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  1. OK, Heroes Super Chibi Villains is now live! You can head over to Kickstarter via this link to check it out. http://tinyurl.com/y22q93kj This Kickstarter is very special to us. It’s the first time we will be focusing on the evil side of the Super Chibi universe and it’s the first time that 95% of the character was designed and drawn by Brian “Natakue” Saunders himself. We are also doing something different this time around to test interest. We have included a digital pledge this time around for the .stl files of the minis. This is for those of you out there who want to print your own minis. We know 3d printing Is an ever-growing market and well, we want to see if Super Chibi can be one of the items people want to print on their personal printers. You can also print these files from any company or retailer who provides printings services. Just to name a few there is Impact Miniatures, Shapeways and much more. Right now this is a Kickstarter only deal but if there is interest we will look into making this a standard pledge in all the upcoming Kickstarters and possibility adding this option to our online store. So with that said we want to say thank you for supporting us and we will see you at the end of the Kickstarter. Brian "Natakue" Saunders #SuperChibi #MidknightHeroes #SCVillains Core Characters: Tynelli Dayvale Lilyana Nagisa, A CPOP Character Natakue
  2. @pcktlnt Yes, there will be. Granted it will be some time after the fact but there will be one. The last two Kickstarter we used our online store as the pledge manager and that worked out very well for us so this time around we will do the same. How that will work is very simple. You will be issued a one time only coupon code for the amount you pledged in the Kickstarter. You would then add the items you want and then apply the code at check out. Then pay for shipping and boom you're done. Once the items arrive we send them out to you. This will allow you to get the items in the KS as well as any other items you may want at the time. Also just like the last two Kickstarter we will have late pledges via our online store as well. Although this time around we will put a defined end data because the last two we did not do that and it caused a few issues.
  3. OK, so we are making some great progress. Over the night we unlocked our second stretch goal Sedi the elven thief, now its time to go for the big guys. Yep, now we are in the final stretch to see if we can get stretch goal #3 unlocked. This is the biggest stretch goal we have ever done as it will open up two new miniatures that will be add-ons, Takata Bust and Grog. Grod will be massive and the biggest miniature we have ever made. Grog himself will be 30mm scale and his worg will be MUCH bigger. Takata will be our second bust and just like our first one he will come with options, he will have two different heads you can choose from. RIght now stretch goal #3 is the final goal in the Kickstarter but, if we blow this thing up we will add one more. SO lets spread the word and see if we can get this goal unlocked, we got plenty of time with 13 days left. Natakue
  4. @CorallineAlgae What is a Uni? (pronounced U-nee) Well, it's a race that we created for our world Super Chibi Clash. They are a race of animal-like humanoids that have an affinity to magic. They were loosely based on Kitsune and I say loosely because they only have one tail and no more, they are also not associated with spirits or anything like that. In Clash, they are very friendly but hold a grudge if you tick them off, and that is hard to do. They mostly tend to be mages but there have been some that have taken up the sword to fight for their queen. I hope this helps you understand what they are. Natakue
  5. OK well, we funded and unlocked Stretch Goal #1 before I could even get here to update you all that we funded. Things are moving fast and I know you want to see the worg rider. If we keep this pace up that may happen. But anyway here is the update. Natakue Working on this next stretch goal
  6. Super Chibi Round 4 form Midknight Heroes is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Time to get your chibi on! Please if you can spread the word we would appreciate it. This time around we are packed with a ton of great chibis with characters like Nona the Uni mage, Tenago the Dwarven 1/2 Dragon and Sakura the gang enforcer from Sector 7. Not to mention we have some amazing stretch goals planned including a new bust. Stop by and take a look. Kickstarter Link: https://tinyurl.com/y7kxdjx8 Natakue P.S.take a look at our core characters. Nona, Uni Mage Sakura
  7. Thank you so much! Because of you all, we were able to unlock the bust and are now on to stretch goal #2. We have another fantasy based character for this stretch goal and she is a character from our Super Chibi Clash world. Her name is Nona and she is a Uni. Uni are a peaceful race that has an innate ability to wield and control the arcane. They are not huge fans of conflict but if forced, can lay down some damage. Nona will unlock at the $3000 mark in our Kickstarter and included into all pledge levels.
