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  1. Has anybody tried using a debonding product to try breaking the glue?
  2. Wasn't the hut supposed to be shipped unassembled? Or at least with the legs not attached? Mine arrived today and, unlike the rest of the Bones figure, is completely built. I'm almost certain it was said that it would be possible to use without the legs... Edit: Yup. It was said so in the campaig: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure/posts/1966811 Edit #2: I just saw the video from the live stream where they tell you how to remove the legs by heating and cutting the pieces. I must say I'm a bit disappointed by this, as I wanted the hut mainly to use as a regular house.
  3. Is Nethyrmaul, the Undying discontinued? It seems to be out of stock in quite a few online retailers, including Reaper's online store.
  4. So, seeing that the miniatures in the Bones 4 core set are numbered, but not those of the optional rewards or the Dreadmire Expansion, and that the ones of the Chronoscope expansion start with 301... Does that mean that we can expect to have potentially 300 models in the core set?
  5. I agree that the simultaneous reveal of stretch goals for core + expansions was a great idea. That way people who would get only the core set was as interested to unlock those goals as those getting the expansions. As for the shorter duration for the campaign, I think that it did somehow avoid the previous mid-campaign slumps, but wonder whether it had an impact on the overall amount raised. On that particular point, I also wonder if there was a hit by the upcoming Legendary Encounters Kickstarter. Personally, having participated in the previous two Bones KS and thus amassed a sizable amount of yet-to-be-painted plastic, I pledged less because I was more interested in choosing specific models rather than getting a ton of minis that may or may not get painted. Maybe there were other people in the same situation and that affected the final amount, as well...
  6. Savage Worlds seeme to fit your criteria quite well, as others have already pointed out. The Explorer Edition goes for $10, IIRC, has simple rules, is only one core book as opposed to multiple ones (like D&D), and if I'm not mistaken the latest edition includes fantasy rules in the core book.
  7. I can vouch for that! I couldn't resist the first Kickstarter, and then I figured I had to do something with all those white minis, so it was a natural step to try to learn how to paint 😃
  8. Merry Christmas! Do we know the final weight of the core set? And is it confirmed thar Khanjira and the Dragons Don't Share set weigh 4-4.5 lbs each?
  9. So, now that the kickstarter is over, do we have a notion of the final weight for the core set? I also would like to know the approximate weight of the "Dragons Don't Share!" set. I'm outside the US and the stated weight for Khanjira (4 lbs!) left me a bit shocked
  10. Is there an estimated known weight for the "Dragons Don't Share II" option? I've read that Khanjira will weight around 4 lbs. and that's scaring me a bit... In the same line of thought, do we know the final weight for the core set?
  11. OMG...why didn't I think of that. Would have liked to add some giants. :facepalm: Same here
  12. I mainly regret not getting Nethrymaul. At the time it was probably the wisest choice, being an international order and having to take into account the total price and weight for customs related reasons, but I still would have liked to add it :( So, if anyone out there regrets getting Nethrymaul and wants to get rid of it... ;-) Kaladrax, I regret because of the price difference with what it will end up costing, but I can live without it. Edit: Also, in retrospective, I would have liked to get the IMEF paint set as well.
  13. From the experience of those of you who had your pledges already shipped, would you be able to help me estimate the weight of my pledge? -- Vampire x1 -- Undead Horde x1 -- Ebonwrath x1 -- Frost Giants x1 -- Starter Paint Set x1 -- Undead Paint Set x1 -- Demons x1 -- Red Dragon x1 -- Starter Set 2 x1 -- Dark Elves x1 -- Fire Giant Warriors x1 -- Forces Of Nature x1 -- Frost Wyrm x1 -- Swamp Things x1 -- Hydra x1 Thanks!
  14. Does anyone know the approximate weight of the Vampire-level package?
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