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  1. Tigerwraith,

    I am recent member of the MidTennCAV Facebook group, just so I can read/see more CAV.

    Please try to talk to Scifi City in Knoxville about hosting it there.  They carry many Reaper products and have active miniatures gaming groups there.  I would be happy to put out a sign and notification on-site, with permission from all involved, to promote to the luddites not looking online.  Note: I am not associated with Scifi city, but I appreciate an active store.  I would be thrilled to participate in a demo.  I will be at Nashcon this year, too.

    Thank you!

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  2. Now in Knoxville, Tennessee and starting to game again.  Left Chattanooga about 4 years ago and had no chance to game during the last couple of years there...

    Got the first 2 KS, waiting on the 3rd, and I'm just about to assemble and paint all my CAVs any day now....

    Is there anyone around Knoxville that plays or is at least familiar with the rules?

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  3. Excited about affordable CAVs, not so excited about 10mm, or near 10mm, scale vehicles. So, would 6mm figures look terribly out of place with CAV (given the smaller than 10mm currently exhibited by many of the miniatures)?

  4. I've been following the release of CAV:SO with excitement. Only recently became aware of previous CAV versions (found Sgt. Crunch's blog). I was busy pursuing other interests at the time of previous versions, as I was in college (so old now...). Looking at this or some 6mm (or both as wallet permits).

    Please hurry.



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