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  1. Mine has now officially been delivered. It is sitting in my kitchen. I am at work. I no longer wish to be at work. A large portion of the people in this topic have now already gotten their bones, or will soon be getting theirs, or are waiting for the UPS email, so the following may be a stupid question, but should I post unboxing pictures if anyone wants to see them?
  2. Mines out for Delivery. Another around of Congratulations for all those who got theirs! Sorry to those who had larges errors in their orders.
  3. Called UPS this afternoon, to ask them how it could be remotely possible that the delivery would be "End of Day" if it just departed Ontario. I was told that due to the way it was shipped from Reaper, the estimated time was based on the initial posted time, and that the actual ETA will be updated once it arrives at the dispatch facility. So to anyone whos ETA was today, but got no further notification, it should be updated within 24-48 hours with the real ETA. I'm sure UPS apologizes for any inconvenience.
  4. I no longer view this as a competitive race, this has become one of those charity marathons, the ones where no matter what place you come in, first, third, or dead last, everyone cheers for you and congratulates you for being awesome. Congratulations to everyone that's gotten their package!
  5. Mine left first! Departed - Concord, On Departure Scan Its most likely being flown to Winnipeg, and from Winnipeg a bunch of the Reaper packages will be distributed to the surrounding areas (if there are any Kickstarter backers around Winnipeg that do not actually live IN Winnipeg). I too am up far to late, unrelated to the delivery. I need to go to sleep now. I have to be up in a few hours for work.
  6. Just checked and my ETA got updated to the 17th. Thats today. I really, really doubt UPS will pull that off. AIR CONDITIONING FOR THE WIN.
  7. Manitoba is hot too! Got an email update from UPS today, ETA is the 18th.
  8. I've got the one-step-forward from Aud's. Mines been received at the UPS factory, but I doubt it will leave there for a while. Still, this is a huge step forward. BONES!
  9. I can see it... it looks glorious.
  10. I too have now gotten my notice, and the UPS tracking number. Its been a long race, but it looks like I'm finally in the last few hundred meters.
  11. Just saw Ottawa! Wait... I live in Winnipeg. DAMMIT, still screwed. lol.
  12. *Cough* Trying to keep my, and everyone elses hopes up here. -ANY DAY NOW- XD
  13. A friend of mine who lives really close just got his. Any day now.
  14. Shipments are taking a break for the weekend. (by Moira, age 10)
  15. Update to the site for those who have not seen it: http://ks.reapermini.com/ I keep seeing Canadian Destinations. WOOT~!
  16. I have a screen cap on my iPhone that I took in the last 15 minutes of the Kickstarter campaign, when we kept crashing the site from too much activity. Gateway errors everywhere. It was glorious and I'm glad I was part of it.
  17. OR its done now: http://www.reapermini.com/
  18. Indeed, emails have gone out to many Canadians for address verification. GOOD TIMES PEOPLE!
  19. The only model I ordered 3 of... and its on the last truck. Figures... STILL! Shipping to Canada Finally! WOOT!
  20. Gopherbot and Talae, thanks for the updates, I'll post them to the main post in this topic.
  21. Newest Backer Update: No mention of anything Canadian this time around.
  22. Too late DLMyst, I read it! Reaper promised us Free Shipping, thats why they're going out of their way to become a broker and pay for the fees, so they can uphold that promise they made, because they love us and they are good to us. There is a chance, a damn good chance, that they will be charged up the elf for these shipments, BUT over all the cost to them per order will be much less than the cost would be to use individually. Lets say on a $300 order there is $30 of brokerage for us, if they successfully negotiate with the Canadian Government Customs and UPS, they may be able to get that number down to say, $10 per order. That still means they are taking a massive hit, but it may result in MANY happy customers. In the end I'm sure it will work out, these things take time.
  23. Not everyone that gave money to Reaper has access to those backer updates, as some sent the money directly to Reaper, these people may be following facebook for their info. Still, I agree with everything buglips has said in his last few comments here. Throwing a title over something like that just causes negativity, and those of us who are attempting to remain positive, even in a not so optimal situation, are just being called down because of it.
  24. Winnipeg Checking in again, just to see how things are coming along. ShadowRaven was nice enough to remember me existing :D. Even though I haven't been on for 2 weeks. My 'mini owning/painting urge' died down a bit after I spent an entire night painting a pair of mini's from essentially start to finish in one sitting. From priming to varnish was less than 48 hours. All in all having only been my 5/6th or so mini's, I'd say I did pretty well. After that my 'OMG I NEED BONES NOW' urge got killed a bit. Its starting again these days... anticipation and all. I remember at the end of March thinking to myself that I'd be one of the later orders, so I would most likely get it late late April, maybe around May. With the Update about Canada, I was figuring late May early June. Now I'm thinking July/August...
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