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  1. Someone mentioned earlier about not being notified about Bone 2 when they were a Bones 1 supporter. I didn't get notified either. I found out because another KS project postponed their start due to Bones 2. I went back and looked thru all my emails & spam, and I don't see anything... Anyway, thought I'd report it in case you want to survey your Bones 1 backers before you do your next KS.
  2. I really didn't care for Mr. Bones at first, but once I saw what some of the others were doing with the model, I very quickly changed my mind. So how about a Mrs. Bones to go along with the Mr? And maybe a couple of skeleton kids...
  3. Had two contributors who are like "I'll make up the diff" so we should have enough unless people jump out (which if it happens, that's OK, don't want people having donation regret) and I'm also a person who'd make up the diff if it was needed, so I thought I'd see if soda could be procured (need to find a source too) Actually, if enough people do it, we might be able to fund a "Hey, we're done!" party as well. Can you imagine how much money would be raised if just 1% of the backers each contributed $5 or $10? That could be a pretty nice party!
  4. And it's not because the delivery fees from North America to the UK are so expensive. And just imagine what customs would do with them also. GW and Reaper aren't even close to being in the same league in my opinion. And that isn't a compliment for GW either! ;)
  5. Or maybe someone from Reaper could head it up and we can make donations. Then they consider what/when to do things. If even a small fraction of people would donate a little, that could add up to several parties... Then they can close it down if it gets too big...
  6. I can probably chip in some if someone can organize it. Has anyone considered setting up one person for Paypal, then we can send "donations" to them, and let them place one order? Or am I being naive in suggesting we trust each other? ;)
  7. I might give that a try then. Thanks a lot for all the advice. Your write-up was very helpful!
  8. I purchased around twelve Bones minis, so I could be playing around while I was waiting for my Vampire package to come, and I've had mixed results with the boiling/cold water method. I was able to fix issues like figures leaning, and one bent sword, but I have two slightly bent swords on the skeleton minis, and a slightly bent unicorn horn where the figures revert back after a couple hours. I've also been trying to bend the bow of one of the archer minis (http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77021), but haven't had any luck. I've tried boiling/ice water, and I've tried boiling/cold water, but these few pieces insist on reverting back after a couple hrs. Anyone have any suggestions? It's a simple process, so I'm not optimistic that anyone can offer any advice, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Worst case, I can live with them (it kind of makes sense for skeletons to have bent rusty swords anyway), but I've been trying to figure out what I can and can't do with Bones. I'd love to be able to re-position arms. I ordered some sanding twigs yesterday, so I'm hoping they work out similar to the sanding needles...
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