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    Celestial dragon...

    For some reason, I paint very few dragon figures (even tho they are fantasy). My wife found this figure and loved it; so I painted it for her. It is her pride & joy.
  2. PROJECT...Elf Quest (Ral Partha Collector Set) SUBJECT...A Las Vegas hotel executive requested that I paint this miniature set for his daughter as a Christmas gift. DATA...This is a set of figures from the " old " days...produced by Ral Partha...this is a boxed set of 8 figures (1 of 5)...released as collector sets...The figures are beautiful sculpts that range in size from (20mm to 24mm)...per request, they are mounted on varnished white oak cubes and the figures are sealed with (3 coats of high gloss varnish). They were a delight to paint...but a real pain due to the tiny size...and getting the tiny details. Paul (Catdancer)
  3. catdancer

    Dune Encounter (10mm Warmaster)...

    A friend of mine know that I scratchbuilt gaming terrain & buildings in (10mm, 15mm & 28mm), so he gave me a blister pack of these (10mm) Warmaster figures. After some thoughts & concept drawing ideas...I came up with the idea of doing a dune encounter based loosely on the movie (Dune). I had the worm creatures in my parts box...so this is the finished product.
  4. catdancer

    Question about Inspiration Gallery Pics

    Thanks for the information. I never really paid any attention to the inspiration gallery or the on line store. Paul (catdancer)
  5. catdancer

    Question about Inspiration Gallery Pics

    Hello! I have been a member since 2013 and am about to show my complete ignorance. I came upon this topic a few minutes ago and my question is...What and where can the store photos from the Inspiration gallery be found? Paul (catdancer)
  6. catdancer

    Tiniest paints a little stone cottage, windmill and well

    Paul!!! Good to see you're posting!!! **** Happy dance*** How are you??? Hello Xherman 1964, I'm back...a post here and there as I catch up on all I have missed. I am good, maybe not like I was before...but still good. Thank you for asking. Paul (catdancer) Your advice for Tiniest is really good, I would never have thought of bird droppings, either. Tiniest, the building already looks great, but if you can pull the bird droppings and varied weathering off... You will have a centerpiece, not just a piece of terrain. I'm also very happy to see you back, Paul. Thank you for confirming you are well again. Hello Darkmeer, Thank you for your comment(s)...Yes, I am back as well as I can be...Appreciate your note on my return.
  7. catdancer

    Dancing Girls

    Hello Pingo, Thank you...feels good to be back...even if on a limited basis. Yes they are all beautiful figures...I have painted all (3) myself...I just love (Jade #02749)...one of my favorite female figures. Paul (catdancer)
  8. catdancer

    Jewelry box raid! Suggestions?

    Hello MachtigeMaus, My friend...from your posted photos...you have a treasure trove that lends itself to dozens upon dozens of possible creations...and a lot more. Beads of all shapes and sizes can be used to make bottles of potions, lotions and notions...just stick a wooden toothpick into one end...snip it off...and you have bottles with wooden/cork stoppers. Beads of all shapes and sizes (white or colored) can make candle sticks...just stick white thread into the open hole...snip it off...and you have candles with wicks. Chains are chains and they can be used as such wherever chains are needed...just paint them steel/iron...add a touch of rust...and you have miniature chains. The usage list is endless. If you can find them in the past archives...check out the photos of my Renaissance Fair...I have booth after booth with shelves packed with such items. So as I said...you have a treasure trove there. Paul (catdancer)
  9. catdancer

    Dancing Girls

    Hello Sharkbelly, Great choice of figures for your Arabian theme. Nicely executed paint jobs...especially like the dark nubian dancer. If you decide to add another dancer...please consider (Jade #02749)...it is a beautiful sculpture and her garb would fit right in with your theme. I used her as my dancer figure in my Renaissance Fair project. Very well done miniature paint work. Paul (catdancer)
  10. catdancer

    Tiniest paints a little stone cottage, windmill and well

    Paul!!! Good to see you're posting!!! **** Happy dance*** How are you??? Hello Xherman 1964, I'm back...a post here and there as I catch up on all I have missed. I am good, maybe not like I was before...but still good. Thank you for asking. Paul (catdancer)
  11. catdancer

    Tiniest paints a little stone cottage, windmill and well

    Hello Tiniest Rhombus, I just viewed your stone cottage work pages. I think that you did an outstanding job on that building. I love the stone color variations...clearly evident but still subtle enouigh in your approach and execution. I think you did an outstanding job! Your wood grain work is nicely done...I feel that it could use a little lighter hilite (reddish tan) for a little more separation from the stone. Roof planks look very nice...again I feel that you could use selected area weathering hilites...although the planks are all the same...weathering would still be varied in selected areas for any number of varied reasons. I think you did an outstanding job on this structure overall. ONE THING I DID NOT SEE...nowhere on the leading roof edges or on the roof center crest...the touch of bird droppings. Paul (catdancer)
  12. Hello Chris Palmer, I just finished viewing your 17 pages of ongoing work(s)...I think that your 2 story cork building (page 1) has great imagination and concept and your work execution is very very nice...I think most of your other work is very nicely done. I also love the tree work (page 7)...outstanding. You do some really nice work my friend...take it from a member who has done a little work in the field of scratch built buildings and terrain. Keep up the excellent work. Paul (catdancer)
  13. I have read some really outstanding and excellent writings by members...I don't know if this has already been done someplace (if so, I have not found it)...I know that there are talented artists among our members...I would love to see some of their art works...both from advanced professional/semi-professional artists as well as the novice doodler/sketcher. I am not an artist by any means, but I have done some amateur b/w pen & ink stuff for varied private usage! Are there any out there who would like to display there work(s)? I would really love to see them! Paul (Catdancer)
  14. catdancer

    Happy birthday, catdancer!

    I wish to thank all of you great people for your well wishes on my birthday as well as your kind comments and wishes in regard to my health. If the good Lord deems it, I will return to build a few more things (I have dozens of ideas)...but if not...it has been my great pleasure to have formed an association and friendship with you great people! Most sincerely, Paul (catdancer)
  15. catdancer

    Happy birthday, Girot!

    Happy Birthday!
  16. catdancer

    Happy New Year...

    I want to wish one and all a very happy, safe and sober New Year eve and a great coming year of 2016. This wish goes out to all the staff of this wonderful site...all the great members and friends that I have had the greatest pleasure to communicate with...and all of our brothers and sisters in uniform that could not be at home with us during this holiday season. God bless you all and bless our great country! catdancer
  17. catdancer

    Happy birthday, captenglish!

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
  18. catdancer

    [MERGED] Christmas Greetings Threads

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Wishing all of you a safe, sane and most festive holiday season and hope for coming peace in our world!
  19. catdancer

    Happy Birthday...Vyr!

    Happy Birthday and best holiday wishes to you and yours Vyr. NOTE...If this has been posted already, I could not find it!
  20. catdancer

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you great members and wishes of love and remembrance to all who will be absent from all Thanksgiving dinner tables!
  21. catdancer

    Happy Birthday Jabberwocky!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  22. catdancer

    Happy Birthday, Miss Melons!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and watch out for black cats (Friday the 13th)!!!
  23. catdancer

    Happy Veterans Day!

    A salute to all my brothers and sisters in uniform...past and present...especially now, when our country is in dire need of great leadership!
  24. catdancer

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, buglips*the*goblin !!!!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a great day overall.
  25. catdancer

    Happy birthday Chaosscorpion

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!