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  1. Will that even work? its in the off topic forum already. I think that means we just have free rein. THIS TOPIC IS ABOUT ALL THINS CANADIAN! Smokes Poutine is amazing. Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine.
  2. How much where they charging for those cases?
  3. Awww I wish it had been split at one of my posts... oh well.
  4. I learned something new, apparently splitting a topic removes all its followers?
  5. All powerful mods are all powerful. So Shipping has started, and as stated in another topic, at least one actual delivery has been made. I think this topic has now fulfilled its purpose.
  6. I am not, under any conditions, ever dressing up as David Bowie.
  7. YES! ANOTHER PERSON FROM WINNIPEG! Hello fellow Winnipeg person, hows it going? Ever go to Pendragon on main? Orders should be shipped from a Canadian distributor to Canadians using Canada Post. There will be no Duty (except maybe provincial taxes? But I doubt that).
  8. You remind me of the babe... While we're making Labyrinth references, I'd just like to point out that I AM the Goblin King (My IRL name being Jaryth, pronounced the same was as it is in the movie. Thats actually where my mother got it from. Just added her own spelling.) Related note. Buglips, bow down to me! No, I'm just kidding. But you can go steal some children, and then sing a song!
  9. At the Reaper Depot in Texas they have all of the models already (all shipped in from China). They are sorting them day by day (US, Canada, Other, over and over) and at the end of day sending the shipments north (to my knowledge) so every 3 days a shipment of orders should go to RAFM (Freight). They will then take it apart and start shipping the orders from their depot via Canadian Post. I'm going to take an absolute random guess and say that about a week and a half the very first, very small, Canadian orders will start to ship.
  10. Wow... thats deep. Derailmentception. Which is interesting as it kinda has a train ring to it... which makes it deeper if you've ever seen inception. Actually, I'm pretty happy with the way this topic is going so far. Not exactly where intended, but pretty smooth. From what I've seen of the forums thus far, its almost as if every member is from a different Provence by sheer unluck. Yep that's right, there are only 10 Canadian members. That's it that's all. Yeah, no one lives in the Territories. Unrelated: Oh Canada, I better never bring my Bones outside or I'll never see them on the Snow White background that always covers my damn city.
  11. No no, not a wardrobe, we're tucked behind Minnesota. Or at least I know I am.
  12. That was a pretty good read, kinda opened my eyes a bit.
  13. From what I've seen, half the time the mods just join into the derailment :D. All Canadians are like minded, thats why we're Canadians! Ok, maybe it doesn't work like that, but still!
  14. Hmm its only upon you pointing those out that I now get what someone said earlier in the topic about boy Goblins counting to 21. That went right over my head last time...
  15. I'm actually enjoying the fact that the shipping is going to take a bit longer (try not to hit me?). Like a few others have also posted, I just dont have the time right now. OK I do have the time, but I should REALLY be getting some other stuff done first. I was worried if I got the Bones early April, I'd end up missing some soft deadlines I had set. This will hopefully now keep me on track! Um, you mean first 20 right?
  16. I remember a while back the Update that got sent out a few months back, talking about how they had enough paint, but it was the bottles they where short on.That one made me giggle a bit. Indeed, I'm with buglips, I'm just glad they're going out. How long it takes? Not a huge factor, as long as its going.
  17. Just think... in this topic alone we've filled up 33 (default) pages of this...
  18. Wow... I just realized. With the first two Learn to Paint kits (if they indeed are still including full bottles), and the 4 paint sets from the Kickstarter, I'm going to end up with nearly 60 paints! From 0 to 60 without ever having actually painted a mini (Ok, I've painted ONE). Pretty crazy thought. I'll pick up the next 3 L2PKs when I'm done the first two. If they're not sold out...
  19. All Canadians are great! Hmm so I have learned (This topic being an amazing example as such).
  20. Good point! CONTINUE OFF TOPIC! As long as its Canadian related in some way. Winter. Seriously, go away, your cold and no one likes you.I was like "OMG Its Plus One out today!" (+1C). Then I looked at the long term. Nope, colder again all week. I WANT SUMMER.
  21. While an amazing story, why does every topic I post in quickly completely derail? :D
  22. Maybe us Canadians should send down some Timbits from Tim Hortons?
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