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  1. I look forward to seeing the results for that then!
  2. I agree with #2, the Yellow, while OK, just didnt accomplish enough. Did a subtle effect. The end effect is OK,and I hope to see what happens with your next attempt now that you've gotten some experience in the technique!
  3. Current Status: Shipments to Canada have gone out, UPS has delivered the majority of them. Some orders (to PO Boxes) have gone out via Canada Post. In an attempt to take this topic in a new direction, I will do my best to provide Canada relevant information to all Canadian KS supporters. June 10th - Reaper Bryan updates the following: May 6th - Reaper KS Update #91 was sent out and stated the following: April 3rd - (found here) states the following: This topic will (hopefully?) be updated with more Canadian shipping information as it progresses.
  4. Thats just mean... but a good way to get a lot of eyes in! Edit: On a related note, its less of a faceless horror, and more of an only face with no nose horror. If it was an enemy made only of arms, I think Faceless Horror would be a good name for it. This is more of a Noseless Horror.
  5. Someone pointed out this site the other day, not sure if it will help but still: http://greg.botch.com/bones/ http://greg.botch.com/bones/table.html Also: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48228-30-new-bones-for-ks-bones/ http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47127-list-of-ks-bones/ Hopefully helpful?
  6. To my knowledge they have not released how the larder ones will be packed. We DO know that A Kaladrax is about the size of a shoebox. So... take that as you will.
  7. I think it looks pretty good, are you planning to do anything else with the base?
  8. I'd say send enough cookies for 20 people and you should be about OK. And maybe: PO Box 2107 Lake Dallas, TX 75065-2107 Though, I'm not sure its a good idea...
  9. Which says nothing about unsolicited bribes, or soliciting by proxy, of course. Since we're "speaking" strictly. And it begins! Excacly! Like leaving Cookies out for Santa!
  10. Hmm in that case, while not the most complicated order, I'm guessing I'm still going to be in the higher tiers of complication (More like tears of complication, am I right? ) Vampire+all 4 paint sets+nethyrmaul+kaladrax+all the giant couples+case+3xClockwork Dragons+handful of other options. Well. Looks like I'm boned. (Wow so many bad puns today)
  11. Well that was unexpected! Opus Art Supply responded to my email, and was extremely helpful, but not in the way I had anticipated! They actually directed me to another site (possibly a partner?) based in Toronto, Above Ground Art Supplies. Sure enough, being closer to Winnipeg, they had lower shipping prices to Manitoba. Only about $9. Oddly enough, looks about a 10% markup compared to Opus, on the brushes at least. The brush soap is cheaper. I'm still going to check around and see what i can find locally first. In the end I might just go with Opus regardless, as they're site is quite well
  12. I was actually JUST looking at that site (and came here to post to it). They do ship in Canada (being Canada based, I'd hope so!). While the prices are MUCH better in terms of per-brush, the total lot would come to about $57, which is not bad all in all. The downside comes into play with Shipping. I'm not sure what method they ship with, but it would seem they charge more the further you are away from them, being right in the middle of Canada (Winnipeg), an order of 3 brushes would be $20 shipping, bringing it to a total of around $80. Curse you Amazon US for not shipping to Canada (these bru
  13. Thats the primary reason I asked, I kept seeing the "Artist watercolour" line on some sites and "Series 7 watercolour" on others, so I thought to ask. Thanks for clearing that up. I checked out the websites for the other art supplies places in town, one did carry W&N but it did not look like they had Series 7 (http://www.artistsemporium.net/art-supplies/brushes.html?manufacturer=873), and the other place looks like it might (http://www.artistsupplies.com/store/index.php/cPath/83_10_596_597_669_682) but they look a bit on the expensive side ($30-$475. Not that I'd ever get or need a Size 10
  14. Girot, if you end up using Pingo's suggestion, please post a picture so we can see how it turns out!
  15. First off, thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion. Based partially on Baugi's suggestion, I went out today to check prices and maybe pick a few things up, but when hitting Canadian Tire I found more than I anticipated. Then I realized I'm a lazy lazy person that does not have a car (Unlike some, I really have no issues with Public Transit). As such instead of going to other places as I had planned, I just picked up most of the stuff from Canadian Tire. Some of its not bad priced (The Krylon cans where $5/can, so not bad) while others where most likely more than I could have gotten them ot
  16. You know what the funny thing about Living in Winnipeg is? Things I get shipped to me, come through Winnipeg, and go OTHER places, before coming back. I've seen it time and time again with places that offer stop-by-stop tracking. "Arriving - Winnipeg intake" "Departing - Winnipeg" "Arriving - Some place in the States or Ontario" then it comes back to Winnipeg. Doubt the same thing will apply in this case, unless their Fright goes directly from Texas to Winnipeg, then over to Ontario. Still. Like Dan above me, I ordered too much stuff for my order to be in the first several batches (Vam
  17. Yep, that soundly answers all of my concerns as well! I doubt they'll have too much issue with Canadian post for the shipments, since they'll be from Canada to Canada. Depending on how its sent, it should have tracking, but the Agent will need to notify us of the tracking numbers for it to be of use, as I do not think Canada Post will contact us in any way via Email, unless we sign up for it (which would require the aforementioned tracking number)
  18. Plan on making the rounds, Canadian Tire, Wallmart, Michaels, find out who has what, and for what price. Re-reading what I had read before, I did find an acceptable answer to the question however. TheCraft 34 stated that the UV stuff works fine. Still, I'm open to others opinions!
  19. So, preparing for both the KS Bones and my L2PKs, I'm scouting out supplies that people have been listing in different topics. One of the first things that was pretty easy to find was Testors Dullcote, which many people seem to swear by I was also thinking of picking up a spry on Primer, and the gloss finish (for better protection). Thing is, someone mentioned using Krylon's Crystal Clear, but I cant actually find that on the Michaels website. I did find a lot of -similar- things, that MIGHT work, so I thought I would turn to the greatest resource I have access to, you, the community.
  20. I'm in a very similar boat (except I've just finished ordering L2PK 1&2, so I'm a step ahead! Except I DO need to learn, so I'm a few steps behind). I wonder how they're going to sift the Canadian orders. Since everything is being send out in one (or several) massive shipments to their Canadian partner, will they put it off till later? Will they sort through the orders one by one, putting the Canadian orders aside? Maybe doing them in batches (so they'll prep the first 5000 orders, get the US ones ready for immediate shipping, get the International orders prepped for shipping, then put al
  21. Sorry to resurrect this topic but: At this time, that remains the plan for Canadian Rewards. As a Canadian backer, I am incredibly glad to hear this. I've had nothing but horrible horrible experiences with UPS and brokerage. ($12 shipping and $15 brokerage on a $25 item? Really UPS? Its a piece of plastic... it fits in the palm of my hand... Non-Miniature related, but one of many issues I've run into). Thank you Reaper, for being awesome.
  22. As you should be, that base looks especially good.
  23. That gives you something to work towards! Sometimes that's the best motivation to give it your all. Even with the basic colors I think you can pull off something that will still look very good.
  24. That pygmy rattlesnake is damn pretty, as is the chameleon. If you can pull off the same shading I think it will suit the dragon nicely!
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