  8. Thanks John for your input. Yeah, it seems AV is not popular among most and that is fine. We love him but we are a little bias. :) With that said we know the main direction we need to go moving forward. We need to put more focus on our fantasy side and less on our modern and Sci-Fi since most tend to like the fantasy side more. Now that does not mean we will not do Sci-Fi because well I love Sci-FI specialty Mecha (im a Gundam nut) it just means that when we do these sets that two of them need to be fantasy based and not the other way around.
  9. Thank so much for the support you guys have given. With each KS we do we learn more and more. We sure how that we get some of these stretch goals unlocked including the bust. Starting in 2018 we have decided to put most of our focus on our fantasy Chibi line of miniatures and then focus on our Sci-Fi Chibi's. We also want to start working on more standard 32mm miniatures and have decided we will start off with a range of fantasy miniatures first. Not sure when we will be able to get those out but the work has started. See you guys a Reaper Con and when you're there come by booth 16 and we will give you a demo of our game Super Chibi A.C.E. Natakue
  10. Yeah, we can't wait. ReaperCon is going to be a blast! See you all there and we should have some masters for sure there of Round 3 miniatures.
  11. This morning we hit funding, YEAH! Now it's time to get these stretch goals unlocked! First Stretch goal is at $2000 Me'Thule. Lets do this! Natakue
  12. Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot is now a go! We had to retool the KS and relaunch, this time, it's much better. So if you like Sci-FI and Chibi this is the place for you! Core Characters include Takata the Cynobi Assassin and Jaxx S.E.E.D. Special Forces Officer. New features in this Kickstarter: Lower Funding level ($1,250) Funding 2 miniatures instead of 4 New Caster New Ebook: Super Chibi Origins, contains 3 new short stories Hope to see you there! Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/super-chibi-round-2-reboot Natakue www.midknightheroes.com
  13. So let's start the day off with a thank you and an update. Thank you so much for all the support yesterday. We were able to get to 50% funded on day one and that was amazing! Now the goal for today is to try and get to %75 or higher. WE CAN DO IT! Now with that said I want to give you an update. Last night before I went to bed I was sent a picture of the WIP sculpt of Jaxx. I was just amazed at his sculpt. Now, his gun is not done but his body is. Keep in mind this is not the final pose but on man does it not look good. I'm excited! Natakue
  14. Gadgetman, yes its is the same type of resin. The main issue is the mold release. We have found a way around that and you will not have that issue with our miniatures from now on. Now with that said we are always looking into ways to improve the cast and the resin. Between now and delivery things could change for the better. Just a side note we have figured out a new method (well new for us) and at some point our line will switch over to that new method of casting but we want to get some more tests in before we go all in.
  15. Super Chibi Round 2 by MidKnight Heroes is now live on Kickstarter. This time, we have 4 new Sci-Fi/Modern Chibis to fund. We also have 4 new and cool stretch goals planned that fit in that theme as well. Stop by and take a look. A;so feel free to drop us a line with any question and we will get back to you asap. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/super-chibi-round-2 So who are the characters we have planned this time? Takata: The Cynobi Assassin The rest of the characters are still in the sculpting phase and as soon as we get an update we will share. Jaxx, S.E.E.D. Special forces officer Me'Thule the robotic Knight And Busta the gun wielding DJ.
