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  1. Also, the base holding the worm is pretty shocking!
  2. Don't you just hate when that happens? In the middle of a project when inspiration strikes, suddenly the current project isn't nearly as fun as it was 10 minutes ago.
  3. That spider looks amazing! Glad that broken glass could be put to use, and to a really good effect as well!
  4. Are the Kolinsky's the ones that come with the L2PKs or is it a lower end one in those ones?
  5. Actually, the second buglips mentioned you had a WIP for one, I instantly searched for it and found it. While waiting for my KS shipment, this little guy was the first (only) Bones miniature I picked up (to get a sense of the material). After looking him up on Google, seeing so many different ways to paint him, so drastically different, thats kinda what pulled me in and wanted to learn more. A note about Adrift's topic, first off his freehand work in that cloak is amazing. Second the two types, while completely different materials, do indeed look amazingly similar when finished! Just sucked that it took 5 pages of posts to find out the true answer! A very good comparison none the less!
  6. Found the answer to my own question. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46398-kaladrax-in-the-house/ Damn. Thats large. Sounds good, thanks for the further info!
  7. Getting used to the Reaper forums. Glad I've used IP.Board before!

  8. Cool. That'll give me a chance to break out my old Partha Paint Mind Flayer Mauve. There is my first (and only) suggestion! Started reading this topic not knowing how long it was. I'm very glad that I got to see the Bethalian WIP, and the comments about sculpting an encounter around the mini... I can just see myself describing the sight before them "And he walks into the light, blue robes and bright green pulsing staff" "Wait, what?". Best way to scare characters, the unknown! To echo a lot of what was already said in this topic already, thanks again for the great breakdowns! Hopefully the next time you do a WIP request, you'll show a little more of the magic! Also, I'm glad you had a picture with her and her arm attached in the end, I almost forgot i was supposed to be there!
  9. Indeed... BUT it could be fun to do with a 00! it would just... take a while. That could work! Honestly though... how tall IS that thing? I ordered one.. I knew it would be large... but HOW large? Now if you excuse me; I'm busy enjoying this topic very much! (link)
  10. I've gotten to the point where I understand that spending the $20-30 on a brush is well worth it in the long run. I also get that the higher number, the more material goes into the brush, and that its doubtful I'll ever need anything over a 2 for painting minis. However, $360 for a size 9 brush? Thats insane. I've heard a couple people suggest getting a 1 and a 0, and sometimes even a 000. I still have to look up the details of the 3/0 and stuff.
  11. They do indeed have a store in Winnipeg, I think I even know where that is. Might have to stop by some time. Thanks for the link!
  12. Sounds good, thanks for all the feedback thus far guys! I know some Warhammer painters, I'm going to get in touch with them, see where they usually get their supplies. Curse you Winnipeg, why must you be so disconnected with everything cool! Actually thats a lie, we do have some pretty good hobby shops, I just have to find them!
  13. Saw your post in that other topic, your REALLY on about those Vallejo paints arnt you ? And yes I did look them up... briefly. I ordered the L2PK 1 & 2 as a place to start. I've seen many people mentioned the Winsor Series 7 and Sable Series brushes, why these specifically? Even as a painter just starting out, that may not know the best ways to take care of brushes? And what about the best place to pick these up in Canada? I checked out FRPGames based on your other post, and while they may ship to Canada, they looked like primarily a US thing. Looking over Amazon I was amazed to see a lot of things mentioned in both the How To Get Started topic and here: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/32. All at a great price too! Then I realized I was on the US Amazon site. The Canadian site was not NEARLY as good for my needs... I have a Micheal's in the city that I plan to go check out at some point, my Friendly Local Gaming Store (Pen Dragon) is actually only a few blocks away, and while they do have a large selection of Reaper Miniatures, and Reaper Paints, they dont have much else (not at the moment at least). I've been told a lot of this stuff can be found at Wall-mart too, so I'll be sure to swing by there. Lots of people are throwing around a lot of (brand) names, but after reading over several topics on the forum, a few do stand out. Testors Dullcote or Krylon's... something. You had mentioned Clear gesso, many people have mentioned Master's Brush Soap. For the time being I think I'm going to stick to strictly Reaper Paints (As I have the 4 kits from the Kickstarter, plus the L2PK's coming, so I SHOULD be good for a while). Is something like a Winsor brush really something I should pick up before the L2PK's arrive?
  14. They brought themselves into existence! And started spreading! Be careful, they spread quickly by Word of Mouth, and even quicker by example!
  15. Best I could find with the forum defaults. Think of it as an "after on fire" emoticon!
  16. Thank you! The Triple Aught comment caught me quite off guard, took me a while to catch on! Even googled it and got some design firm. Finally caught the aught meaning zero bit! Now I feel a tad dumb... :D I'm version 2.0! Fresh to the painting scene and ready to learn! Hoping to get some practice in before the Bones Kickstart shipment arrives, like many new people to the site. Painting is actually a hobby I've been looking into for a while. Glad I'm finally getting into it. I look forward to hanging out in the forums, sharing my experiences and hopefully helping other users if/when I'm good enough!
  17. Well Cash, you have convinced me. After reading over this topic, and all of the L2PK1 topic, seeing the progress everyone made, and the value that this kit holds, I've now ordered 1 & 2. I look forward to getting them and doing some WIP to put into the L2PK1 topic!
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