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  1. Yeah, I can see that happening. No bones no bones no bones ALL THE BONES.
  2. Did anything happen to the paints Qwyk? As far as the bubbles go, if I see them in the paint on the pallet, I've been sweeping the paint up the wall of the well as I dip the brush in, it seems to help kill the bubbles before they get to the mini. I tried the blowing technique and it resulted in paint where paint was not supposed to be. The soft damp brush is a pretty nice one however, I'll try that if it happens again.
  3. I'd guess they are still waiting on the Canadian Government for the Brokerage Permit.
  4. Thank you for the good explanations Buglips and Pingo. While we're on this topic, shaking: Can you over shake Reaper paints? In a single session, if the paints are new or if they have not been used in say 3-6 months, is there a point that you can shake them too much/too long, and what is that point? The paints I was using for the L2PK1 I had been shaking for about 45 seconds each session. While I really doubt I overdid it, when I dropped the paints out, they did come out with airbubbles in them, and while painting the paint came out on the mini with tiny bubbles on it. Now, it is e
  5. Hes a Goblin not a house elf, dont insult him! At least goblins have respect. Well... neither are actually respected, but goblins have inner pride ;).
  6. Ah yes, the art of SteamSwapping! Must be careful however, or you risk swapping one of your OWN limbs!
  7. You do have a point, the image is pretty nice. It would be cool if we could get a few more examples of this type of topic, or compile a collection of them, taking the exact same Mini and painting the Meta and the Bones version, just to see how close they are.
  8. No but I do have roommates, and a friend that occasionally stays over, and sleeps on the air mattress in the living room.
  9. Hey now Shadow, there's nothing wrong with a bit of thread necro when its a good topic! This mini was the first Bones mini I ever bought.
  10. I'll most likely be starting these kits soon. I'm thinking of taking some pictures of the flash/moldline removal, maybe some point later I can work on a tutorial. Hopefully something that will come up less with the Bones miniatures.
  11. Hopefully your face is felling a bit better! Spiders turned out pretty nice, and the trolls are coming along well. I like lefty more!
  12. Is there any way to fix the cold-damaged paints?
  13. Pretty good review, not bad products at a not too bad price. Something worth looking into.
  14. Just found one of my already-painted miniatures in my living room with a bent sword. No idea how it happened, and unless it happens again I'm not going to start pointing fingers. Slowly bent it back into place. Honestly, the cracking noises are scary.
  15. Except the shelves and the amount of paint, I'm kinda surprised how similar my setup is to JackMann's. I have the same lamp, same helping hands, and mount the mini's the same way. Its good to know I'm going in the right direction!
  16. I think I'll wait to see what other people do with these (buglips, I'm looking at you!), then decide from there...
  17. I only got one case, the thought of getting more than one did not cross my mind for a moment... thinking now about the fact that I'll be getting several hundred minis... changes ones mind a bit. Still, while an awesome deal, I have no regrets about only getting one.
  18. I've been scheduled to cover my own lunchbreak once... so I ate on the job, problem solved! 10 points to the first person that opens their Vampire level and finds bits of cooked ham and mustered!
  19. Indeed. Sounds like the time was the issue. If the directions say 1-2 hours, I'd water on the 3-4 hour mark to be absolutely sure. Let us know how it turns out the next time!
  20. Nah man, I'm sure with enough hot water you could swap out an arm ;)
  21. From everything I have seen in my ~2 weeks here, they are a fantastic company, that really does care about their customer base.
  22. For a lot of the arms/weapons, couldn't you just heat treat them into a new position, since the Bones are pretty pliable?
  23. I wonder just how many Off-Topic topic splits Buglips has caused...
  24. Thanks for the advice Obsidian. I decided to end the Man at Arms and move on to the rat, but the advice helped! On to the rat. So... I primed it, did dishes, came back and pretty much did the entire thing in one sitting. Literally one sitting. My legs where a tad tired when I got up... As such this isnt as much going to be a Work in Progress topic as the progress has stopped and its completed... BUT I'll still post my pictures for the hell of it! Eh, I forgot to take a picture between the drybrushing, the detailing and the end, so it makes a bit of a jump. I gots me some primed rat! Next I
  25. Well I finished L2PK 1 tonight... now I know what BuzzardB's feeling, I too just picked up 3,4,5, but I bought empty bottles instead of more mini's. On a related topic, I was curious of a breakdown on about much much all of this would cost at retail. As is on these 5 kits I'm dropping a total of $125, so what does that money get me? I saw this post a while back by Laoke, http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48180-what-do-i-need-to-get-started/?p=689680 and it got me thinking about the rest of it, not just the paints. Its true, primarily I'm buying it for the paints and the
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