  16. So as Jeneki said all the invoices are out and our online store is open now. For the next two weeks we will be having a 20% off sale for those who were not able to back in the Kickstarter. Yes, we do have some pledge boxes on hand and they are on sale in the shop. So if you missed out and want it you can still get them. Next up is Super Chibi Round 2. We will be taking all the things we learned from this Kickstarter and improving on them with the next, even improving on our casting. Just like the last time, it will have a 4 to 6 month turn around and a very low funding level. We will update you on the status of them next Kickstarter. If you would like to get a set of the first batch you can find them <<<MOD>>> Link Removed>>> Natakue www.midknightheroes.com
  17. Final sculpts are in for the Super Chibi Kickstarter, and here they are. We also have new 360 turnarounds on this site for each character as well if you would like to see them, just hit the "Our Worlds" link on our site and it will take there. All miniatures will be 30mm and cast is resin, and we are still on for a July release at the moment. We are also going to extend the pledge manager for the Kickstarter to the 8th of April instead of the 1st. So, that means extra time for you to get in on these guys. Just head to our shop and make your pledge. Natakue www.midknightheroes.com
  18. OK Heroes you asked for it and you got it. The MKH Shop is now open for back end pledges for our Super Chibi Kickstarter. What does this mean? It’s simple if you missed the kickstarter and want in, you now have your chance. The back end pledges will run till April 5th and will allow you to pledge as if you were in the Kickstarter. No new stretch goals but, you have access to any and all of the stretch goals that where unlocked. Just like the Kickstarter shipping will not be charged till it's time to ship. You will receive an invoice vial paypal and once it paid then your item will ship. We are doing it this way for you guy so it matches the backers in the Kickstarter. Once the full shop goes on line, this will not be the case and shipping will be charged on checkout. So what can you pledge? Unlike the Kickstarter you will have a little more options. You will be able to pledge at the "Super Chibi" level and get all unlocked miniatures as well as the Digital art book for $30, or you can chose any of the unlocked miniatures at $10 a miniature or you can do both. Fulfillment: Right now we are still on track to ship in July and if that changes for any reason we will let you know. Just like the Kickstarter all of these back end pledges will not ship till July or when the rest of the Kickstarter backers get there product. Further updates: Because of how we will be doing back end pledges we will have to change how we do updates. The updates where only going to be backer only on the Kickstarter site but, since those who pledge via our site cannot see the backer only updates we will be setting the updates to anyone on the Kickstarter page and also posting them on our site as well. This way all can see how the progress is coming. Thanks for supporting us and spread the word, we have a back end pledges going now. The more we get the more awesome miniatures get put out and the closer we get to making Super Chibi Clash. Natakue *Special little update here We got our first test print back of Elizabeth and she looks great. We need to get her base done and thicken up a few spots but you can see how she is coming along.
  19. Thank you so much Orlando for keeping up with this thread. It helps out so much! As it was stated before we hit the funding level for stretch goal #1 MidKnight and now onto stretch goal #2 Damien Kane. This has been an amazing ride so far and I want to thank you all for your support. Natakue
  20. Just wanted to give you a WIP of our first stretch goal MidKnight, we are close to getting her unlocked ($1,950) and felt it was time to show her off. Natakue and the MidKnight Heroes team www.midknightheroes.com
  21. Well we hit funding and now its time for our first stretch goal to get unlocked at $1,950. Check out our company avatar MidKnight, she will be a 30mm resin miniature sculpted by Heriberto Valle Martinez. Natakue
  22. We are just one backer away from funding, so close! spread the word and let's unlock some very cool stretch goals!
  23. Hey there, just wanted to let you know that MidKnight Heroes new Kickstarter, Super Chibi Miniatures is now live and is almost funded. Can you believe that? We are starting a new line here at MidKnight Heroes and is 100% chibi and we are preparing to launch the game to go with them later this year. IN this Kickstarter for one $30 pledge you will get tow core miniatures and a digital art book, you will also get any and all stretch goals that are unlocked when they unlock. We have 4 cool character planed for stretch goals and this KS is VERY front loaded meaning that the goals will come very quick. Come check us out and if you like chibi miniatures I bet you will love these! Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/midknight-heroes-super-chibi-miniature-line Natakue www.midknightheroes.com
  24. As much as I would like to think every thing is all right, its not. To be honest we thought when we made this KS that we would be further along at this point but, well we are not. This KS has taught us allot of things. 1. There is interest in what we are doing and that is GOOD. 2. That our line is a niche within a niche. What do I mean about that? Well our line is impressive but right now it has no home. It needs a home to be more successful. That means it needs a game more than anything right now. 3. Marketing! We need to market better next time. We misunderstood how KS works. That is ok, we are new to the game. Next time, now that we know a little better we need to market more before we do the KS. All in all, this entire KS was very successful in a number of ways short of funding. With that we will continue to further develop this line on the back end and reintroduce it when its ready because at this point it seems that it is not 100% ready. We want to thank you all for supporting us and that support helps us move forward with our next project that will be introduced very soon, more on that later. Natakue and the MidKnight Heroes team www.midknightheroes.com
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