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  1. I have actually used ole Kaladrax a couple times - once as Dragotha at the end of a 4e D&D campaign (2nd last session, prior to the PCs fighting Orcus), once as the gargantuan undead dragon at the end of the 3e D&D/Pathfinder adventure 'Curse of the Crimson Throne'. However to make it useable on the game board I had to leave off the ginormous tail!
  2. My silver dragon finally arrived yesterday & is now glued and awaiting paint. Pricey but a very nice mini, good size too - thanks everyone! :)
  3. Thanks everyone, I've ordered the silver dragon & bookmarked this thread for later reference. :) Looking over Bones 3, looks like Lavarath might be a possibility too.
  4. I love Reaper Bones dragons, as does my 8 yr old son (got him Wyrmgear for Xmas to be his Drolem in our Classic D&D campaign) :D I currently have some of the Bones 1 dragons (eg Deathsleet) and was thinking about getting more dragons, with at least one to paint up as a gold dragon or similar. Can you recommend me some good possibilities?
  5. My Vallejo Game Color have been really bad with the beading etc, even over primer(!). I was starting to think the paint had gone bad, until I painted some pewter minis yesterday and they were fine. Vallejo Model Color seems to work better, it has a thicker consistency, but can obscure detail. I think I may try boiling the minis as suggested above, scrubbing certainly helps but doesn't solve it.
  6. Yeah, I was disappointed to realise that when painting onto Bonesium I can't even use a wet palette! The moisture from the sponge/baking paper palette is enough to cause massive beading.
  7. I complained about the 3 minis missing from my pledge order (Hyrekia, Mr Bones, Sinessa - China packed an extra dark elf instead of Sinessa - and I got a $15 certificate, boosted to $25 when I pointed out that minimum shipping was $15. That let me replace Hyrekia & Sinessa and order a Tiik Champion instead of Mr Bones. It frankly never occurred to me that I could/should complain about facial problems like with Ellen Stone or Autumn Bronzeleaf etc (in fact quite a few of the female minis' small noses) - that whole "Kickstarter is not a pre-order!" applies there, and stuff not turning out quite right seemed like the kind of risk that is a natural part of backing the project, as opposed to failing to deliver at all.
  8. There are plenty of models with issues that are still being released. Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin lost his very pronouced nose. Berkeley (chainsaw zombie fighter) looks like she has already lost the fight with the zombies. Yeah, immediately I saw my Berkeley I thought "What a cool chainsaw wielding zombie figure!" :D
  9. You lucky bugger! My Hyrekia never came! :)
  10. Superglue has been enough for all my Bones, it makes a very strong seal, much better than with metal.
  11. In my experience, this is the case. I bent Flit's wings to an extreme angle and they reverted to the normalized position (but not the initial out of package warped position). Boiling seems to work well as a corrective to get the intended position, but not very well for a new position entirely. Yeah, mine reverted too, eventually, though it took a good while, at least several weeks.
  12. I'm missing 'Hyrekia Dragonthrall Mage', and 'Mr Bones' - sounds as if this is a common problem? Of the entire Vampire box though, AFAICT I'm only missing 'Sinessa Hellborn Sorceress', China packed 2 of one of the dark elves instead, so I'm pretty impressed by that.
  13. My Deathsleet came bent way forward, but I glued his tail to the back of the 3" cardboard base I glued his feet to. After that it was fine, he's supported by the tail as well as by the feet/ankles, he stands upright and looks great. If I hadn't glued his tail to the base he'd not have worked well, though.
  14. I got bored waiting, got my son a bunch of Perry Miniatures medieval figures and Mantic Elves instead. The Perry Miniatures figs are 40 for £18, which is pretty close to Reaper's Vampire box Kickstarter - plus I actually got them! While I was waiting months for my Kickstarter minis I was all excited and bought a bunch of Reaper figs to tide me over, but when it became clear that nothing was happening I lost interest and started dating other manufacturers. I suspect the eventual arrival of Kaladrax and co might lift my ennui, but right now I have that dull feeling when excitement has sputtered out.
  15. Some Kickstarters do ship early. I definitely recommend the Scotty method of adding a fat number to your actual estimates, then when things don't go as much awry as you banked for, you look like a miracle worker! In this case though you probably wouldn't have wanted to push the estimated delivery date much past May, as too long a gap between the end of the KS and estimated shipping could have reduced pledging. Certainly not July/August 2013, even though that might have been the safest thing.
  16. Or, actually I'm wrong - get your Reaper paint from these guys! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/MINIATURE-EMPIRE/Master-Series-Paints-HD-/_i.html?_fsub=1998790016&_sid=999963436&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 OK they only have 11 colours, think of it as a challenge!
  17. With Miniature Heroes you place your order, they order from Reaper, then 4-6 weeks later you get your stuff. I'm afraid that is probably the best you are going to get. It's a long wait, but it takes nearly as long to order direct from Reaper, and going via MH you save the 20% VAT tax and the £8 post office handling charge. Also if stuff gets lost in transit, which happens, it's their job to fix it, not yours. IME they're a good service and it's definitely worth it these days - post is becoming less reliable at the same time as Customs & Excise are trying to squeeze every penny out of cross-border orders.
  18. So, about two months to dispatch, assuming no major customs hassle? That'd make it first half of July. Unfortunately that means it looks like my friend from Belfast's annual August visit to London will just have ended (15th August) around the time my figures are due to arrive, so he won't get to see them.
  19. That would require getting my wife to take a photo and upload it. I don't request that sort of favour lightly. Sadly I took my freshly painted antique lizardmen to the game last night, and now one of them is missing. Correction - my 5 year old son just produced the missing lizardman!!
  20. That would require getting my wife to take a photo and upload it. I don't request that sort of favour lightly. Sadly I took my freshly painted antique lizardmen to the game last night, and now one of them is missing.
  21. Yes. What did you paint, and how long did it take?
  22. Yesterday I painted these bad boys from my collection: The production date is 1984, and I bought them I think in 1985, when I was 12 years old! What figures have you painted a LONG time later? Has anyone taken more than 28 years before getting around to painting figs?
  23. "Now we're waiting on shipment two from China. These containers include many of the larger add-ons... ...We've shipped all we can and are waiting for more stuff from China so we can send out the rest." I suspected as much when things went completely quiet for weeks. I'm glad they've confirmed that they don't actually have the stuff yet.
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