warlord is a refreshing change. With the damage tracks and the subsequent reductions in DV, grunts can take em down. So yeah... no Blood Dragan one man armies in this game as far as I can see so far :) PS... welcome to the reaper boards
  7. Hello Folks, I ran my first two Warlord demos as a BL member on Sunday and Monday night at Allgoods Comics and Curiosities in Halifax, NS Canada ( http://www.allgoods.ca ). As far as I am aware this is the first time the game has been demo'd down here in these parts, and they are quite likely the first Warlord games played in Nova Scotia at a gaming store. If I'm wrong about that I hope people would come out of the woodwork and let me know as I'd love to meet more Warlord players! The demos (and the distribution of information) have created a bit of buzz & excitement for the game in the store and it looks like a handful of people are going to be playing it - we've got people interested in Overlords, nefskofar, Reptus, Crusaders & Dwarves. This along with the 4 armies I'll have completed in a few months (Overlords are good to go, Reven need more grunts, Necropolis - Reptus - need major work) will hopefully result in a strong tournament and campaign league. This game is a lot less "work" than the major alternative games around here (GW) and people like that. Well on to the pics... Sunday evening... This is me on the left (mild mannered PhD student by day, pewter geek by night), and the great Sunray who has played most of the games in the world to the right. He is a gamer's gamer. This is the three of us at the sunday night demo. Bonelock is to the far right. I'm pooped at this point (10:30ish), I'd spent from noon to five teaching kids to paint and warlord demo after (note to self - drink more coffee) Here is the crew from the Monday Demo.. Far left - Jeff - new gamer - and no alias on our message board Middle Front - Sunray returns! Middle Back - Tem (who learns how to kick your mangy buttocks very quickly when he picks up a new game - grrrrrr) Far Right - Zuran Alda - DM extraordinaire - he also has the dubious distiction of being one of my room mates The store owner, my very good friend and the creator of the allgoods magic... The Prince of Hollis... On to the Action Shots!!! You might find the armies fielded odd for a demo event, but most of my attendees were oldschool gamers and I thought they'd adapt well. Reven vs. Overlords... Thanks for viewing! You can check out the Allgoods message board - http://www.allgoods.ca/MB to see what all the folks in these pics are up to! And if you are in the area, please get in touch with me if you are interested in Warlord either here at the Reaper boards or at the Allgoods boards! Cheers!
  8. Non Metallic Metal... using non-metallic paints to simulate the metallic effect. Think confrontation minis or the stuff Ann(e) does for Reaper in the painted showcase.
  9. I've been wanting to see this bad boy painted up. While I was planning on letting my buddy play Matisse's Overlord faction (I have ashcrypt) I think you just made reaper an extra few bucks as I must own this bad arse mafalafa! Great work!
  10. Hmm not sure I like this, I consider myself to be pretty smart. But if wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak I guess. You are Jayne Cobb (Mercenary) Jayne Cobb (Mercenary) 75% Malcolm Reynolds (Captain) 55% Alliance 50% Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic) 50% Wash (Ship Pilot) 45% Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command) 40% River (Stowaway) 30% Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic) 25% A Reaver (Cannibal) 15% Derrial Book (Shepherd) 15% Inara Serra (Companion) 15% Although you can be a good fighter and good at protecting others you are not very bright sometimes.
  11. I'll play too... here is one of the first minis I painted when I got back into the hobby three years ago... Long since dipped & stripped but the digital memory of the glossy Malvy lives on...
  12. I've got a sizable reaper order going in soon at my FLGS and I'm wondering what General Matisse looks like. If he's da shizzle I want to add him to my order. Have we see a green of this guy or any other photos yet?
  13. As haldir said in the previous post, his stance is quite wide. It's shaped like "<" but if memory serves you've some cutting to do to get down to 3x3. Getting ready for War of the Dragon Queen in July? :)
  14. The Collossal can get real big. I'm using one for a Tomb Kings army and had to get him onto a 50mm base (fun fun fun). Also I had to ensure his right hand sword was above the height of a warhammer unit. As a result my BG is now about 1" taller than he was out of the package. It is one sweet model!
  15. Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor. Those things are incredible!
  16. http://www.allgoods.ca (Just click "online store" in the top menu) Pretty good Reaper Inventory (146 different sku's at the moment) & many other companies (GW - discounted by 27%, Rackham etc.) For some reason the Reaper Category is a seprate one called "Reaper Miniatures" and not a sub folder like all the others (in the "Miniature Games" section) What they don't have they can get This is my FLGS and they are a solid crew (And we have one of the few shop-based message forums I have ever seen that is heavily used - so if you have any questions or want to get a feel for the shop browse it).
  17. Thanks for the advice and links gents. I may swing by Chapters (The Canadian Big Box Bookstore) tonight and see if I cannot find one of those huge $19.99 Egyptian history coffee table books with lots of glossy pictures. Since it is for WHFB I am not as concerned about historical accuracy as I would be for a "real" egyptian army. But I will do a bit of research and figure out a theme and then come back and ask more questions :)
  18. I'm working on building up a Tomb Kings army and I'm using Reaper's supercool Colossal Skeletal Warrior... http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...?productid=2540 as my army centerpiece. I've squeezed him onto a 50mm base (that was fun!) and I'm preparing to egyptian him up a bit more. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and am looking for pics / advice. I have lots of khemri bits from 2 units of skellies and the battallion box. Cheers.
  19. This feller here... its lashes not a flail (my bad)... but he's a purty sculpt. And thanks for the link!
  20. Okay.. there is one I want to know just need to find out what the damn thing is called (Ogre with I think a three headed flail wearing a tunic... looking more civilized than most). As soon as I find out what he's called I'll drop a line here or pm.
  21. Thanks. I thought about doing the handle a lighter color, but I let "reality" influence my color choice. In the "Real World" the only wood I could think of that would hold that axe head and be useful in combat would be an oak. The "bark" is still on the tree so I went with what I remembered of oak trees :) But from a visual point of view I think you are absolutely correct. Part of my pay for this guy was a second ogre merc. model still in the orig. packaging. When I paint up that bad boy I'm going to do his vest dark grey / black and his Axe handle in a lighter (ash perhaps) wood. So if you guys have any more suggestions for improvements let me know, as I'll bookmark this page and use it for next time around.
  22. Thanks. Iirc wizards used to have this up and still available through a backdoor so I'll try to find it again. Cheers.
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