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  1. Its a Tangu actually. Similar but less... imposing? Like my character in the party? Thats a tricky one... My mini is the elf in the first picture who I named Rand Thrull. But in a twist of oddness (That the players know but the characters do not. Except the Warforged), my actual character is the sword. Yeah I'm playing a sentient weapon. Mostly for a change of pace and because my GM allowed it. In appearance my sword would like more like what the warforged is holding. I named the sword Luxumbra after the Magic The Gathering card Sword of Light and Shadow. Because yes, I a
  2. Especially when your gird mat has bumps in it! But they've done well enough so far.
  3. My group decided to start up a new 5e campaign. We just hit Level 2 and I realized we where still playing with (my) unpainted miniatures, so I offered to paint them for everyone. They're a little below what I would normally put in, but I did all 5 in a single sitting, and they are fine for tabletop play quality, so I'm happy. My largest complaint I guess, is that I apparently ran out of my trusty Testors Dullcote, so with just the Liquitex Matte Varnish I had put on, they still have much too much sheen for my tastes. But I can fix that once I have a chance to pick up more dull
  4. Which one? I've backed all three bones KS's, and I feel I would have remembered getting him? I suppose I didnt go too deep into Bones II outside of the core tho. Oh yeah, good old SASCWCtaAHSMW28mmEtA6FiRLT, super catchy shortened too!
  5. I've never thought of looking at it via Black and White, it gives a completely new perspective, thank you for that tip! Additionally thank you for the solid suggestion on the strap, I was not sure what would be best to do the edge highliting, as a light tan would not have been enough, but I think your absolutely right on the palomino gold.
  6. Question: was SirForScale part of the Bones III Kickstarter? I've seen a lot of him in Bones material in this topic, was this something people just already had, or was he in Bones III and I just totally missed it? If he was, which set/expansion was he in?
  7. So... Continuing my trend of only painting every 6 or so months, I've finally gotten more painting done. The problem is that this damn Giant, its one of the few projects I dont want to settle on. Sometimes I'll paint a mini that I know will only be for tabletop use, and if I'm not super happy about it, I'll usually move on anyway. But not this Giant, mainly he's still for practicing, but I only ever work on him when I'm "feeling in the mood". Given that I only paint 2-3 times a year, that means I have not worked on him in quite a while. On the plus side, over the past year I've had
  8. Wait, is there legit such a thing is a Reaper Paint Poker Tool, or is that a gag? Because whenever my paint get stuck I use a sewing needle, and its finicky and kinda a pain. If paint pokers are real, I would legit buy one.
  9. Very nice work, kinda inspiring to me. Are these done with Reaper paints, or another brand? Some of your colors are absolutely perfect. Like the midtone brown on the first mini's cape, or the green on the fifth mini's cape. Very curious what sorts of brands/colors you've used.
  10. A few more pictures I suppose. After my friend took all of his dragons that he went in on my order for this is what I'm left with for my haul (roughly 200 minis, including the dissembled ones off to the side in bags): Mainly from the Core set and the Stoneskull, with a few others thrown in (Air Elementals, Goremaw, etc). Also holy CRAP is Goremaw ever larger than I thought it was going to be! I thought it was going to be like the size of a Purple Worm or something! Also I think one of my unexpected favorites so far is the "Invisible Heroes
  11. I like the Microsoft Surface box just causally laying on the ground in the background, forgotten for a new box thats more fun! In more self centered news... I got my bones! To recap: Canadian, Wave 3, Early locked in. I can now confirm, as stated by others, I did not have to pay any Duties/Taxes/Import fees. UPS showed up, handed me just under 20 pounds of plastic and walked away (without a signature...). The tracking number that a bunch of us Canadians got on the 19th, that tracking number became active once it got checked in at t
  12. I feel I've been painting just long enough now to see through the simplicity in the colors into just how much work and artistic skill goes into a mini like this. I can see people looking at this and just thinking "Meh, just a green shirt and brown backpack?", without noticing all of the subtle color changes, not just one or two tones, but tons of shades! Spectacular work, I am in awe.
