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  1. It is a boofull mini! You did a great job on the skin tones and made this guy look sinister!
  2. Thanks! Chainmail was so hit & miss it was silly. It was unfortunate that they never got their sh-tuff together because some of the large figs are some of my favorite large monsters that are out there (Ettin Trooper, Ogre Merc, Another Ogre with multi-headed flail) Anyone know how one would find out who sculpted which minis for Chainmail, its tough to tell from the photos how the sculpts are (I thought the photo on the back of the Ogre Mercenary box looked terrible for example) and I'd like to pick up some more of the nice stuff.
  3. He's almost as big as he is in the pictures, the top one on the right is pretty close to RL size. He's tall, and his wingspan when you include the axe is huge. Likely the reason the hilighting on this guy looks so good in the pictures - there's no pic blowup to show you whether or not my highlighting and layering is smooth or not lol ::D: EDIT: Assuming your monitor res is the same as mine *sigh* I'm kind of dumb some times - 1024x768 - 17" monitor. dumb dumb dumb lol Oh.. and if you feel up to it, give him a vote at my CMON gallery :P (You can also see my historical progress as a painter - I'm getting better and its 99% due to these forums imho - Most people here are so much better it is inspiring!) http://www.coolminiornot.com/browse/submitter/BunnyPuncher
  4. Thanks for the kind words. The metallics are all metallic paints. I try however use alot of NMM theory when doing metallics (color gradation) but I'm not in any way ready to abandon metallic paints. I think its a combination of a) me being a stubborn fool, b) I like metallics because I like ink washing them, c) there is no one in my area to give me a "hands on" NMM tutorial, and d) fear :) He was fun to paint this big lug even if I did drop him half a dozen times while painting him (I painted him at my local FLGS during a painting tutorial for the kiddies and didn't have the usual stuff to hold him with).
  5. My painting of OOP Chainmail models for one of my clients goes on. This guy was fun to paint, but damn I wish I had of painted his vest black/grey rather than brown. Cheers.
  6. http://www.displacedminiatures.com/BunnyPu.../galleries.aspx is my gallery at displaced miniatures... I really like the way this guy has things set up. You can get your own free webspace from the DM main page.
  7. Despite the quality of some of the chainmail stuff I am rapidly accumlating quite a bit of the models. Can't quite peg what I like about them but it might be they feel a bit "bridging" when it comes to design: modern 3-D poses with old RP artistic influence. Can't figure it out tbh, but I do love the faces on their biggun minis! But after painting an entire space marine army, anything looks good ;)
  8. Thanks for the feedback gang... I kinda agree about the sculpt, between the turned in axe (wtf is up with that?), to the saucerlike head, to the static pose it certainly has some weaknesses. I do like the "gremlin" face however, and that is where I have found chainmail minis to be fantastic. Their sculptors really paid attention to facial features (perhaps to the loss of the rest of the mini). In any event, they grey turned out better than expected - other than one practice piece this was the first time for grey skin. I still don't think this is a mino tho... its like a yeti that grew horns. P.S. I hate the original sculpt :)
  9. This mini screamed "yeti" to me so I did him up in a winter theme. Grey was by the customer request. Still have not gotten this "photography" thing down at all, as even when I shrink it to 1:1 the picture looks nothing like the mini. This is a WOTC Chainmail model from the second set: "Crazed Minotaur Cultist" I think he'll be making an appearance in a D&D campaign soon from what I understand. Customer takes delivery tomorrow so I hope he is happy!
  10. I like it. Fun and simple while allowing tactical complexity. Not for the napoleonics crowd, but for the casual gamers it is quite a hoot. Infantry is weak, but they can proove devilishly hard to destroy if they are in cover. Armies are a bit limited at the moment, but overall the game is a lot of fun. I run a Triple-Sherman US army at 100 points which allows for 30 odd points of jeeps and infantry.
