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  1. Yeah, off topic kinda seems to be this forums 'thing'. Sometimes it can be a good thing, as really cool conversations (like painting fire, I really enjoyed reading those posts) come up, other times small arguments flare up (craft paints...), but its one huge conversation! The only downside is that sometimes truly useful information can indeed get lost. A single post that contains an important update (important to some people at least) can be lost in a nearly 500 post topic with 33 pages. Still, there are always people willing to share this information with others, even if that does cause d
  2. Canada's Greatest Hero. BRING ME MY BONES GOOD SIR, AND YOU SHALL HAVE YOUR REWARD! Coffee and a doughnut from Tims.
  3. You bastard and your highlighting of the rocks, that looks AMAZING. Also, this picture: His fur looks spectacular.
  4. Every time I see that image today I laugh. Amazing.
  5. That Lion blew my mind a bit, I'll be honest. I was going to paint a Fleur-de-lis on my guys shield but failed miserably, so he has a weird backwards upside down y shape. On a related note: Yeah, this. My writing is absolutely horrible. My brain is all like "HAND, DO THIS!" and my hand is all like "NO, I DONT WANNA!" and then it just does whatever it wants. The only reason I was able to get some of the 'details' on the mini's thus far, is repetition. Paint over an area of brown, accidentally get some over the green. Go back over and touch up the green, get some on the brown. Rinse and
  6. With Kits 1 and 2 I dont think they updated the instructions after they started including full bottles instead of sample sizes. I think it may have come with the sample size of dragon blue in the past.
  7. Both of you should post them, shiny or not shiny! Also yes, that shield looks awesome.
  8. Somewhere between the basecoat and now. I think the specific moment is when I picked the brush up again. Still, I'll be finishing her off for sure. Cassu is right, I can always go back and touch it up if I ever feel the need to. Once I get better brushes... and more skill. I've check out several YouTube videos on painting, but this is the first I've seen of this user, and your right, the videos are quite good. Now I have something to watch! Thanks for the feedback guys!
  9. As for Laurana, she is not fairing much better, and the shadow basecoat just cannot be seen even in the areas that I applied no paint over after. In an attempt to add other shadows back in/do some lining it turned our horrible, I tired to fix it and pull the paint away but it left her with a yellowy midrift. On a related note, like others in this topic I went for a bear midrift. Raw and Primed: Now the Basecoat, which once again, I liked, it turned out ok and with a Wash and a Drybrush could have been nice! But no... layering... And the results of my 'layering' or as
  10. Well, I'm a little discouraged. Started doing Kit 2 today, and everything started off grand, then started to fail a bit, and now one model is way to dark and the other is way to light. Trying to fix it I just made them worse. This made me kinda stop mid way through and just put everything down. Now I'm here, without the urge to paint I had several hours ago. Starting with Tsuko, Raw and Primed (Spoiler tagged for space): Then the basecoat for the skin. See this I like, this worked, and if I had done a Wash and Drybrushing I'm sure it would have looked great! But thats not what t
  11. We should be good. A quote from Reapers Official Facebook page: The original plan had been to use a Canadian 3rd party that is a partner of Reapers (RAFM) to distribute the packages across Canada. Something may have come up in the logistics of the project, or maybe RAFM was just not read to take on thousands and thousands of orders. Either way Reaper is doing the best they can to get our packages to us and not have us be charged extra.
  12. I stand by this. As someone who is still new to the hobby, I can say with 100% certainty that the things that people have said on this specific forum have greatly influenced both my purchasing habits and my entry into this hobby. Before I started lurking the Reaper forums and looking up to Buglips, Pingo, and many of the others here, I would never have picked up the Learn to Paint Kits, hell I didnt even know they existed! And now I'm the better for it. I most definitely would not have just thrown $100 at painting mediums and W&N S7 brushes like I just did (3 brushes, 2 mediums, 1
  13. I have an eye for detail. It was the feet (touching the ground) and the teeth that stood out with the old vs new. The new ones are the speed painting, but what about the old one, how long did it take to paint in all, if you can remember?
  14. Oh my, there are several pages (5+) more than there where the last time I checked this topic... it looks to have exploded all over the place. I'm kinda surprised it hasn't been Split yet. I've only ever used Reaper paints, and of that, only about 10 colors so far, so I'm going to do my best to stay out of this and come back once I have more experience.
  15. I like the comparison of the older model vs the newer painting style. Your lining shows through a lot less than it used to (or you stopped lining?) either way, the transitions between materials are a lot nicer.
  16. Thanks for that! I ask because the L2PK2 that I got did not come with the Size 0 brush, so with the L2PK1&2 I have 2 flat size 2 brushes, a 5/0 and a 3/0. I plan to do my best with that, but I have brushes that are too large and brushes that are too small, so it should be fun. On a related side note, I decided to pick up some W&N Series 7 brushes. Got them from the Canadian supplier Opus Art Supplies. Their shipping is a bit more than I'd want, but their customer support support was excellent.
  17. Cassu, question for you: could you by chance post a list of each of the brushes you got with those 4 kits?
  18. Info directly from ReaperBryan from this topic: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48346-bones-shipping-has-started-1st-arrival-reported/page-11#entry697215 Edit: To attempt to help provide a place for Canadian KS supporters to get info, I've updated the first post in this topic with the information above. As new information comes out I'll do my best to update the topic so everyone can find it easily (As it tends to be spread out over multiple topics, and even forum sections). If you know and can cite newer information than is in the main post, please share!
  19. It snowed again today in Winnipeg. In the middle of April. Canada....
  20. Have you done/do you own the Young Fire Dragon (77026) yet? I'll throw that into the request queue if available. Otherwise maybe the Minotaur (77013)
  21. Hmm this ultrasonic cleaner is sounding like a better and better choice...
  22. So I finally opened up kit 2, and I'm a bit confused. I'm not sure if I got the wrong things, or if things have changed and the instructions are just a bit out of date. Its not a huge deal, and I should still be able to do everything but still... Only about half of the paints I have match whats mentioned on the back of the instructions, but all of the colours match up to how the models look, so I should be good there... My main issue is the brushes. What brushes are supposed to come in this kit? The instructions list a 0 and 3/0. I got a 2 (red Sable) and a 3/0 (Reaper Master Synthetic
  23. Tier 2.5? I dont think thats how it works... I just wonder how crazy its going to get when they start doing the 4x Vampire + 43 options.
  24. Unless you are Canadian, then as usual the you're before the start line. But honestly, they had something like 20,000 orders? So I'd say between 3,000 and 20,000.
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