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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too, a large part of that is that I did not water he silver down at all when I put it on, so it went on quite thick and obliterated some of the details.
  2. As long as I get the KS Bones by my birthday, I'll be happy (Which is in December... so it should not be TOO hard). Hurry up Canadian Government, give Reaper the damn permit so we can start having shipments sent north!
  3. After using the 5/0 a bit more to do the details, it actually wasnt that bad. Granted, once again its Synthetic. I think the very ends of the tip are starting to die already... Still haven't opened it, but the L2PK 2 has another Synthetic and a Red Sable... Several times now I've been tempted to rip that one open and use the brushes, but I've held fast, using only the brushes that came with it. On to more WIP. CRAP! I forgot to snap a pic between the painting the brown and doing the wash. Well damn. Washed the hands/brown/blue with Walnut, did the chain mail and other metal in black ink as instructed. When I order the L2PK 3/4/5, I'm also going to pick up a set of those empty bottles. Right now I'm using a dropper, and its horribly inaccurate in its measurements for water, and I keep getting very inconstant results, causing me to have to add a bit more paint here, a bit more water there. Doesnt help that I just BARELY know what the consistency should even be like. Anyway, on to the picture! After that, I got annoyed that the grass was the only thing not painted... so I threw a quick coat of green down (will need a second, or a wash of green/brown) NEXT, I have to figure out how the hell to drybrush, and how to not get paint all over everything around it. I know the theory of it, I have the instructions, I've read several other people talking about it, I've seen videos of people doing it... even still, I dont know the 'feel' of it, if that makes any sense. So... that will be a fun thing to try tomorrow... after that it should be done! Except the eyes.... yeah... I tried that... twice.. then just painted the entire face flesh again... >_> Edit: Oh yes, and this time the further distancing rat was intentional, after noticing the accidental pattern the first time.
  4. Indeed buglips, I see what you mean about the brushes. I have an online shopping cart with 3 Series 7 brushes in it (1,0,000) that Ive been holding off buying till I had a bit if practice, but I can definitely tell why everyone was so quick to suggest picking up good brushes, and that the money is worth it in the long run. On a related note, I'm really glad I picked up some good brush soap before I started (The Masters soap), that Sapphire Blue REALLY did not want to come off the brush. As far as Obsidian's comment, I've seen people here do lining, and wasn't sure how much I wanted to dabble in it, but your right, it's definitely a worth while technique to pick up. L2PK 1 does not cover it. Thank you both for the comments.
  5. Finally, at long last I can join the WIP topic! LETS GET STARTED! First thing I notice was a lot of flash on my Anhurian, and some heavy mold lines. At first I thought I owuldnt care, but then I decided I did, so I did my best to fix what I could. Here he is all primed up. I can see why people prefer spry on primers, but its most likely going to be 2 weeks to a month before the weather is warm enough to pull that off. Here we are with the face/cloth painted. I kinda got blue everywhere. I'm still trying to get used to the brush, and the fact its a flatter one. Or well any for that matter, I've not really done any painting before. Also the 5/0 brush that comes with it is TINY. I've heard people talking about the paint drying on the brush before it reached the mini, but never really thought much of it. Its true!! I'd grab some paint, just a tiny bit, and it'd be dry by the time I put it to the mini. Crazy stuff. Gotta be careful or grab a lot of paint! Finally here we are currently, having just put the metal coat on. As some may be able to tell, I've deviated from the instructions a bit, and I'm going to do all the base codes, and then go over all of it with the Wash, instead of doing a wash after every steps as mentioned in the instructions. So thats where I stand! I may do more tonight, I havent decided. What do you all think so far? EDIT: Heh, if you look at the images in reverse, it looks like the Rat is sneaking up behind him.
  6. I was in a very similar place to you! I had 0 materials, and near 0 practice. But with 200-300 little plastic models coming in, I thought now was as good as ever to get into it! I started off in this forum, reading peoples topics, learning the ways of the Goblin, and absorbing knowledge. Like you, spurred on by the forum members I too ordered the L2PK's (1&2). I'm very glad I did. From date of payment to date of delivery it was just over 2 weeks, and I don't live in the US, so I call that pretty good, especially due to the Bones shipments! I however then further proceeded to throw myself into the hobby. While not required, I went out and picked up some supplies that a lot of people kept talking about (You can read more details from my adventure if you skim over this topic: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48280-michaels-krylon-selection/). Not all of it was needed for a beginner, but in the end I'm glad I picked some of it up when I did. Primarily the Knife, the Files and that light where all well worth it. The light was like $30 at a local hardware store (I got all that stuff from a hardware store actually). Even without the magnifying glass, just having a good strong light is damn useful. The talk of Flash and mold lines in this topic, at first I wasnt too worried, but when I opened the L2PK1, I did notice a lot of extra little bits, and some heavy mold lines. While I could have just flicked off the metal bits and ignored the mold lines, they drove me crazy (personally) so I filed them down (once again, glad I bought those files). In the end, as mentioned here, the L2PKs come with the vast majority of what you really need (paints, a paint brush and something to paint. The instructions are a definite bonus!). The only other things, like I mentioned, having a good light, something to cut with, and a nice space/surface to work on (I use my dining room table, but I put a large piece of poster paper down to avoid getting paint on anything). Honestly I'm not an expert at this (In fact, to this point the only thing I've ever done so far is prime the first L2PK figure....), but I hope this advice helps! As a final note, indeed, the set came with full paints (as seen here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48013-learn-to-paint-kits-l2pk/?p=698177) however I do not think this is a permanent thing, and may be temporary. Still, an amazing deal! Now that I have the first 2 kits, I fully intend to buy the other 3!