  11. Player SPLIT G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB BA OBP SLG Ortiz - Season 159 600 118 179 40 1 47 147 1 .298 .395 .603 A-Rod- Season 162 605 124 194 29 1 48 130 21 .321 .421 .610 Not a whole lot to differentiate the players at all. A-Rod hit for average but Ortiz drove more in. With the Bo-Sox getting into the play-offs as well I personally would be unable to choose between them without bias.
  12. Saw it last night... Loved it personally... Jayne & Mal had lots of funny lines... The Reaver ships were super cool to a 40K Space Ork fan... Bad guy was cool... especially his introduction... Liked how mean Mal was for the first half. Did not like the Reaver "Welcome to the Zombie Flick" mystery. It is a mystery that should have stayed in place, Reavers were much more threatening when you did not know why they were crazy. But it was good. Highly recommended.
  13. I say yes. Because MVPs are always chosen on the basis of offensive power alone. So a DH should qualify. And to all you lousy haters.... Go Yankees!
  14. Is it just me or is Chaz Elliot really going to town on bases of the reptus recently? I hope the bases make it to the production run because I like the fancy stuff... Reptus are just getting to cool to not own every single one of them!
  15. Armour on Baragond absosmurfly amazing... I really wished I lived close enough to some of you guys so I could learn to do that!
  16. Heh.. thanks.. i'll pass on the word to the old man... its a bit of a drive to get them up to him but if I can get him trained properly it saves me from having to learn how to do it. The Ettin is just under 2 1/2" (6.5cm) tall from bottom of foot (not base) to top of head (the left head from our perspective) and from foot to raised fist he is just under 3" (7.0cm). Pity they are oop because it was a really fun model to paint.
  17. Thanks guys... The Cryx Bonejack (the robot thingy) is about 15 layers of washes of black & brown ink applied by instinct (not over the entire carapace but areas) over boltgun metal to chainmail highlights. I'm pretty pleased how he turned out.
  18. It's been a few months since I've posted in the showoff forums but I'll make up for it here tonight.. I had my dad take the photos, now that he's retired he plays photographer at weddings and such and I wanted to see how he photo'd minis. He took some artistic license as you can see. I'm going to build him one of those diffuse light boxes with the normal fade back drop, but he sure had a fun time crawling through the grass as he took my miniatures onto the field, literally. Here is an Ettin from the old WOTC Chainmail series, from many positions! Customary Reaper Board Booty Shot! Standard Gib Dub Space Ork Warboss... The Artistic Shots! Are you afraid of the dark? You'd better be as monsters are afoot! Cryx Bonejack I gonna eat you!! I'll get some better pictures up eventually, but I thought I'd share my dad's adventures with minis sunday with you all!
  19. This is easy... Mind Flayer all the way! 1) You have cool tentacles 2) You get all the brain sucking fun of being a zombie without the whole rotting thing 3) Telepathy - Go on tour as a hypnotist or a televangelist. Mind Flayers are never out of work. 4) Slender athletic figure 5) Damn fine fashion sense for a being that lives underground. You have to admit those robes are pretty sweet. 6) Low to Mid level adventurers wet themselves when they see you 7) Dude - you are purple! 8) Cooler than Dr. Zoidburg 9) You can make hook horrors carve you tunnels 10) Your food walks itself over to you! Beholder would be the next best thing. No one can sneak up on you.
  20. Jooc, when running the game do you add tiles as the party moves through the dungeon (only putting down what they see) or do you let them see the layout of the entire dungeon? Either way it is a wicked cool setup...
  21. I love painting green skin... From Kermit the frog to Khong-To the Warlord
  22. I'm also a patron of using future as flow improver (diluted). It is also a rock hard gloss coat but like all gloss coats.. looks like buttocks.
  23. All Reaper can do is publish a MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price). So yes what they are doing is legal, but likely just bad business (or they are in an industry with high markups). That brings up another thing however.... How can every store sell GW products for exactly the same price? :)
  24. Nice thing about the WOTC D&D minis is that you can often get your money back or more by selling the single rare you get in the booster. But yeah... they are called "plasti-crack" for a reason. Fun game tho :)
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