  13. Thank you for all of the Canadians chiming in in response! If this keeps true it'll be a huge load off my mind (and my wallet). Although I will point out that I have had an instance where UPS did not charge me at the door, but sent me an invoice 2 weeks later. And yes, I apologize, myself and many others have taken to calling all Taxes, Duties, Brokerages and Import fees as simply "Duties" out of simplistic sake, which is indeed not the case (not always anyway). When I had been estimating mine, I had indeed been taking Manitoba taxes into account, plus the UPS $10 Brokerage fee, pl
  14. @Solauren @Suden Or any other Canadian Backers that have gotten their shipment from UPS Just to confirm (or not?) there was no Duty or Import charges for you guys? Seriously that is my biggest scare right now. My bones are apparently on their way (ETA May 30th), and the thought of having to pay Duties on top of the nearly $800 CAD I've already paid is getting to me. But if there's even a slim chance that Canadians are getting their Bones without Duties... that'd be massive to me! :D
  15. You know you're my favorite person now right? Did the shipper provide any rough ETA for the delivery to the hubs? Then we get to wait for the fun that is Canadian Customs! Will it take 10 minutes? Will it take 10 days? With CBSA Agents it could be anything! After all, its for our protection!
  16. Gotta love shippers eh? I've run into that problem myself before. "Oh actually, you have to do it this way, not that way". Always a fun scramble to figure things out afterwards. As a Canadian, I'm just glad that things should still work out in the end. I did have a few quick questions if anyone knows the answers: -The Canadian UPS labels that had been sent out on the 19th, are those the real ones that will become tracking-active once the product clears customs and arrives in Calgary/Toronto? (that's what it seems from the Update that was sent out Monday) -Does your p
  17. Kickstarter update #84: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/posts/1677519 More information on the shipping company: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/sep/02/hanjin-shipping-bankruptcy-causes-turmoil-in-global-sea-freight Quote from the update (from Sept 2016): So realistically this did not delay it all that much.
  18. I absolutely love the way the shading is done. Seeing this makes me want to try the same style out right now. I don't suppose you have a second to give a super quick rundown of your technique? Did you basecoat in the mid-tone color or the shadow? Did if the mid-tone first, did you do the shadows then the highlights? This is the exact sort of style I had been going for with a mini I did recently, and I feel you've captured exactly what I had been going for style wise. I look at my layers and they look blotchy and inconsistent, while yours look smooth and flow into each other. The white
  19. Thank you! Any suggestion on the type? Looks like there are a lot of options... https://www.amazon.ca/s/field-keywords=color+wheel
  20. Thank you for the awesome suggestions/examples Pingo! I think I get what you're saying, and I agree, with a bit more shading to the parts of the hat that slope the lowest down, it would have given it the extra "dimensional kick" it needed. I'll definitely keep that in mind for future projects!
  21. So, was thinking about it more, and still was running into issues with how to do something like shading a hat thats directly under the sun. While more of a WIP topic post than a "Show Off" post, so not directly on topic, I am knowledgeable of 3D editors, so just to test it out I threw together a quick test scene to see how a hat such as this might be lit in a real world (ish?) environment. Even in these conditions the hat looks flat and fake. On the flip side, I had WAY too much fun diving back into a 3D program after use of not touching one. Damn that was fun.
  22. This exact thing was what I was thinking while looking at this picture when I was posithis topic: I was looking at it going "Huh... thats.. very just red...". If Memory serves, I had tried to add more contrast to it at one point, but it started to make it look cartoonish, which can be an excellent style, but did not match the rest of the mini. I guess it really just came down to I was not sure how to add shadow to something that under normal lighting (like a person standing outside in the sun), the light would be hitting pretty evenly across the surface. Looking at it now I guess I c
  23. Hello all! As usual, I have spurts of activity that lasts 3-4 days every 4-6 months. That might not sound like a lot (and lets be honest, its not), but it does let me finish 2-4 minutes each time. This time around I actually got off my but and painted the rest of the mini's for my current pathfinder party! Funny enough, that's not what this topic is about however (might do another one for that group). This topic is for what I feel is still my best mini to date from a technical standpoint. One where I actually (attempted) to manually blend and layer in shadows and highlights. I ha
  24. Nicely done, and gives me some ideas for my own Bones that I would not have thought of otherwise. Using a clear coat as a "primer" might come in very handy, thank you!
  25. Absolutely fantastic! The stylized painting really makes the models pop. I'm blown away and inspired!
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