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  1. Go Go Grand Inquisitor Go! He's too mean to die.
  2. going into "C" to loot is not a bug afaik.. it is as they say in marketing... a feature...
  3. hmmmm... Quite a few of my favorite movies have been mentioned by others in this thread.... so my picks are probably useless to you all.... Worst Movies Ever Solaris - The newer George Clooney one - wooOOooo.. look how deep and philosophical of a director I am.... wooOoooOooo... you keep watching this boring crap because you know it is pretentious... WoooOOooOoooOoOo.... Why doesn't something with sharp teeth and claws come along and decapitate the entire goddom cast!!!! Eyes Wide Shut - Even nipples get boring after a while. Ready to Rumble - I like wrestling. I like bad movies. I like cheesy dialog. This movie made me want to kill everyone in it. Quite possibly the worst cross-promotional marketing effort of all time. King of the Kick Boxers - I really like this movie. It has Billy Blanks in it and some good martial arts. It also has the worst acting in the history of kung-fu movies. Bad enough plot/character/dialog to be the worst movie i ever paid money for. I stilll like it though. Blair Witch / The Grudge - Not original picks... but yeah... not scary... at all... I'm thinking city folks find the woods and pale skinned children scary... I'd put the Ring down here too... but frankly... that pale kid scared the bejezus out of me... Bunny "I've seen Event Horizon 100 times and think you are all nuts"Puncher
  4. More green goodness (or badness if you have a problem with dining on human flesh)!!!! I'm very geeked... Hopefully I can get these and get em painted in time for my second warlord demo...
  5. Update: Allgoods will begin stocking RMS Paints on a regular basis. If anyone is in the Halifax, NS area I'd encourage you to drop by the store. Cheers.
  6. Hmmmm... very tough... no order... This list excludes all the "local" cultural songs and artists so isn't really a list of my favorites i guess.... But these are the 5 songs I will immediately stop whatever I am doing and groove too... Walk Like an Egyptian - Bangals Time Stand Still - Rush Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener - Black Sabbath It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones I Got the Feelin' - James Brown And an honorable mention would have to go to.... Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Neil Diamond Spoonfull - Willie Dixon Breathless - The Coors 2112 - Rush Hatework - Morbid Angel Don't Believe the Hype - Public Enemy
  7. Talked to Warren tonight (Allgoods on Hollis St.) and he says he can get Reaper MS paints no problemo... It'll be about a weeks wait upon ordering.
  8. Welcome fellow Bluenoser! At this time there is *no* store in NS that I am aware of (Truro to Halifax) that stocks Reaper Master Series paints... Warren @ Allgoods has the older line and is currently looking to start stocking RMS or Valejo paints so if you aggravate him he may be able to start carrying them or get some on order. ( http://www.allgoods.ca ). Sheldon at Odyssey 2000 deals with reaper (occasionally) but carries valejo, and Paul(?) at Mirror Universe (Dartmouth) carries reaper minis (and orders regularly) but has citadel paints. But the easiest way to get them is to order online from the Reaper Store. Otherwise bug Warren. If you are interested in networking online with some local gamers (and genuinely okay guys) join the forum at http://www.allgoods.ca/chat (hmmmm... guess i've pimped my FLGS enough for one message) Cheers
  9. I love gamer humour and this clip is a goody... little joke take off of "Cops" meets D&D... not sure if it's been posted here or not but worth 2 minutes of your time... http://www.wimp.com/nut/
  10. I know it sounds terrible... but I really wish someone would invade Japan so we could see the secret high tech stuff they have... I wonder what would pop out of the hidden bunkers in that event... Mecha-madness...
  11. Some one just did this.... He followed the same diet rules as the SuperSize Me guy did but he began an exercise program at the same time. He ended up losing like 17 lbs... I think it was a University prof out west... can't find a link but it was on the news last week. (Canada) EDIT: found one! http://www.cbc.ca/story/science/national/2...alds050301.html (It was a school teacher not a prof)
  12. Considering they have it at Leno's Convenience Store in the booming metropolis of Elmsdale Nova Scotia I feel fairly confident it will be available at Blockbuster!
  13. As a quick fix I'd drop a dark green wash on the orc flesh and a black ink wash on the metal.
  14. The difficulty with a football game is... 1) It is a very small niche market 2) That small market is rightfully dominated by one of the best and most playable table top miniatures games of all time: Blood Bowl 3) That small market can barely sustain Blood Bowl as an economic concern (see the saga of GW SG). That said, I would love to see some "Blood Bowl" models from Reaper (like in DHL or something) but I think a rules set is a waste of time. I may be biased though... I play over 200 online games of Blood Bowl a year and about 20 table top games a year. I'm sure there are some who think a better rules system is possible.
  15. From a fluff perspective I really like the Overlords and once I can get a few more minis painted they will be army number 1. Reptus are my second favorite, but unplayable atm without a significant outlay of cash / models. Reven are my only fieldable army atm and I also really enjoy them.
  16. I think I've seen her in a KFC commercial too!
  17. I'm finally back on the weight lifting regimen (for a few months now) after a few years of slothfulness... it is amazing how quickly your muscles rebound after not having done it for a while... damn biceps are starting to look like a pregnant woman's belly but that always happens when I first start lifting (marks in other words.) Be careful who you take advice from though... how you should work out depends on what you are trying to accomplish... and as above.. ignore those supplements... unless your looking for a diuretic to strip off that last lbs of water prior to entering a bb contest (in which case you should probably question how healthy the competitive lifestyle is.) My only advice really is if you are not in it for the "body building" aspect but rather on overall health would be to focus on the big muscles first (chest, back, legs, belly) as you'll be training your arms/forearms/shoulders to a large extent while doing these routines. EDIT: and aerobics should be part of the mix *groan* jeepers I hate aerobics... but it does increase endurance (which means you can lift longer.. moooahahahahahhaahhahaha)
  18. The thing that strikes me most about your work (posted here) is the incredible depth you get off of your minis. These look to me like they should be 48mm or 96mm statuettes as opposed to 28mm figs. I have no idea how you do it, but damn... keep doing it!
  19. Oi! Dem are some bad lookin orcs! I really like em a lot. Female Ogre shaman is awesome too.
  20. Boo! I havn't even opened the blister yet and I've already lost this contest! Veddy nice work for a quickie!
  21. Good. That means I can prime her Friday pre-pub while I'm having my warm up drinks and not worry about the time :D
  22. Selwyn purchased (I'm so quick) and at a nice discount from my FLGS when I told the owner it was for a contest ( http://www.allgoods.ca ). So support your FLGS! So does the 4 hours start when I crack the package? Or is gluing / priming time exempt from the 4 hours? I got my first ever Mini with Card from this blister too.. so double cool... Cheers.
  23. I've been ignoring this thread but since there is still time left I may just decide to join in... I'll see if I can't pick up a "selwyn" this afternoon and have her for the weekend. If I can't find one I'll do the crusader female and feel like a gimp instead :)
  24. While I'm sure i'll get corrected by one of our resident experts (hopefully) I think it is in fact heading in the opposite direction from "hip hop" and refers to an archaic form of the word wild from Middle English usage. Edit: google seems to agree with my hypothesis... I had guessed "Old English" so I fixed that in the post above.
  25. /me cackles like a 18th century hat maker while drinking out of a roman amphora mmmm... can't wait for the "Now with added Uranium" flavor
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