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  1. Mines sitting at "Package arrived at foreign customs office" as of Monday... I'm hoping customs lasts less than a week... but we'll see.
  2. Got the updated tracking emails today. Waiting for it to be on its way :D
  3. Glad to hear! Just how many packages are going out per truck anyway? I just have an image in my mind from a Dr. Seuss book with a continual line of trucks going in one door of a factory and coming out full from another in an endless repeat.
  4. Well if Bones I is any indication, I'll be super excited then spend the next year painting less than 2% of them. BUT I often have Pathfinder campaigns at my place, and people are free to use all of the books/mini's/dice that are here. I like to foster Roll Player growth by giving players the tools to have fun. (Even if I never actually GM)
  5. Just got an email from UPS with the tracking info, and a minute later got the email for the newest KS Update. Amusing! My order is a tiny 3.95lbs.
  6. My understanding of how the international shipping was going to work, is that because Reaper has to do large sections of international orders at a time, that UPS is most likely picking them up in bulk, and will do the scanning of individual packages at their distribution center, which can add quite the overhead in time for tracking. Plus with the weather warnings popping up on their website, I'm guessing UPS is being delayed because of the crazy amounts of snow some states are getting (I'm from Canada, so I'm pretty used to snow). Give it a bit more time, and I'm sure their system will update soon. (Edit: Eh? for some reason my Spellcheck got turned off. Fixed some spelling errors.)
  7. I'd just like to post and thank ladystorm/CashWiley for the info in the first post of this topic... I got an email from reaper that my order shipped, but the tracking number was blank. I sent an email to support than I now realize was completely and totally useless. No order number, no wave info, nothing. So I sent a new one with full information, and hopefully that one proves to be a lot less useless! So thanks ladystorm and CashWiley for the useful information suggestion!
  8. I'm not a huge fan of nuts honestly. I think its that a lot of them kinda taste chalky to me, and I dislike the texture. I love creamy penut butter, but hate chunky with a passion. SO my final answer is: none.
  9. Well its been another year... but I'm back for a while!

  10. I like that he only actually has one foot on a base, that very much amuses me. Other than that, it looks pretty awesome.
  11. Well its been a year, but I'm slowly getting back into painting. I think. Maybe.

  12. Yep... this is exactly what I did. In the end after a few jumps I am now in Wave 3 shipping. Damn near got a Wave 2, but I was a second too slow.
  13. Well... I'm not sure how Reaper continually manages to do this, despite my better judgment (or the fact I have not painted in a good 4 months, and 90% of the Bones I mini's are still in the box...) I have decided to give Reaper some more of my money, knowing full well I will have to pay shipping and Duty. If the FinalCost website is even remotely correct, as long as Reaper is indeed using USPS, than my order with everything SHOULD be less than $200, which is acceptable in my mind. The only crappy thing, is that my hesitation cost me being pushed back to wave 6 shipping... I'm not going to see any product for WELL over a year. That part kinda sucks, but I guess I'd much rather KNOW its going to be that long, than Bones I where we all just sat here for 1107 posts wondering when we would get our products. Also the fact that Reaper has pledged to update us at least twice a month, even if nothing changes, really means a lot.
  14. Glad to hear they are using USPS, thats a big step up. And it would mean a lot more locations to pick it up!
  15. Forgive me for posting in this older topic, I just really did not want to start a new one, and I know this may be of intrest to Canadians out there. As many of you may know, Bones II is in full swing and ending soon. However this time around Reaper is not coving the shipping, which in a lot of ways is totally understandable. I just want to make sure that all Canadian buyers know what they're getting themselves into. Found this website that looks pretty acruate, and breaks down some of the charges applied by shippers like UPS when products cross the boarder. A lot of people see these as "Hidden Fees" and blame UPS for them, when in reality its the Canadian Govermnet that applies a lot of these ristrictions, and is not directly UPS's fault. If you wanted to check out he site for yourself: http://www.thefinalcost.com/shipments/calculate/ As an example, using Reapers Pledge Manager I played around with a basic test. 1 Core set ($100) and the three Expantion sets (3x$50). The total came to $250 with an estimation on shipping of about $45. Thats all well and good, but now lets look at the cost of actually importing it into Canada. Based on the information from that site (which looks to be in-line with the information on UPS's own site), the Duty on such a package would be about $15, and the GST about $19. About $7 for CAD to USD conversion, and a whopping $45 brokerage! Finally a $7 "Disbursement" fee (for UPS doing the paperwork for you). All in all our $250 order turns into about $385 CAD! Keep in mind, none of this is Reaper or UPS's "fault", thats just the way Canada runs its boarder and we have to put up with that. Just please keep this in mind before/durring your pledge to Bones II, or you'll end up with a nasty shock on your doorstep. And trust me, UPS WILL go to a Collections agency over unpaid Brokerage fees! Best of luck Canadian Backers! Reaper has put together another amazing product!
  16. Updated the post with this info. No idea about the status of the Canada Post stuff. I went on this very quest for supplies (although the topic name does not imply it). You can follow my quest here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48280-michaels-krylon-selection/ On the second page you can see Darsc Zacal mention Opus, which in the end I did end up ordering from, very good customer support, great products! (once again you can see more on the second page of that topic). Hope it helps!
  17. When I saw all the many rats I had my first thought was "Man, these are all going to look lame". Seeing yours however, well for some stupid reason the thought of using different coloured rats never actually occurred to me... Now I have more reason to start painting some rats!
  18. The contrast from the red/blue gems, and the green moss against the grey rocks really pulls off a nice effect! I like it.
  19. Any chance we could get a couple of closeups of some of your favourites?
  20. I was tempted. I saw the post before was the 999th, and was tempted, but thought it not worth mentioning. I think it is however safe to say that there is a CONSIDERABLE amount of Canadian Reaper customers. Also that while we're kind, polite and patient, we do have our limits, and waiting on UPS is one of those limits. All things considered, in my prior experiences with horrible horrible UPS service, this particular experience was actually one of the least painful I've had. They successfully delivered the package, to the right door, and without just ditching it, and without gouging me for money. Its a small miracle, I swear. Even though I have my package, I wont be fully satisfied until every Canadian (within reason) has their package in their hands. I'm just glad that this topic was at least somewhat successful in aiding in passing around what little knowledge was available for waiting Canadians. CANADA RULES!
  21. It would appear posts from this topic have been removed. As such it has been un-followed from anyone that has been following the topic. Anyway, I'm glad things are back on track.
  22. Status line of main topic updated with the information here.
  23. Massive amount of images incoming:
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