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    -reading (sci fi and fantasy)<br>-SCA (costuming and fencing)<br>-D&D<br>-Broadway Musicals<br>-Chrocet<br>-trying to teach myself to grow plants w/o killing them<br>-Studying to become a librarian....<br><br>AND REAPER MINI'S!

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  1. thats it..the Riddle Master...they were good!..one of the first fantasy books I read was Robin Mckinley's Hero and the Crown (hope i'm getting that right).
  2. Ok...I finally figured out how to cut picture files down to size so i can post them. I couldn't do this before...not sure why...but I was playing around at 2 in the morning and suddenly it just seemed to work....i think.....here is what I did 1. croped the photo useing Adobe Photo Shop (a free downloadable version). which got the file size to about 1/4 of its orrigional size 2. I then pasted the pic into Microsoft paint...then skewed and stretched the image to make it smaller (which decreased the files size even more without causing me to loose any of my image) Now I just hope i can do this again when I have to post something i've done! However, I just wanted to share this in the hopes that it might help some other confused soul out there
  3. Also Neuttyad. Perhaps you should just pick a few (10?) and post a description or possibly a reviw or two of the book - you can ge this from amazon.com. If you don't want to do this I can. Or we can just leave it up to each individual to check out each book before they vote on it. Another place to look for suggestions on books to read would be a list of the top most influential sci-fi/fantasy books of the twentieth century... ok..i'll stop now and go paint a mini or something like that^_^
  4. oh also..what about just reading the first book of a seriese...nd then independently reading the others....or reeding more than one book at a time...there are so many good serees (damn i cant spell for anything!!!) out there that i would hate to miss. Also remember...much fantasy comes in the classic trilogy format!!!! I think there are probably way more series books out there than individual books...
  5. I've read something (forget what) by patricia mcKllip which was quite good...not that novel though, so i'll second Frosh's suggestion in addition to sending Neyuttad more book suggestions than he can count. I love sci-fi and fantasy and would love to participate in this!! Count me in. -I also second the oppinions of the individuals who suggested books more sofisticated than dragonlance. Two of my best friends love that serees, so if you haven't read it give it a try...by all means...you can never tell what you will like untill you try...however, I agree that it is a bit simplistic (ok maybe more than a bit)...however that isn't my most important beef with those books...I personally just cant stand the writing..I think it lacks sofistication and is just plain not good writting! -(this is going to be a discussion forum so i feelt that it was necessary to throw my two sence in...sorry to all of the dragonlance lovers out there )
  6. YUP! -and sorry again for the delay in posting these pictures of this wonderful mini
  7. Mini This was pained for me by House of Dexter as part of the summer mini exchange. I recieved it a while ago, but am just getting posting pictures now (bad me). This is a beautiful mini and deserves to be seen by all of you out there in Reaper Message Board land.
  8. ok...i finally have the pictures i took of the mini painted for me by House of Dexter. Very sorry for being so late with these...it is a beautiful mini and deserves to be shown, even though my picture taking skills right now suck...I will also post this in the show off section. still haven't sent mine out yet...but its sitting there looking at me right now so i'm sure it will get done soon. MINI
  9. I checked all these messages at once so i got confused as to who said what when...sorry if i offended anyone...and sorry if i used to strong a word to describe things.
  10. She is so cute...its awsome what you can do with different tones of the same collor.
  11. ok i tried to post a pic of the mini i recieved but the server must be down cause its not working..i will try again later....drat!...sorry
  12. oh and to my person...who ever you are..i hope you like it...i tried
  13. If the deadline is sept 15 will people please stop complaining about not recieving theirs yet!!!...Gah! i'm glad i stoped checking this section of the board while i was working on it cause it would have made me wacko!...especially since i tried to do somethign to hard for my limited experience and had tons of issues with it and ended up letting it sit for a week or two without touching it because it scarred me... ....Although i should talk mine was recieved very early and I love it but am bad and have still yet to post a picture of it..I'll try to get to it soon...actuallly perhaps i'll go do it now...it is quite deserving of a picture But to my person...who ever you are I HAVE IT DONE and will send it out probably next week. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE...CULTIVATE IT!!! i'm just joking...if i wasn't i would send a lumb of coal instead thank the gods thats over..i think i'll skip the next one..even though i really enjoyed recieving one...and just paint for myself.....well we'll see.
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