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  1. Great work on the eyes! Can;t wait to see how the bases turn out.
  2. I followed the instructions closely, but when I first began highlighting I think i was putting to much paint on the brush so I ended up doing few layers. I used the same highlighting mix as per the instructions which seem to work well against the darker skin tone. Yeah, forgot about the feet, it was interesting trying to get the original skin tone! By the way, yours looks tops,especially the lining.
  3. The free shipping also applies to overseas countries which is pretty unbelievable! Keep in mind, the US free shipping kicks in at $25 US, I believe for international, it kicks in at $50 of your local currency/currency on the site. I didn't get free shipping (I live in Australia) and I spent well over that much, shipping ended up costing me an extra $30. That I can't explain? I'm in Australia too and the free shipping is available for orders over Aus $50.00 - maybe the Reaper people had a momentary return to Sanity.
  4. The free shipping also applies to overseas countries which is pretty unbelievable!
  5. So my LTPK's arrived. Yay. I've started with Tsuko. I'm sure I followed the instructions but the base skin tone came out very dark, But I kinda like it. From what I've been reading on the forums; Higher Highlights & Shadier shadows seem to do the trick, so I thought what the heck I won't hold back. The photo's sure do show up all the little thinks not visible to the naked eye!
  6. So I've lightened the fur & deepened the shadows especially where fur meets skin, also done teeth & claws;
  7. I have drybrushed the fur but It was too light I thought so I washed over again to soften it, probably should have posted here first for feedback. I'm a bit hesitant going to far with highlights.
  8. By way of introduction I've been wargaming for a while but nowadays I don't have too much time gaming, so I've set myself the task of improving my painting ability. I ordered the learn to paint kits but while waiting I started on the Bones Werewolf, Basecoated below. I didn't prime this guy, just washed & scrubbed before basecoating. This is my first attempt to go beyond tabletop so C&C definitely welcome I've finished shading for now, the Fur was lighter but I decided to tone it back a bit, still have teeth & claws to complete and of course the base.
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