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  1. Really cool. The armor armor is very nicely done, as are the polished stone settings. The shield turned out very well.
  2. ditto on what BloodyDrake said. Had to use the staff as a guide to which way iI voted on this one. Otherwise they are both pretty much like twins
  3. Make a Bones version of ALL of the legendary encounters figures. Monsters and everything. That would be cool.
  4. Yeah. Got my first few Bones minis in the mail today. Virtually no mold lines and no flash at all. Highly detailed. If they take the paint as well as some of the posts I've read claim then they will definately be worth it. And at half the price of white metal. Maybe Reaper should just make a Bones version of ALL of their coolest minis ( or are they alredy doing this?) Bwahahahahaha!
  5. Diggin' the gems! Well done.
  6. Looking around in the real world, it's easy to see that humans come in all shapes and sizes. I know a tatto artist who barely tops five feet and might weigh in at 120 lbs. soaking wet. I know another one who is seven feet if he's an inch and burly. It seems to add more realism to the fantasy miniature realm if you apply that logic to other creatures as well. If every gnoll, bugbear, goblin, elf, troll, etc. were all same size clones it would be pretty boring. I have minis from Partha, Dark Sword Masterworks, Rafm, and many, many Reaper minis (but still need more). The fact that they are not all cookie cutter replicas in scale just makes them stand out more in the shadowbox. Variety is the spice of life!
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