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  1. Just picked up Andras and the new overlord grunt pack (Reaper's January releases) needless to say.. no datacards... Those are the newest models reaper has released for warlord. If RAFM is doing the packaging up here (I have not seen this confirmed nor denied, but they are on the back of the blister) is it just that they don't know to put in the datacards / have not been sent the datacards?
  2. Time for a Homer in Australia quote! meh.. i guess its sorta big...
  3. What is the release date after which all *new* figures were shipped with data cards?
  4. When I was 10 years old I walked into my first gaming store (no idea what it was called, but it was in Toronto Eaton's Centre circa 1985)... saw these hunks of lead sculpted into the coolest damn monsters I had ever seen. Spent my enitre monthly paper work earnings right then and there. My dad looked at them when I got home and said "Don't chew on them!" and bought me some Testor's model paints the next day from the general store on the base. I don't think mom ever figured out what they were made from... good thing too! I've been puttering around with lead, and then pewter, ever since.
  5. I have yet to see a datacard with a miniature... including all the ones that came out after the datacards were available on-line... Is it a Canadian thing thats the problem here?
  6. Why I love Reaper and will continue to be a pewterholic with a propensity for buying from Reaper first. *Gives a standing ovation to Reaper*
  7. Hee hee.. much better than my speed painting practice mini! But both had big axes :)
  8. It'd be real nice to see the new minis coming with their cards tho'... I hope this is in the works... nuff obstacles as is...
  9. The best part of painting this mini was eating the flash... mmm.. lead... pure... toxic... lead... Thanks for the feedback [email protected] Back to slow painting now!
  10. Yeah but it is from the same movie Nurse Murch (sp) was awe inspiringly ugly in that flick :)
  11. I've never done a *rush* job on a mini before so I decided to see what I could do in under two hours. This little experimental mini only took about an hour and a half from the basecoat to the dull-cote. I picked this particular mini for practice in shading black and red. Tiny tiny mini. Forget how small the ol' 25mm models are until you paint one. Technique wise quite happy. Piff Poor color selection on the browns tho. The white speck on the axe in the frontal shot is a bit of lint from the scanner glass. Me too lazy to go redo now (this is the same reason the pics are small... i had someone else scan them in this time!) I should also add this is the first mini I've painted using W&N 7 series brush. Soooo sweet! Cheers.
  12. I went out partying last night and there was no NHL. I come to sober and lo' and behold the chance for hockey. I wake up this morning and head home and everyone I run into (coffee shops etc.) is wagging their tongues about this, so much for not caring (77% of candadians said they didnt care in a recent poll). We Canadians have had our bluff called :)
  13. I punch rabbits... actually... just a b-net nick... was gonna be RabbitPuncher (y'know.. good ol' kidney shot) but BunnyPuncher seemed a) cuter, b) crueler, and c) more perverse. And now I am known as Bunny or BP all over the internet :) It's even spread into RL, as the local hobby shop i support has a message board. It's a funny reaction when customers see a 6'1 240lb man referred to as "Bunny"
  14. Personally I'm glad a pro-sports league is having this happen. Support your local sports teams, be active in your community, and keep your money there. Still waiting for baseball to come crashing down so I can see it revitalized as a grassroots movement. I'd rather chill out in a nice grass park with 500 people I know (or a death-trap rink that sells coffee for $.50 in a styrofoam cup) watching players who really are the "home team" than a bunch of media created stars in a mega-complex with no soul or real ties to the community. Cheers. One Canadian that is happy with no NHL.
  15. A bit like having a urinal in your bathroom - who cares what it looks like if it works. But just like the urinal.. it would be for bachelors only :)
  16. Damn... glad my parents never grounded me for getting an "80" That's like an A- isn't it? Heck, my HS graduating average was like an 82 and I'm in a PhD program now. While I'm not judging (bah.. of course I am, it is what people do) has an "80" changed in meaning since the late 1980's?
  17. Hmmm... My poor cat. Sorry kitty, you must sacrifice a whisker to the greater glory of my reven horde!
  18. 2/3 aren't bad. The one with the clenched fist looks dorky. May be "accurate" (though I have to say in all my years of bow hunting I don't think I've ever looked like that) but from a style pov they are a bit of a let down. First CE sculpts I've seen that I am not ecstatic about tbh. I'll see what the future holds, but looks like me having a reptus army is in doubt (so that brings me down to reven, overlords, dwarves, crusaders, so still lots to collect). Oh well. It will save me money... and that is a good thing :) EDIT: CE is still da man! (and I like how he comes to chat with us after releasing the greens. I hope reaper peeps appreciate how cool this is!) EDIT II: yes I am impossible to please. I remember complaining to chaz that he stop wasting his time on the dark maiden (which is a cool sculpt) and get us those reptus archers! Bah! who am I kidding. I'll but these dang reptus archers anyhow (besides, picture on website always diff than mini in hand).
  19. not going to buy any more big minis... got like five still in the packaging and will likely never get around to painting them.
  20. A lonely Valentine's day for me. Which is good cuz I'd rather watch WWF than go out :D
  21. Proudly displaying my overall low level of intellect, good taste, manners and propensity for bloodshed... Conan the Barbarian More movies should be uncluttered by needless dialog!
  22. Hehe... I can't beleive I was lame enough in high school to find these guys funny. Hehe.. I can't can't believe I'm still lame enough to have that song in my brain. Must kill some random person... Ban Gwar! Save a child! *runs off gibbering into the night* Nice Rhino btw, was looking at this fig in the store the other day but couldn't really figure out what I would do with it :)
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