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    I am an active member of this wonderful site. I also enjoy collecting fantasy female action figures. I paint mainly Hasslefree, Wyrd, Darksword and Reaper miniatures. I also scratch build fantasy buildings, terrain and vignettes...You can view my miniature works and varied photographic works on the below Pinterest link...(BE WARNED...CONTAINS NUDITY)!!!

    I am retired, married to the same wonderful lady for 40+ years...I enjoy classical music, good food & wine, desert walk abouts, desert thunder showers...I love watching movies (westerns with John Wayne) and most all vampire & werewolf movies...I enjoy the retired life with my wife and spending time with our son and our grandchildren.

    Reply to private communication (FB)...Today (at my age) I do not compete or build pieces for model competitions/shows. I leave that to the new young guns of the hobby. I did compete (some 40+ years ago) for a period of 5 years (1972-1976). During that period of time, I built and entered 29 varied model pieces in varied categories (ships, aircraft, armor, cars, miniature figures, sci-fi, scratch built, vignettes and dioramas) for major regional, national and international model shows and contests...winning 25 (1st place awards)...2 (2nd place) and 2 (3rd place).

    In reply to a private communication (FB)...During my career (30+ years) behind the camera lens...I have photographed over 10,000 beautiful women for over a 100 adult men's magazine titles (both domestic & foreign) under a dozen or more varied photographic pseudonyms. My clients were adult men's magazines, paper product firms (cards, posters, calendars, novelty items), coffee tabletop art book publishers, stock photo firms, electronic glamour houses and adult pleasure products & fashions...I was selected/voted the (Photographer Of The Year - 1977) and again in (1997) by AGPA (Associated Glamour Photographers Association)...winning (2) Eros Awards...I was named a "master of the erotic lens" in the photography of the natural outdoor female nude...I also took a 7 year hiatus from glamour nude photography to photograph the deadliest snakes of the world for an international geographic magazine.

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  1. Happy Birthday, I hope you're still out there!!

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