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  1. My wave 2 shipment (domestic UPS, made it in before the RoW cutover last week) shows delivered today, can't wait to get home and dump out my 13.9 lbs of bones!
  2. Is that the royal 'we' he's referring to in that update? Like this is some corporate issue and not just one guy royally hosing up his side job...
  3. This article was pretty helpful for me on this topic.
  4. Interesting, I'm very nearsighted (-6.00/-6.25) but wear contacts pretty much all the time. I've struggled with my eyes wearing out quickly when painting minis, and have taken to wearing fairly strong reading glasses (+2.75 I think) in addition to my contacts while I paint, which seems to work well. I'll have to give it a shot with no contacts or glasses and see how that goes.
  5. Dang, that Stylus model looks perfect, but looks like it isn't available anymore, bummer!
  6. For the people with Dremels, which model do you have? I have a 4000 (originally got it for non-mini purposes), and its way big and unwieldy for doing fine work, I was looking at the cordless ones, but the opinions seem mixed on the batteries they use...
  7. Raphael kolinsky brushes are available again, at least via Dick Blick: http://www.dickblick.com/products/raphael-kolinsky-red-sable-fine-pointed-round-series-8404/ http://www.dickblick.com/products/raphael-kolinsky-red-sable-extra-pointed-round-series-8408/
  8. I didnt even get a Christmas wreath sample in my two orders during this past year's 12 days, only the ginger bread one that came in the stocking freebie (but that was expected).
  9. Just put my Completionist in, it includes all that stuff and you're just getting extras, yes? Also rooting for something more evil next time around.
  10. Same here, no freebies yet in 5 or 6 orders.
  11. Those beads I ordered came in a couple days ago, nice and heavy, solid metal, unpainted, etc. Started putting them into some of my Reaper paints today, and they seem perfect. Big enough to fit easily into the bottle neck, but too big to get into the tip part, and gives the bottle that nice reassuring rattle when shaking, like a spray can. If anyone is looking for a cheap-o option, they seem to fit the bill nicely.
  12. Another good chart: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51585-reaperites-i-give-you-my-colour-comparator-spreadsheet/
  13. I ended up ordering several strings of these. Fairly cheap, and free basic shipping, will see how they turn out.
  14. What are people using for agitators? I read through some older threads recommending hematite beads (8mm), tried looking for them at Michael's (no Hobby Lobby around here), and there wasn't much selection, and not nearly enough quantity (250+ paints). They had some called "glass pearls" that were the right size, but I couldn't tell if they were painted or not, and didn't want to risk putting something painted or reactive in with my paints, they were also a lot lighter weight than the hematite stuff they had, so guessing less effective at mixing. Anyone gotten some online? Plenty of sites seem to have them, but I'm not sure how to tell if I would be getting actual hematite beads, or some lesser crappy material painted to look like hematite...
  15. I'm a huge GRRM fan (the books), so I hopped in on one of the early birds for now, but unless the stretch goals will pile up, I'll probably back out. Dat price per mini....
  16. From the "About us" section on their website... They are a Spanish company, now using a Spanish crowdfunding site, for a game they hold the Spanish copyright to... I understand that the kickstarter effort not working out was a bad false start, but I think some of the nefarious implications being lumped on may be going a bit far. They appear to be an established company with plenty of existing products.
  17. All this makes me awfully worried about the decent chunk of change I plopped down on his Tome of Horrors KS, on the plus side, all the complaining on the KS comments must've finally gotten to him, and he posted the other day that he'll be putting off ToH 2 until 2014, after fulfillment is complete for both this one and ToH 1.
  18. Update went out today that they are already beginning shipping on these, this guy is great!
  19. I dropped out, just not a fan of the attitude of the person running it based on some of the posts in the comments section of the KS page.
  20. I'm getting close to that point as well.. this one really seems to be slipping away.
  21. Wanted to bump this one up again, there has been further refinement of the KS page, but the funding has stalled out for a while now. Hoping for some late movement...
  22. I had asked in the comments on the kickstarter page, and he did indeed say that Paul Muller would be doing all of the new sculpts. I feel the same way about those other ones included in the package, will definitely be swapping them out.
  23. Definitely liking the changes to this one, both in the reduced pricing and the new points system. Ended up about doubling my pledge (so far).
  24. Apologies, I hadn't considered that, you're right, would make it $71 vs $70 for the package. I think we are all just used to seeing the larger pledge level packages having a greater savings associated with them, where as this is a different approach where the package pricing is much closer to the individual piece pricing (I think the $95 level added up to $101.50 as individual pieces, not including shipping).
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