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  1. Been a while since I update! I had been planning on doing this ever since I got the game a few months ago but when I saw Bum Kim's Zombicide thread, and his videos, it kickstarted my interest in doing mine. I had started with some random items but didn't start on the walls until this week. Take a look at Bum Kim's great looking board over at his thread here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1606395/3d-walls-cmon-games Make sure to watch the videos, they are worth it. I had already done stuff like make hammers for the Hammer Quest, and replaced my exploration toke
  2. I think its pretty cool, but I don't know why my unpainted Diva now has a pink (blush) on her nose and cheeks and it also showed up as highlights in her hair. I had read elsewhere that some figures got a pink also but don't remember why it was. My figures where primed first yet developed the pink hue after they where used for a game ( several hours and every one had pizza greasy hands). Looks kinda cute though.... This actually happened to several figures. No idea why. ( Maybe a pepperoni allergy? ) For the first quest, 2 hammers, I made 2 hammers with polymer clay to h
  3. Update # Something rather.... Not sure any more :D I had not noticed that the bodies and heads could be swapped around on some of the models. Here is my GreenDiva and Zazu Kardashian... The white primer that I used from masters paints ( brush on) does not really keep the paint on that well. Might be that its old or I did a crappy job cleaning and washing the minis first, but I can pretty much rub the paint off just by holding the minis. I do seal it several times when I'm done ( once with the Army Painter quickshade then 2 coats or so of Vallejo Matte brush on clear) Its
  4. I am a 100% sure this is not the best way to do this but I decided I wanted to give it a try. I was going to clean out the mold lines on my 13 heroes, but the brand new scalpel kit I purchased for $5 is just trash, feels like Im cleaning with a butter knife. I ordered 100 replacement blades on amazon for my xacto hobby knife and cant wait for them to arrive. I dipped the figures into very hot water initialy just to straiten out swords and a few spears but ended up tearing off their wigs ( hair) heads and other bits an bobs to speed up cleaning mold lines. Might as well leave them off t
  5. Ub3r and XHerman, thank you both! Bowie Update #... I have no idea :) Any how, waited a full day for the greenstuff to dry up. I first used a new xacto blade to clean up a few bumps and lumps, then I hit it with some sandpaper from a kit I got in Hobby lobby for $4, it had 600 grit, 400, 300, 200 and 150. I am not sure those are the exact number of grit but they work really well and you end up with a nice clean smooth surface. I shaved off a little from the front of the hood and I removed the large lump behind the shoulders. Using the sand paper I tried to get that V shape behind the s
  6. Thank you Sir, I will be updating this thread soon, need to finish finding where I put all the parts for the ships !!
  7. I was looking for sort of a Assasins Creed look with a fully hidden face. I still have a lot to learn about Chibi/comic style of painting, I keep going back to Warhammer / gritty dirty look. I want to do the clean chirpy happy go lucky colors and schemes.. I think I can shave back a little of the hood with a clean xacto blade or files, but before that Ill try giving him some bright eyes, like a neon color or something, was hoping for a Jawa effect. Still stuck with his colors, cant really figure out how to make the purple cape work. Might change his mask to match. I took a few days to bui
  8. One of my things on my wishlist is I will be making a light box. It will be a simple one with just some white cloth around a cut up cardboard box with 2 lamps pointed inwards and a large piece of white paper or contact paper angled in the inside. Never made one before but I got google so I should know what I'm talking about...... or not. :) These are my two victims. And they are TINY. First thing I noticed is all my scalpels and xacto blades are really dull. I know I have at least 4-5 packs of replacement blades, each one should have like 12 in them all brand new. Un-used. Supe
  9. I want to finish painting the monsters in my arcadia quest game before I start on the 12 heroes. The last 5 seem easy enough and I will just take the colors I plan on using and paint them at work this week after duty hours. But there are 2 figures that I know I want to try and change up. There are 2 Kickstarter reward "heroes" that are recycled Orc and Goblin figures turned into heroes with a new color scheme to distinguish them. The Goblin, called Bowie, has a sneaky ability where he can attack then he can move away before the victim can retaliate. This is the goblin model un
  10. I want to change the *Hero* Goblin for this game, hes supposed to be just a repaint of one of the many goblins in the game but for the kickstarter package you got a rebranded hero goblin that your supposed to paint a little different to make him stand out. I was hoping to do something else with him.
  11. Round 5 is it? I wanted bright colors so everything was primed white ( this is still from the batch of wrongly primed minis.) On this batch I screwed up and used Off -white colored SATIN primer. The semi gloss on it helps the paint just slide off, totally the opposite of what I wanted in a primer. First thing I will do on any future orcs will be to start them differently on how I did these. This batch I primed white, painted nose , mouth and eyes black, did eyes first then teeth then did skin colors and weapons and armor. Next time I will prime white, paint skin then do the da
  12. Round 4 After I had done 1 Orc all the way to the quickshade I had an idea what to do with the other 7. First painted their nose, eyes, and mouth black. Although I kept playing around with the round chibi eyeball I ended up doing Red triangle's for the rest of the orcs It has to be because I was taking so long to do these but they felt like 20 orcs instead of 7. I kept staring at them in line wishing I was done and doing a hero character or anything else that's not in multiples.. On each orc I would do a single item like the nose ring, or the wrist band or
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