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    Painting minis, D&D, Hunting, Shooting, Ren Fairs, Medieval Weapons and Armor

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  1. It's a gateway to the Netherworld...
  2. She looks great! Love the Orichalcum look on the armor.
  3. That looks terrific! Good job on that.
  4. It looks killer! I love that creepy- looking face! Nice colors too.They contrast very well with the flesh tones. Great job on that.
  5. Had to work hard to get this one cleaned up. Recent purchase but terrible casting. was missing all the claws on left hand so I had to make them. Maybe it was because this is an older mold? My Dad had this from back in the day. His was in better shape back then, and still looks good, but I got mine to look okay. I love minis. Yeah... It snatches people away from the camp fire while they sleep in the jungle. Carries them up into the trees. Alll quiet-like until it strikes. Like the Predator. Except it eats its victims.... Inarah knows...
  6. very unique. the colors are killer!
  7. That looks really good. The horse is totally cool.
  8. Thanks. I've been painting minis for years, but still trying to get better. Still learning.
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