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  1. The cleaning method you use really depends on the paint that you were using. If it's acrylic paint, then a simple green soak will do a majority of the grunt work. It's much less harsh to elastomers, like the O-Rings, and so less likely to harm them. If you can disassemble it first, then soak for an hour at a time and just work off the crusties. If you can't disassemble it, you can try soaking it first and then disassemble after it's soaked and the paint has softened. Isopropyl Alcohol also works for this, but is harsher and will damage the O-Rings the longer it's soaked. If, however, you've used enamels, then you need something that will strip enamel, like acetone, as mentioned above. Unfortunately these are harsh by nature and soaking will definitely damage the O-Rings. Also, if you know the paint brand, even better. Use the same brand thinner/cleaner and it will generally work very well as it's formulated for that specific brand. Sometimes cross brand cleaners don't work as well due to different chemistries. I think your optimal solution is to invest in a new airbrush (mentioned on sale earlier) with the extra needles and hose, and two quick connectors. This will give you an immediate tool, and extra needles. Then work on cleaning the older brush and try it with one of the other needles. If it works, then you will have lots of flexibility with two airbrushes set up with different needle sizes for different tasks (large spray vs fine spray) and can go back and forth more easily as a result. If it doesn't work, then you are only out the cost of the extra quick connector, which is only a few dollars, and the time it took to try to save it. Good luck with this!
  2. Looks great, Rowan. And you did a great homage for Silver. She was an awesome cat. Nick
  3. I plan to use a low temp hot glue with a clear glue stick by drizzling the glue on and avoiding contact with the tip, it will be safe enough for the plastic, since the melt point of hot glue is much lower than that of the plastic. Plus while it's still hot, it can be spread around a bit with a tool to make it look oozy and blend the seam in better.
  4. Shipping Update: Got home today after helping my mom deal with insurance and police after she was involved in a collision, and wasn't even thinking about this until I got home and found a massive box sitting in front of my computer desk. Wifey was ready to rip a strip off me, but saw the original invoice date of December 2013, and realised this was something I told her about over a year ago and NO I did not spend all this money now that I'm unemployed...and she also remembered me telling her about this Kickstarter and that I was backing...as I always tell her when I'm backing a KS. So good communication with the Wife (And a secret present that should be inside the box for her which she doesn't know about yet) surely helped! As for the tracker, mine updated today with the following multiple lines: Canada 02/26/2015 7:29 A.M. Package arrived at international carrier Canada 02/24/2015 6:38 P.M. Package cleared by foreign customs office 02/24/2015 6:30 P.M. Package arrived at foreign customs office 02/24/2015 6:30 P.M. Package arrived at international carrier Canada 02/22/2015 8:06 A.M. Package departed international carrier facility But still doesn't show as delivered even though I've already got it. Based on the information lag (4 days, really? If they were actually updating those I wouldn't have had a concern in the world), it probably won't be updated for a couple more days. As for brokerage. It's true, there were no UPS associated customs brokerage fees. I think most people know this, but just a reminder, brokerage fees are not the same as taxes and duties. You may not have to pay brokerage fees, or this fee may vary by carrier, but you are always responsible for paying the taxes, and duties where applicable. In Canada, there are no duties applicable to toys, but you are responsible for paying the sales tax for your province. If you are not charged sales tax by the carrier who delivers it to you, you are still responsible to pay it by self filing the import paper with a copy of the invoice and the receipt (for foreign exchange vs declared cost).
  5. I got a security warning. Looks like a bad link... Yep. Should be https://ups-mi.net/packageid/ And incidentally, the tracking number does not work on that tracker, but works on UPS.com. No wonder they don't know what's going on...
  6. Update: I just got off the phone from UPS MI...after being transferred 8 times back and forth to different UPS divisions (not just departments but entire business subdivisions with different call centers), who all passed the buck back and forth to each other. Finally I was able to talk to somebody who told me that the package is in the USPS system now, and that is their tracking number, but when I use the tracking number on the USPS system, it's invalid. It's also invalid in the Canada Post tracking system. They suggested I then contact Reaper to have them call UPS to figure it out... to which I replied, "If you aren't able to figure it for me, what makes you think having the original shipper call will change the fact you can't figure it out?" I swear sometimes it feels like UPS customer service is designed to completely give you the run around all the time. This is the reason I dislike UPS.
  7. Calgary here. Ditto. My message is "Package received for Processing by UPS Mail Innovations" -- Bensenville, IL, Feb 19th It's been there for six days now with no status updates. I'm presuming that they're waiting for USPS to pick it up so that they can hand it off to Canada Post. My hope is that UPSMI only updates their status once per week, because the only prior update was on the 12th. That would mean they're due for a status update on the 26th. If I don't hear from UPS by tomorrow I'm going to call. Having said that, I ordered a package from Amazon on the 20th and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow having been shipped from California - 5 days, UPS the whole way. Reaper ships by UPSMI and it's been 2 weeks, and it still hasn't even crossed the border. Yeah. Mine originally said that for a week, then on the 19th it changed to: Canada 02/19/2015 1:46 P.M. Shipment Acceptance at international carrier With the In Transit progress bar at the top. The tracking number doesn't work for Canada Post, so I've no real idea where it's hung up, probably in customs as was mentioned. But at least Canada Post details if it's waiting in Customs when you have a valid tracking number from them. I think the UPSMI will simply remain like this until they get a delivered confirmation. Frankly, this is pretty lowsy service from UPS not even providing a valid tracking number.
  8. If that was meant to be an interlocking tab/slot arrangement, it would require a more complicated mould with a sliding mechanism to allow the undercut of the slot in the wall of the lower section. This would increase the expense of the mould and was possibly dropped, but not corrected in the other mould. If it was retained, then the more likely and simple explanation is that the mechanism is either disabled on purpose because it wasn't working properly, or was never set up properly, or failed during the manufacturing process due to accumulated material inside the slide causing it to jam. Reaper should be aware of this so they can feed back to the factory and get it corrected if it's a manufacturing issue.
  9. Still waiting for my Wave 2 shipment to arrive to Toronto. Getting frustrated that the UPS update has shown received at Canada Post since Feb 19th, with no movement since, or valid tracking number that can be used with Canada Post.
  10. Ditto, but for wave 2 to Canada. And I read through the last few days to see if there's something there about UPS vs USPS/Canada Post but am only confused. Is it being transferred from UPS to USPS for Canada, or not? If not, I will want to self declare this so I don't pay the UPS extortion fee... which requires a complete packing slip and declared value, so I need that email even more.
  11. Ding. Just got my shipping notification. Tracking is now live.
  12. Yeah, about contaminating the pot. Anyone else notice white spots that wont scrub off easily on their pot after boiling bones? This is why I just boil water in a kettle and then pour it into a container dedicated only for bending plastic or resin models.
  13. That's an inspiring amount of dungeon tiles. Wish I could have gotten in on that one, but I was in the middle of a trip, followed by a layoff... so had to miss out on it.
  14. You are welcome. It just occurred to me the other day when I was actively searching for types of miniatures and kept getting bogged down with bones miniatures. I figured the standard internet search protocols probably apply, and it worked.
  15. You can add this to your search tag -bones and it removes all bones miniatures. I do it all the time.
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