  7. Hey guys... look what I got today! Wait for it.... Wait for it.... BAM! Looking these over I'll definitely be picking up 3,4,5 in the very near future. Really nice resource. Damn if that little guard mini did not have a lot of flack and flash on him. And a rather large mold line. I think the mold might have been misaligned a bit. Meh, still fun for practice!
  8. I was waiting for that. As soon as I heard the music I un-fullscreened the video to look for the copyright info... none listed. I knew it would get taken down within time. Same... As far as what klawzie said, I agree... While not quite the 2+ Vampires that some ordered, I did have a fairly large order, that I'm sure will easily cover my table... Not to mention the LargerThanAShoeBox "mini"s.
  9. Thats pretty much my thoughts. Even if I got the KS (it would be awesome!) but I'd hold off doing much with it till I got the L2PKs anyway. While I dont regret only getting the first 2, I dont want to have to wait for whenever I order the next 3. Upon ordering it, I knew it could be 2-3 weeks for shipping, and it doesnt sound like that much of a wait... till a week and a half goes by and I'm dying of wait.
  10. Well, I got some sort of package today, but I cannot pick it up till tomorrow. The USPS tracking site still has not updated since March 26th, but (to my knowledge) I do not have any OTHER things being sent to me. So either this is my Bones KS (which I REALLY doubt, being Canadian and having a large order) or its the L2PKs. I'll update tomorrow when we find out! :D
  11. Based on the information posted here and on the Reaper Facebook page, it was still a bit of a toss-up between UPS and your Canadian partner. Is that decision still in the process, and is it affected by the brokerage permit? I had been somewhat negative on the Facebook post towards UPS, but as long as we're for sure for sure that there will be no extra fees, than it could be a pretty good option if you can get a low enough price for shipping so much. The Canadian Government can be efficient at some times, it really depends on if there is a Hockey game on or not. With the Jets back in Winnipeg everything else is still kinda up in the air.
  12. So based off the information posted here, I decided to pick up some glue. I grabbed some Krazy glue, as that is what was at the store I went to. Was about $3. Decided I wanted to test it, so I found the cheapest plastic things I could find (2d6+5) (the 5 stands for the amount of minutes I spent looking for something). Yeeeeah... It said hold for 30 seconds, it said wait a few minutes. The SECOND I touched them together they would not move. A minute later I tried pulling them apart. No go. Tried twisting, yanking, pulling, nothing. Granted part of it may have been due to the size of the die and it being difficult to grip, but there was no way I was getting the apart with my hands. In the end a vice grip and a hammer got them apart (I didn't really try anything in-between hand power and overkill). Still, I now have faith that it will definitely be powerful enough. Maybe Instant glue is not the best choice... makes re-adjustments a NO-GO.
  13. Better yet, the comment they made just before that: WOOT. I love reaper.
  14. Thanks for catching that, miss-autocorrect. Edited and fixed. I was half thinking that sentence was going to end in "without gluing my fingers together". I know what you mean... Damn those markers did smell good.
  15. Are you thirsty, or do you just need to go to the washroom? Either way you should get that taken care of. Still, I'm glad to hear that these miniatures can stand up to game play torture, even if they're glued together. Anyone have any favoured* brands to use? *edited a miss-autocorrect.
  16. Sorry Bryan, I did not mean it to come off as if I thought Reaper had lied or I was upset or anything, I just did not catch the comment about assembly before. Alas, twas my own fault. And from what everyone has been saying here, it does not sound like it will be TOO bad. The two main questions I have about assembly from you guys: 1: Strength. Lets say I superglue a wing/arm to a mini. These bones are pretty flexible, which I like! But what are the chances of the glue cracking or an arm/wing coming lose when bent? 2: Extra Strength. One of the things I had feared when assembly was mentioned, that no one has said here yet, was the Pinning thing, of putting a rod or wire into a joint to make sure it stays. With Bones being a lot lighter than pewter, I'm guessing this is not as much of an issue?
  17. It is for me. Until this topic I was under the impression that all of the Bones came assembled except the super huge ones. Now I've been correctly educated, but am not looking forward to it. Pre-Assembled is easy, much much harder to mess up. I can totally understand WHY they will be coming assembled, and I really cannot hold it against Reaper (I mean, if the average Add-On was only like 5-6, on 18,000 orders thats over 100,000 assemblies!), but I'm not going to enjoy putting them together. I'm not one for conversions or modifications (or basing). Maybe once I've gotten further into the hobby in a year or two, and have some practice under my belt, but not here, not now. Still, I'll grit my teeth and try to get it done without ruining too much.
  18. Ah yes, I've seen this evil plan before. They call it Quality Service. It's a rare sight in businesses these days. It's good to see Reaper has it! I've been tracking the L2PKs I ordered from Reaper, and the USPS site was updating pretty well, but it's been nearly a week since it last had an update. I blame the many holidays. Still, I look forward to getting them! Went out and bought a simple plastic Palette today, and some brush soap. I do think I'm all set.
  19. I agree, could be pretty cool and a good way to track things.
  20. Eh eh, see see! There ARE other Canadians on here. I wonder when we'll first start seeing shipping going out. This weekend is not the best example of 'productivity' for shipping, due to Good Friday, Easter, and even April Fools, which I'm going to assume at least 3 Bones packages are going to be involved in some sort of inter-courier prank.
  21. Um, AND we have Lumberjacks. I mean come on, Lumberjacks! :D
  22. Unrail it? I LIKE IT Any Canadians get their Bones KS con
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